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Words cannot begin to describe this piece of true art.

https://youtu.be/mo5SQHIhUGcAbsolutely beautiful singing, stunning Hope Sandoval. Actually at that time back in the 1990s she was like in the late 20s early 30s of age, yeah look like a 16 year old. Hope was profound of Jim Morrison and took in his inspiration, like being the introvert as both are in nature, less smiles, that’s very rare, also this group took the sounds of both The Doors and Velvet Underground. But I like also Indie, some alternative, music from this era. I recommend Portishead, Patty Smith, Sneaker Pimps, Jacqluin. As you say you’re into Pearl Jam. These artists are about good as them

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Anatomy of a killer.

the behavioral analysis unit of the FBI defines a serial killer, separate fact from fiction and crime statistics.


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The Atlanta Child Murders.


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Amazing sight!🌕


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Last penumbral partial eclipse of 2020😲

Last penumbral partial eclipse of 2020

Boker tov.

In North America, South America, and parts of Aisa as all we’re expecting the Blood 🌕 to appear on November 30th after all anticipated news these past few last months of 2020, we can see this if you have skilled eyes to view it on the early twilight morning hours Monday for 4 & 1/2 hours before daybreak.. sooner than expected. For those in Europe, West Aisan regions(so-called Middle East), and Africa, sorry! for you in those geographical regions will be in the shadows, in the dark.


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Lord of the rings score by Howard Shore.

when the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend be a good one. Feast and be festive throughout the whole Holiday season amid the covid-19 pandemic which we all wish would dissipate any day soon. Keep on being festive and eat much as you can until your stomach’s become content with the pleasures for food and beverage. LoL.

I will leave you tonight with some of the music from The Lord of the rings trilogy composed by Howard Shore.

Layla tov.

Boa noite.

Tenga una maravillosa noches y dulces sueños.

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Flux capacitor 1980s: Dolph Lundgren is The Punisher.

This adaptation of The Punisher off the Marvel Comics series, to me, is the best version. I have been an avid fan since 1989, when I got into collecting The comic book series reading The monthly The Punisher..by the way….the vigilante Frank Castle character was inspired by Mark Bolan, The Executioner novels. So enough of that for the time being. Here is the vintage classic:

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Under Catholic Church Canon law 1248: December 8th is a holiday of obligation to be fulfilled by Catholics as sacred mystery that the Virgin Mary is born without original sin. This Church Constitution or dogma was given an inception by Pope Pius IX in 1854.

On another separate dogma issued by the Roman Catholic Church which states, Mary or Marian, is also co-matriax, co-Redeemer. ?

There is one God and man. And there’s ‘one’ co-Redeemer, and that man is Jesus the Christ alone.

As for Mary perpetual born without original sin, as there is little biblical reference to it. In the bloodline her only son Jesus or Yeshua is also truly without sin.

Martin Luther the first Protestant reformist and former Catholic monk, quoted in Latin : Sola Scriptura, translated as scriptures alone. Is not scriptures alone good enough for all of us then let it be so in order for us to have a personal relationship with Yahweh, and his son Yeshua. The apostolic Roman Catholic Church however does not indicate so. It’s core belief is that scripture alone is not good enough, that there must be also traditions in the church to be fulfilled in obligation by all Catholic Christians. Hence, why the Church denies Sola scriptura.

December 8th as stated by the Roman Catholic Church is a holiday of obligation under Church Canon law 1248. If we want to do any research on this church Constitution, or dogma, we will find a list of all holidays of obligation which are virtually all man-made.

Mary or Marian, the Queen of Heaven, as a dogma by the church, as respectfully the Mother of God, the mother of all earthly creatures should be adored and respected by all but never is Queen Mary to be idolized, nor shall be worshipped.

Then why should as Judeo-Christians are instructed by the Church to be obligated to fulfill the meaning of Christmas on every December 8th which is the Solemnity of the Virgin Mary? Does not the word Christmas mean Christ mass alone? The Roman Catholic Church are leading the masses into appeasing the overlords by means of prescribing to all who should fulfill of all man-made holiday traditions. The scriptures has a warning to all who include and remove verses from God’s words in the sacred scriptures.

By the way the Solemnity of the Virgin Mary is not to be confused with her birthdate that is supposedly falls on September 8th. Another man-made tradition or an assumption that is not supported by scriptures.

In spite of the fact that our Lord Jesus the Christ was never documented anywhere in the scriptures born at any time during in the winter solstice, it is tradition December 25th the unofficial day of the birth of our Savior, accept it or not. There is somehow, on the contrary, evidence to indicate the Nativity was during late March or early April/ aka the Creator’s-Hebrew calendar in the month of Nissan.

For the time being all I have to say is, the Roman Catholic Church can celebrate their own holidays their way and, us JudeoChristians observe the holy feast days as instructed by Yahweh, the True God.

Sh’ma Yisraeil, Adonia Eloheinu; Adonia E-chad!

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… and justice for all!

He might of been a jerk while having extramarital affairs amid married to his wife expecting a child. That can be easily overlooked…… Mr Scott Lee Peterson deserves by legal definition an retrial.

In the first trial there was a lot of evidence circumstantial that were presented to the jury and lot of stuff that were mishandled, at least credible witnesses not presented to testify that they have seen they seen Scott’s wife , Laci Peterson, walking her dog in the Covena district, Modesto, California around the time she had allegedly disappeared, given the time frame by the prosecution side. Even the late judge Alfred Delucci presided as the judge in that trial stated in an interview that Scott Peterson should of had a fair decent trial.

Both remains of Laci and her unborn child, Conner, what discovered along a Bayside trail in Richmond, California along the San Francisco Bay, April 2003, a few months after Laci had disappeared from site during her routine exercise walk with her dog on a December, Christmas Eve morning 2002.

To make a short. Have any of you seen the Netflix documentary “Innocent Files.” ? Read the book by John Grisham “The innocent Man” and you will understand the meaning of the term ‘miscarriage of Justice’….


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13th Novembere 2015 Paris/Saint-Denis Terror attacks. 5 years later.

I was in Stockton, California in business that day listening to the daily news SAN FRANCISCO’S KGO RADIO NEWS 740 AM as news interrupted about an series of explosions at a soccer stadium for football was played in Paris that evening. It was a match between France and Germany when the bombings occurred. Then later that followed a series of shootings, Non-Stop, on the streets occurred. A hail of heavy gun fire fell upon the citizens of Paris and it’s suburbs of Saint Denis at nearby quarters and open Cafe’s. At the Bataclan stadium in the same district spectators attending an concert featuring the group ‘The Eagles of Death Metal’ was at the time in progress when several gunman heavily armed sprayed a hail of gunfire into the stadium, inflicting injury and killing many in attendance. And I was thinking “oh crap! another 9/11 except in Paris.”

I am not going to start a whacked out conspiracy theory nor an argument…..

The Paris massacre happened exactly 311 days after the Charlie Hedbo shootings 7 January 2015 and 131 days before the Brussels train bombings occurred months later 22 March 2016. It appears ISIL ,definitely , just like Al-Qaeda, orchestrated their attacks through NUMEROLOGY. PYTHAGOREAN AND or KABBALAH PERHAPS?? The terrorists attacks on France 13 Novembere just happened by coincidence to be on the same day an registered 7.0 earthquake rocked Japan, only that mother nature did not make headline news as the Paris Saint Denise my headways on that day on the news for the next several days.

In 2021 the accused terrorists responsible for the horrific bloody attacks will face trial court. More to come about this next year.

The victims are never to be forgotten.





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A simple idea can save lives!

In the United States of America alone, more than one half million people have lost their lives from covid-19. I was going to say if there are either one protection such as wearing face masks, practice social distancing and, not being susceptible to being exposed to people who are effective or not aware that they’re affected by people who were are infected with the coronavirus!

I know the holidays are coming up around the corner that means Thanksgiving dinner’s , Christmas parties. That means no social distancing for many people. Yeah yeah I know that is the spirit of Christmas and the holidays that means: get together together both family and friends.

This holiday season, do practice common sense by wearing face masks and not bundling up together my friends and family. Also practice good hygiene, equally, it will be worth it.

oidhche mhath agus aislingean milis.

beannachd an-dràsta!

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Listening to Hope Sandoval in 2020.

Just like me, an introvert, outgrown most of shyness I suffered from childhood, Hope Sandoval suffered from shyness as much stage fright. I like this artist 👌 and the band; didn’t find out about Hope back then until this past year. She has an sweet way about herself.

Great music to hear during covid-19,takes most of the havoc anxiety the novel coronavirus spilled upon the world.

Boker tov!

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Been away for a very long time!

I hope to be back once again on here soon. It was a very long hot summer and is warm in this month, October alone. Wildfire season is still amongst us.

😁😅I have been polishing up, in efforts, on my Latin, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Hebrew since June. Right now, during Filipino American Heritage Month : October, Chavacano is the next language to be learned for me.

Tenga una maravillosa noche y dulces suenos!

Erev tov!

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Mind blowing scene from “The Doors.”

Ultimate scene of a “tripped out” rock poet, mainly highly fictionalized by Oliver Stone showing his vision of The Lizard King as a menaced rebellion, drugged out alcoholic, which is quite the contrary to the truth. Most of Oliver Stone’s movies was based on the director’s add on too much of Myths making a legend per se, such as in “Alexander”.
Jim used acid, peyote, and mushrooms to expand his mind, adhered to psychedelics. Other things that would destroy him such as pills, coke, or heroin, the poet did abhor to. In this musical scene, real Native American tribes from South Dakota were used in the peyote Ghost Dance sequences. In fact, also, a then young talented Paula Abdul was hired as the dance choreographer, taught Val Kilmer the moves in all dance scenes. Mind blowing experience.
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Doesn’t get any better as each Doors song is played every time.

“Love me two times, I’m going away. Love me…all through the week.” Robby and Jim co-wrote this dedicating song for all the G.I.’s, Marines, Navy Sailors and all those serving the Armed Forces during the Vietnam War to their girlfriends and wives back in the states.
The Doors were not the San Francisco Psychedelic Jefferson Airplane – Quicksilver Messenger Service – acid rock band out to send an political message. The Doors were, in essence, an very different band of their own politica reference – but in a different way. Not to topple down the Establishment, 1776 Revolution style, just to let everyone open wide their doors of perception swinging through revolving ones – Revolution via showing love, making love – a message which was needed then during the turmoil 60’s and a message of importance, nowadays.
Jim may of battled his own inner demons as the rest of us do, the poet did show his passionate side to everyone.
“Love two times, one for tomorrow, one for yesterday. Love me twice today…..”
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A latin-jazz vibe into one of my favorite Doors song.

Wow! Is this Santana? A cool vibe for a Latino version of one of my favorite Doors tune. Revamped version on the original recording off, “Strange Days”, this live one was recorded at Frisco’ @ The Matrix in 1967. Robby Krieger thought Carlos Santana was at The Matrix that night with the band.

John Densmore, “The song inspired Pamela Courson, Jim’s girlfriend to slip a photo of herself in his casket.”

This one live version has latin-jazz fusion into a hot salsa resort in Mexico at a seaside: Muy Picante!

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Cupid’s arrow for Jim and Pamela.

The Doors suggested Frank Sinatra dedicate this song for his ex, Mia Farrow. It would be very appropriate. This is 1/3 of The Doors LOVE trilogy songs, (as most of the reflective songs written by Robby Krieger) also, dedicated for both Jim and Pamela. May they both rest in peace to each others arms.


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Fallen Arrow: The final days of James Douglas Morrison.

Friedrich Nietzsche – “The devotion of the greatest is to encounter risk and danger, and play dice for death.
Jim Morrison death on New York Post
Jim Morrison(born James Douglas Morrison of Melbourne, Florida born Dec 8,1943). A true prophet and musician.
“Poetry never dies. You can’t kill poetry.”- John Giorno (b.1936 – d.2019)
It was July 4th, 1971 the world had learned of the death of a Irish American poet known as Jim Morrison in Paris, France.  He was said to die of a heart attack in his bathtub on the early morning of July 3,1971. Know one really knows for sure. It was reported to a very few people in the days before Jim Morrison’s alleged death that he had been introduced to smack,or horse aka heroin by soul mate Courson(supposedly both Jim and Pamela were married, but no marriage document has ever been found to back up this claim as that of Jim and a rock n’ roll magazine critic Patricia Keanneley were engaged in a wiccan hand fast wedding ritual).
What makes the heroin story interesting is at times during his last year while living in France, Jim Morrison had checked in a medical clinic in Europe after gurgling clots of blood seeping from his nostrils and mouth while complaining of shallow breathing with chest pressure. The most bizarre is the night before his death, Jim attended The Rock N’ Roll Circus a  known rave to the underworld and musicians.  While spending a real blast, he  had been inducing a suffice quality of smack he was stoned high and passed out and even in fatal – overdosed. That is when supposedly a few pals of his lifted him back home to his Paris suite.
This is what happened accordingly to conflicting stories:
Jim and Pam watched some of the singers home made videos then went to sleep. Pamela heard often Jim coughing out loud in the bathroom and heard him complaining of snorting out blood clots but then told her he’d be alright. In between July 2 and the early twilight hours of July 3,1971, Jim had spend his last minutes or final hour in the bathroom at the Paris suite in the bathtub filled with water to chill out the effects of heroin.  Pamela entered and found her boyfriend laying there. She told him to wake up when she first thought he was asleep. But then she saw his eyes opened and thought it was one of his usual jokes. Finally she noticed a large amounts of pink colored clots of blood in the pool and blood mucus under Jim’s nostrils.
Had she became frantic?
Pamela waited a long period of time before a doctor was dispatched to the scene where he found Jim laying in the tub and lifted him out and into the bedroom where resuscitation was performed. A French policeman arrived at the Paris suite finding  Jim Morrison laying dead on top of his bed. He had began to jot down questions to Pamela, the doctor and three of her and Jim’s friends in France(who had been called at the scene first after Pam became hysterical). No pulse was found in spite of many attempts to revive Jim Morrison. The doctor only gave a certificate of death. One thing was missing: The known cause of death of Jim Morrison.
By this time, rumors of Jim Morrison death had spread out on the airwaves. The Electra label record company in London called The Doors manager Bill Siddons for confirmation. In turn, Siddons phoned the group’s keyboardist, Ray Manzereck,who asked Siddons to make a flight trip to Paris for an official record.
Given to a  state of mind of Pamela Courson, nobody for sure knows for exact certain of what really happened that early morning of July 3,1971. After all she was a well known smack addict and she had a lot to hide to give a accurate statement to the police that evening. Any self-incriminating evidence of herself to being a user of heroin and contributing to the substance to a person who had died as a result would of cost her time in the French prison for homicide.
In this circumstance, no autopsy is required by law in France if a unknown cause of death is listed by a doctor.
Bill Siddons finally made it to Paris three days later on July 6,1971, only to find Pamela in the suite in a state of distraught standing near a sealed up coffin. He did not attempt to open the coffin lid himself because of well tight screws to prevent decay odor of a corpse to seep through, if there was any corpse inside.
The following day July 7th, James Douglas Morrison, co-founder of The Doors, poet and philosopher was buried in Père-Lachaise Cemetery,  well known resting place for  Renaissance artists and the infamous are buried.
Considering there is no official record of death by a coroner autopsy,  Jim Morrison is “alive” and living somewhere away from the world as he wanted to be: in recluse.
In 2000 some online users at the old The Doors official website message board(http://www.thedoors.com/wall) offered speculation that inside the coffin of  Jim Morison was stones buried inside equal to his own body weight.  Perception can be deceiving.
If he is dead for sure, his music, poetry and talent will never expire; they continue. Here is a man who gave to many and asked a very little in return.
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“This is the End. My only Friend, the End.”

‘Death makes Angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as Ravens claws’ – James Douglas Morrison b. Dec 8,1943 – July 3, 1971.
The linear of this dark passage gives away notion, Jim had a premonition of his demise at a very young age. Though many fans of The Doors interpreted lyrics from “The End” anywhere along the lines from his breakup from his earlier girlfriend as a remembrance to her to Odeipal themes – Kill the father, F*ck the mother – in saying “Father, ‘yes, son?’,  I want to kill you” in a metamorphic  sense, “Kill” means to alienate those feelings within you. “Mother, I want to…F*ck you”, means to grasp on to Mother Earth that nurtured you as he first sang this song at Whiskey A Go-Go in Los Angeles, dark as the song was-is, the entire band was kicked out of the club for the linear, “Mother, I want to F*ck You, all night!” They were never to return to that establishment-Whiskey A Go-Go- Period! I can say, Jim Morrison’s motive and intent was to shake up the masses, getting a reaction out of anybody. This song is one of the deepest songs I have ever came across. First learned about it when Francis Ford’s Coppola  war epic, “Apocalypse Now”, first came in release in 1979. The film’s intro song and played during the assassination scene of Col. Kurtz, classic song then, and till now. Kind of gives me to drive to find a sense of purpose, the will to be. he he he.
R.I.P – “The Lizard King”, James Douglas Morrison.
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TAXI DRIVER meaning explained!?

n. philosophical theory or approach which emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.
Character Study in TAXI DRIVER – Unhinged Travis Bickle, as in this films explanation of his character, a person with no meaning of life, all throughout the motion picture, defines his own morals, left unexplained by the universe, leaving a void for him to fill, nor does he allow the codes of people define him.
TAXI DRIVER drives a point of sought the meaning of life and Travis’s masculinity that makes the disillusioned Vietnam vet, so-called socially inept, and man of most can relate to, a character of variable human components.
We all have a Travis Bickle in all of us.
I didn’t think of Travis as being a motiveless person of #nihilism = no meaning of life, whatsoever, – no meaning of life, never was, is, or will ever be….morals is not ethical, no consequences – an philosophy invented by philosopher, Frederick Neitzche.
An antagonist is left with nothing without an protagonist……
Taxi Driver a study of masculinity and existentialism –
Analysis of TAXI DRIVER Part 1 –
Analysis of TAXI DRIVER Part 2 –
TAXI DRIVER – The Perfect Antihero –
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Socio Political.

Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. Every single one of us matters in the eyes of God! White Lives Matter also counts with the Blacks, us Hispanics, Asians, and every ethnic background out there.
If we all remember back when taking U.S. Constitution back in the old days of High School(an alternate course) and College years, it was the 112th Congress that voted for the U.S. Constitution. The 112th were for the 4th amendment: Right to Search & Seizure(and that including citizens right to demand police for probable cause when searching their vehicles and homes also what they had in possession), the 6th amendment: Right to speedy trial in criminal cases. Basically without the vote of the 112th Congress we would be without the First Ten Amendments, per, = The Bill of Rights, which by a long time ago was shred to bits by corruption of the Government of our sovereign nation(we gave up our liberties and rights to the United Nations), We are a lawless land as of now. And the American Dream!? We all slept through the dream as the late George Carlin said.
Point: The 112th Congress members were from enslaved states! These people were for equality. Do you figure out racial disparity here in the 112th Congress????
So BLM has their rights to their opinions by marching daily, per the freedom of assembly and speech by the First Amendment, but BLM lest not forget: Defaming/Desecrating Public/State/Federal properties is a felony! The darn police should of arrested those vandals, but cops are doing nothing!
I believe in police reform! Not de-funding police because we all need them!
Suffice to say, not all police officers are corrupt. And not all killing of blacks by Anglo-Saxon officers are acts of racism, either. We all tend to jump to impulsive conclusions before a trial that every one of these cops are racists. Which, by the way, is not entirely true! I personally use objectivity and sometimes opinion. What happened to George Floyd “likely” could’ve been a personal score with the officer who killed him. They both knew each other, worked at a time together before last month.
There were other ways the officers involved could of handled the situation differently, but jumping to a impulsive reaction: Racism. Nah, not the case. Just a bunch of corrupt cops doing a number on Floyd due to a counter-feit case which the gravity of the case might reveal the officers were acting as above the law.
Problem with at least many of the BLM is too many have a loss of respect for human life! Respect for others has diminished nowadays! They can’t be using the “eye for an eye” excuse to murder and assaulting cops and other civilians, which their confederates – Antifa – has been using Marxism to cripple down Judeo-Christian American values. Martin Luther King(many claimed in the FBI MLK was a Communist-Marxist, etc – the FBI black listed him, as well Marilyn Monroe, as Communists) and the almighty hero Malcolm X were totally against using violence in severe situations in their day, but the later spoke about violence, as part of the way in America, in American socio-culture.
Believe in a revolution by change, within, and voicing out against wrong doing, so cast out your vote in 2020, minus violence(which does not always solve everything).
I think the great man of music – Marvin Gaye – would of been rolling over his grave, today, to see the ugliness of our culture, caused by racism of of all sorts from white supremacists to black militants.
It would make him say, “Make me wanna holler”, as in his definitive epic song about socio-culture, the social desparity: https://youtu.be/57Ykv1D0qEE
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Numerology and the death of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson, as you well know, died 11 years ago on June 25, 2009.
6-25-2009. 6 can stand alone, 2+5 = 7 , o r 6+2+5 = 13 the year was 2009; 2+9 = 11
MJ was pronounced dead at 21:26 UTC.
2+1+2+6 = 11. Michael Jackson was more likely a summer solstice sacrificial victim for the Illuminati, the power of darkness. He was about to expose the elitists, who also control Hollywood, this country, the Vatican, the banks and just about the entire world. It took the powers that be who thrive and gain power from the emotional attachment of humanity, such as the case of Princess Diana; a massive pour of outcry – grieve, sorrow, depression, sadness and anger of the collective consciousness – of humanity sends these emotional energy to the Illuminati – the powers of darkness.
Look at the numbers 6, 7, 9 and 11. These are part of the numerology code of the Illuminati. Yeah, yeah, most of us including myself have seen 11:11 or 111111 everywhere before 2012 came around; we have been living in a new age of deception. But take a look at MJ’s death and figure out yourself that he didn’t just died from an illness and the fact he died a misunderstood figure, but see his death in a very strange way.
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Politics of Ecstasy: Free will or The Will to be Free to alter our minds!

“Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.” – slogan, mantra or creed by an counter-culture era and for them and all generations coined by Timothy Leary.




In a universe where chocolate, caffeine, “chronic”-marijuana, valium and prozac is accepted as an “drug” like any other prescription out there, is there room for acid-Lysergic Acid Dythelamide??  I do think so, if it is under the aide of right guides – spiritualists and shamans – for enlightenment for the use acid,peyote,mescaline and others to increase positivity needs in life with self responsibility.

No need to be regulated by the Government – goal is to rule and enslave the masses – Brainwashing propaganda.



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Political message in such times!

Never vote for a lawyer, lobbyist, career politician, or any of the parasites that feed from them, by career choice they have already shown that their conscience has a price.

“Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.” – George Washington

No politician makes it to the national level without big money behind them. Red or Blue, no political party can claim a moral high ground. They ALL take money, some from foreign interests… for future favors… ‘The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.’  Plato Vermin and villainy will scatter and hide from the light. Put faces with their names, list their affiliations and donors. Let “We the People” know who we voted into power, and who they are REALLY working for… Let us see the faces, and read the names of the sub-humans who are poisoning the world of our children’s, children. 

Remember, the blame starts with us!!!

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” – Winston Churchill .

 If any of these evil SOBs running get elected, or re-elected, the people will get what they deserve, but our children and our grandchildren certainly don’t!!!

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”  George Orwell

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Psychosis and Autoimmune Encephalitis – the distinction between the two. ?

I don’t think so!
Not so convincing the so-called link between the two. Susan Cahalan was misdiagnosed with bipolar, at first. Then, also with schizophrenia. She was experiencing disturbances in the brain which her doctors were convinced Susan was psychotic. To make it short. She was diagnosed carefully by a top notch medical professional, Dr. Najjar, as with an autoimmune disorder that was a primarily a disease that affected behavior in her brain. Susan described her suffering as her “Brain On Fire”.
There is an distinction between psychosis, yet not well-known what triggers schizophrenia and bipolar and that of autoimmune encephalitis disorder. They – psychosis and aed – are not exactly the same, though the research may indicate a link due to that both mental illness and this rare disorder is both a physical as well mental.
Listen to Susan Calahan’s experience with Autoimmune  Encephalitis. She explains Dr. Najjar correctly diagnosed her with AED.
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Every Mother’s Nightmare & Spread Eagle: By and for sleaze metalheads!

Either EMN or Spread Eagle. This is music for and by a bunch of sleaze bags. Tops up there with GNR! For heavy glam metal punks! Albeit, hard and heavy!





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LION – Fatal Attraction.

I’m not that interested in big boobs lol. I do love music from big hair bands…the power of their voices and the chords. LION was no exception. Don’t get me started why I would retain 80’s power rock/hard rock music after all these years. It’s in my blood.
Related artists: Hurricane. Bad Moon Rising(formerly two quarters of LION – Doug Aldrich and Kal Swan). Arcade. Slaughter. Tora Tora.