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Nevermore – The Year Of The Voyager (Full Performance)

Sanctuary the band. They were disbanded for many years when two of its members formed Nevermore in 1994, a time when grunge ruled the music industry. The band was asked if they would change their form of music, metal to grunge. The answer disapproved the latter, as they went on to stick with a Metal complex with progressive sound as with rhe former band – Sanctuary, another progressive power metal band formed in Seattle, shortly lived from 1987 to 1991, but resurfaced in 2011 after Nevermore was out on temporarily disbanded but reunited for several years, then after the death of vocalist, Warrel Dane, in 2017, it was finally dismantled after no more announcements the band would reassemable. At this time, Never again Nevermore. Dane had such a wonderful awesome set of pipe in both Sanctuary and this band.

R.I.P. Warrel Dane

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Chuck Billy of Testament paying tribute to the Five Nations tribes.

He’s also of Amerindian of Pomo tribe(paternal) and Mexican (maternal) descend of both. Sad that the Government of United States of America inflicted horrible atrocities against our Amerindians, and that we have to properly pay tributes to Native Americans so we will always honor them, it is their land, the rest of everyone else is foreign to America. As Chuck Billy puts it , “Don’t look back, the spirits will guide you, no more sorrow, don’t look back, the freedom will follow, on the trail of tears.” The Trail of Broken Tears. Such an sad ode, I found the power metal ballad emotional. A lot of Amerindian history has not been fully taught at our learning institutions, we then have to ask our Elders to seek the truth on our true Native ancestry. This is part of my heritage.

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“The Hand” apparition. Pt. ll

whoah! 😮 early this twilight hour morning (around 2 AM) sleep paralysis hit me again in tge hypnagogic state, as I slept too hard on my left side, my head pressed on my left hand , that cut off blood circulation , amid wiggling the digitus of this hand to snap out of the paralysis. However, I breathed to an normal pattern, I took deep breath‘s, moved my right hand over my head to grab my left hand, to yank it during sp, and my eyes were barely closed. I was seeing this through my phantom hand through the darkness of my bedroom. Strange that anyone could see a “phantom hand” like what happened to me. Carlos Castaneda in some of his books mentioned about the “hand” in altered states of consciousness. More than once this ”hand” of mine movement happened. Last time this occurred, was around 12 years ago.


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How much of this, can you take with at face value??

Is the earth magnetic field causing us to be insane? The plausible explanation how it allegedly can drive madness in human behavioral/cognitive…I.e.— nightmares, hypnopompic and hypnagogic hallucinations/ imagery and eccentric behavior.

Geomagnetics — The Sedona effect:


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The shaman “Carlos Santana” encounters his former lover, Mona Lisa in Lovre, Paris.

“I’ve got to have you. i’ve got to have you… in searching for my Mona Lisa. My Mona Lisa”. – Carlos Santana, from his 2019 album “In Search Of Mona Lisa.” Catchy Tune.

The return of the mystic, Carlos Santana, returned to the album charts in his adventure this time in Lovre. Carlos and his esposa, Cindy, paid a visit to Paris to see the Mona Lisa.
When he got close to the painting, Carlos heard her voice say ”hi” — I replied in my mind, ”hi.” Mona Lisa, ” said do you remember me?”
Carlos did not answer and looked at her again. She said, ”Do you remember me, when we were lovers in a different time? ”

(Track 3”Lovers From Another Time”) — a majestical sound of rock, latin blues and orchestration from maestro Mr. Ron Carter.
Time to jazz up em’ drums.

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Dredg – ‘El Cielo’ album(2002) is all on sleep paralysis theme.

The booklet insert comes with letters written by individuals experiencing SP, astral, lucid dreams. “Sounds like a thousand bees”.

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Electromagnetic hypersensitivity in sleep paralysis?

This may sound rather much out of ordinary. There are certain people who are very sensitive to wireless technology i.e. – wi-fi, RF, radiation and basically electromagnetic pollution. People like me who have sleep paralysis see visual images and at times, hear auditory hallucinations during bouts of both hypnagogic / hypnopompic states. Those who are hypersensitive EM are the same, this might explain in theory why there is tactile, visual, audio hallucinations and seeing orbs, ufos, entities, floating out of body experiences/ astral projection during SP. It sounds rather much of another phenomenon of its own, but taking this theory lightly, EMHS happens to some 9.8 million Americans or less than 1/10 of the population in The USofA. There does not appear to the WHO and CDC for EMHS or Electromagnetic hypersensitivity as a recognized medical condition. A legit question: is there really a correlation between electromagnetic hypersensitivity and sleep paralysis? I thought I would ask.

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The Bangungot explanation rules out an entity killing people in their nocturnal sleep.

Given the documentary on Bangungot I had posted up last evening, I’ve grown skeptical about Filipino natives and immigrants from Southeast Asia who died in tbeir sleep from an supernatural entity such as obese hag, Bangungot and doa choa in Cambodia. it’s more relevant due to hereditary and poor health conditions.

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Premonition of an racial theorist

It was the year 2004 I had a dream of encountering a ‘politically correct or incorrect theorist’ inside the book dept. of the local Wal-Mart. In 2006,this dream occured with the man who was chatting to his friend of how the system plays favoritism with “ hispanics.” -Mexicans could easily obtain weapons and commit crimes and get away with it. It is uncanny when this man mentioned that it was a sin (included) for any person to kill a human—in self defense. This didn’t make too much sense to me. If somebody had the reason to defend his/her property and family against a home invasion robbery,it should justified. I can’t find it murder or manslaughter unless the intention of the home owner over exceeded the course of dense,like for racial reason or deliberate intention. Defense isn’t exactly that easy to prove to the polices,since the black and white aren’t there to give you a slap on the back. Detectives know to themselves that civilians should not own guns for defense purposes. The man look identical to the person in the precognitive dream. I didn’t agree with him. In the dream I had a rather choice of words with the man and we began to shove each other due to our differences. When I approached this same man, I only listened instead of listening and shoving. 
This dream was an premonition. The man was arrested for assault upon an Hispanic months later in early 2007. He was also arrested for possession of a illegal weapons. During the arrest authorities found a bunch of Neo Nazi paraphernalia and stash of anarchist cookbooks.

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Sleep Paralysis, capsaicin connection to spicies that might trigger of episodes.

Have you had sleep paralysis after consuming am hearty, spicy 🥘?

If you answered yes, then its most likely due to capsaicin, an active spicy ingredient found in chilies 🌶 and chili peppers 🫑. That said, foods as mustards and chilies have been known to increase body temperature, making you restless during 😴 being affected by changes in your body temperature.

Sleep paralysis is trigged by this, also by acidity by spicy foods that is the cause of acid indigestion affecting sleep. According to some pep theory studies, spices can induce nightmares in brainwave activity, but due to lack of enough study and 🧐, this can’t vouch to back it up completely.

Albeit, refrain from consuming spices on a daily basis or cutting down on rich spicy foods.

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One dream KENTUCKER4 revisited in 2007, and another of astral in another dimension or dream telepathy

This dream was about back in third grade during the 1979-1980 school year. One of my classmates I first met then, *Leo Gomez, approached me in a hurry after bullies and other pesty children out in the hallways were pushing and using verbal language towards him as he was hiding a piece of paper that almost everyone wanted to kill him for it. I must of been really naive not to harrass him as well, since whatever he possessed had a value so great, even if I was greedy would of betrayed my friendship to Leo. Almost out of breath, Gomez, in tantrum accussed me of getting him deeply into touble. “See what you and your sister did. Everyone is picking on me with this stupid drawing your sister told you about” as he unrolled out this tubing of paper and showed it to me. It was the blotched drawing of the hidden message ‘KENTUCKER4’ my sister had revealed during her 8th grade history course. “Stupid pendejo!” little Gomez exlaimed. “How come I’m stupid ?” I asked. “Because you are for making me hide this for you”, then he sobbed. After a bit, Leo Gomez then stuffed this “get your hands on” artwork into his open lid desk, but decided to roll it up with a rubber band and stuff it inside the hangar closet used to store our jackets inside. The muffled sound of kids outside the hallway were yelling, “Hey,let us in. We know your hiding that. We’re going to tell Principal Bristow on you guys.”
Aroused into awakening for at least a half n’ hour before drifting off into the hypnogogic dream-state. 😴


I was outside the railroad tracks along the side of it. I was dressed in blue jeans; a white t-shirt and a leather jacket. The railroad workers in this view had vehicles of their own; late 1960’s make/models. “Hey sonny,you got that job application you’d filled out?” demanded my boss. “Yeah,sure. Wait a second now” as I pulled it out from my jacket. “Here it is boss.” After looking at it,he looked satisfied with it. “It looks good sonny boy” with pride. “Hey,listen. You might want to do yourself a favor and get rid of your leather jacket.” “Why?” “Because your officially now in the raillroad business.”
Everything went by fast that the next thing I knew what was happening was a time afterwards. I was driving a mid-60’s Chevy PU hauling in gear over to the railroads running over a manhole planted near the tracks. “Watch were you driving!” yelled out my boss. “You looking to kill yourself on the tracks today?”
“Morning Bob” feeling good this day.
“You’d better get your butt in gear. We’re falling behind our big project as of late. The governer announced to Union Pacific, the state can’t budget our work any longer, you know. Vietnam and all that other crap the gov’t is using to send over our boys your age to fight in the jungles is taking away our time.”
I felt worried that without any more money,how am I going to make it. I got Maryanne and our soon to be born child to support.
“You wanna make your girl happy don’t you handsome” Bob said as he gave me a few pats of slaps on my face while smiling to say’you better get to work and don’t slack off.’
“Listen,umm. Bob. With this backed behind work of ours,I’m thinking I’m going to either quit this construction job and join the army,or make us all rich.”
Suddenly Bob’s smiling face became expressed with a big dissapointment.
“We need you! You just can’t leave like that.”
“Ah,heck you can do without me. There are other boys out there with no work, dropping out of school and joining the Army or looking for work to avoid being drafted by Uncle Sam.”
Nothing was said but “Well,I’ll be da*ned. A young good looking man like yourself want to die in the jungles. What about Maryanne and that little kid whose going to come out fo the basket like what, in less than a few months from now. Who is going to support them. You?, after you’re dead? “
I said “this is my last day on the job. I got some other plans in mind.”
I drove off in the PU and never talked to Bob or my other crew again.
Later on that night,I waited for everyone to leave the railroads. With not just myself in the vehicle,but with two other odd looking characters whom I picked up from juvenile hall early that afternoon. They were no escaped juviees with me as the accessory to that. We had observed and stake out the railroads for at least a hour already.
As soon as Bob and this other guy had left work,I with these two juviniles almost instantly hopped out of the PU and armed ourselfs with a few sledgehammers,picks,and machinery tools,we hit a area a few feet from the tracks first with a picks and shovels,then one of my buddies dug deep into this area and a loud thud smacked a board. The crack of the board was loud. “Easy I told him. Not soo loud alright.”
After all three of us pried this heavy wooden board open, wallah. A huge bundle of green paper we all looked at. This was it.
Two mobsters before being sentenced to prison for tax evasion convictions had early on that same year hid a large stash of money they both robbed from a federal bank nearby the railroads. I now was going to be the ultimate possesser of this fortune both dagos left underground.
Suddenly, a chain at full speed was heard coming down our direction. All three of us were hesitant at first with the greed of this dough,playing around with it like we were the happiest bunch of people in the entire world.
The trainconductor yelled out in a bullhorn “Halt. This is the F.B.I. Drop the green and slowly put your hands above your head. You’re all under arrest for robbery” was pathetically order.
“You got nothing on us,but a bunch of kids” said Jimmy “the whop” ,one of my accomplices innocently said.”
Frankie Abbadono as he was called in juvie calmly said to Jim and I “They can’t shot us. You know why. We’re not armed and pose no threat to these G-men. So,on the count of 3 we start hauling butt towards the post office across the street.”
“But the building is closed. There is no way to enter. Besides they’ll be running towards it. It’s the first across we’re standing.”
“Look,trust me. I know this town better than you.”
The Feds were coming in closer now after the conductor who was a agent of theirs stopped the train about 100 yards.
One. Two men with shotguns and houndogs used to snuff us down in escape, armed also with flashlights came down the tracks.
Two. Jimmy yelled out “come and get us coppers. We aint going to back to jail.” Boy what a thing to say.
Three. Before “three” was up. We hauled towards the Post office like a frieght train. The sunffing dogs were barking loudly now. A warning shot was fired from one of these federal agents.
Instead of myself running towards the building,I ran beyond that and into streets of this small town. Another gunshot blast and either Jimmy or Frankie was hit as I heard a loud yell as hound dogs were bitting him.
I ran like hell,trying to look for a place to hide.
There was a wooden fence I climbed over and into a church. No use running inside. They would find me there. Behind it about another 100 yards was another wooden fence. Behind it was a trailer lot. I ran towards it and heard the sirens of police cars passing in front of the church towards the railroad tracks.
A hand pulled me onto the ground after I hopped over the fence. I thought at first,I was caught. It turned out to be Frankie. He had escaped. “Shhh. I know a way out of this town. Just follow me. “
Suddenly I seen a dark shadow across the field from the trailer lot staring at both of us. It motioned for both Frankie and I to follow it. We both ran after it as shadow was running like a athelete.

End of dream

  • I had written the pseudonym Leo Gomez
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Where in the Bible that mentions about both astral projection and out-of-body experiences?

Is this practice forbidden for all of His people not to follow? Or is it just about norm for anyone to experience this?

If you are a Christian New into astral, but don’t or never experienced astral travel because your minister, priest or rabbi forbade it because you were mislead to believe astral would be in dabbling with the occult, then be advised, don’t, that is if you are persistent to your own beliefs. However, if you are an open minded Christian, then read the following passages from The King James Bible:

2 Corinthians 12:1-4 – It is not expedient for me doubtless to glory. I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord.   (Read More…)

Deuteronomy 18:10-13 – There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,   (Read More…)

Ezekiel 37:1-14 – The hand of the LORD was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the LORD, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones,   (Read More…)

Ecclesiastes 12:6 – Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.

Ephesians 6:10-18 – Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.   (Read More…)

Romans 8:9 – But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

Colossians 2:5 – For though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the spirit, joying and beholding your order, and the stedfastness of your faith in Christ.

I believe that the Bible is the word of Yahweh, our Lord. There are idioms, metaphors in certain parts of the Bible, that are not meant literally, to be taken word by word in every saying in such, physically removing the specks in your eyes out of your socket if you find every error in your fellow brother. Would you do it? I believe astral projection is not occult practice. There are concerns about possible encounters with demons during astral. while demons, entities do exist, as Earth is a realm filled with everyday evildoers as humans, as any places, planes everywhere. Astral Projection is no way demonic. The Bible in no way forbids it.

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Really,I had a dream around the 5:00 A.M. hour this morning. 
The scenario as 1/4 of my dreams in the past 12 months taking place in my former residential house back in the East Bay.
I was relaxed, laying on a couch inside this house with my feet pointing to one side of these walls and head back facing towards my sister who was sitting on a chair behind me. 
“Did you know I was the only person to find a name inside this clue by my teacher. It was awesome!” exlaimed my sister.
“Umm..uh,uh. What was it?” I had asked.
“Well, our history teacher gave all of us a art picture painted in blotched mixed coloring. All we had to do was look at the picture and see what could hold the key to a person,place or thing wrapped inside this artform.”
“Go on.”
“We were all there looking at the picture like a bunch of cluesless morons,thinking’well it looks like nothing,why bother’ right? I then uscrambled these hidden letters inside of it and then all of a sudden I yelled out to Mr. Barrio by raising my hand ‘I know it! It’s KENTUCKER4!’ And I was waiting for Barrio to prove me right. And you know what?”
“He said I was right. Inside this awful blotched artwork held the word KENTUCKER4.”
Out of curiousity I asked “Who is this Kentucker4. Or is this word a thing or …”
Before I finished my sister cut right in “No. No. I know KENTUCKER4. I really do.”
“When? Who is this person?”
No response. Again I questioned “Are you sure about that? Who is KENTUCKER4?”
No response. A third time around still no answer.
This tablet writing amoungst a 80’s computer graph sheet, you know those type of blue box sequences back around in the late 70’s to the remainder of the 80’s when it was used to make out a computer printout of names, currency report graphs and computer graphics? 
The answer on this piece of paper said , “YES. KENTUCKER4. 100%”
I was actually looking at my sisters piece of paper without turning my head as though I was using the power of mental telepathy.  
I must tell you, that the scenario took place about over 20 years ago, although this incident had never took place. I just remember as if was back in those days. She did have this history teacher at one time as Mr. Barrio, back in 1980 however. Strangely, when I took his history class,there was a time when Mr. B did refer to a KENTUCKER whom my class at that time were supposed to figure out. He never through out the remainder of the class year really figured out who Mr. B was mentioning about. ?

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Astral projection re-visited in the Bay Area.

My most recent AP happened over a week ago. I was suspended around 2,000-3,000 ft elevation in air floating and soaring over Highway 37 eastbound approaching Vallejo. I can see the San Pablo Bay on my right and the Napa River bridge connecting both Vallejo and Mare Island. It was early sunrise. The orange-purple sky on the horizon as the sunrise approaching beyond the Sierra foothills in the scoping distance. I darn say it wasn’t just a dream. I really felt myself suspending and flying along the San Pablo Bay. My astral body. I sure do miss the scene.

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Ryan Hurd, ✍️, of lucid dreams and sleep paralysis website.

No. Not the country singer, but the author, Ryan Hurd. Seems to me his website has new research, valuable material relating to LD sleep paralysis, and dreams in general.

Check it out for yourselves — https://dreamstudies.org


Have an great Resurrection Day weekend aka Easter!

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Groovy Infectious!

I’ve been listening to Progressive metal since 1987, when Ray Alder filled in for departed Jon Arch as lead man for Fates Warning, an true prog metal band. When I suddenly listened to Lucid Planet, I’ve been nuclear propulsive into an different world of psychedelic / progressive/ groovy infectious sounds. Totally a band that at least deserves in the Future to be on the top 5 innovators of progressive metal.

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Some more progressive metal….with an additive of psychedelic rock to create an combustion!

A lot of Tool fans say Lucid Planet is an creation of them and were influenced by. This past week alone, I discovered Lucid Planet by Youtube recommendation on my channel. I automatically dig out their music! The differences between the two bands is style and structure. They are an admixture of Psychedelic and Progressive band according to their official website. https://lucidplanet.net

On the debut album ”Lucid Planet”, there is also Eastern Indian raga and mamba sounds, creating fusion!

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The first day of Passover 2022 together with An Good Day in one event that changed the world.

Just one day shy of a full moon 🌕, is the first day of Passover and celebration of Good Day, The Day Christ Died, in one event. The significance of both, is that Passover is the commemoration of the Hebrews deliverance from The bondage of slavery to the Liberation of Freedom set forth by our Lord our God, Yahweh, just as He sent His only Son, Yesuhua to the world to Free us from our captivity from sin to the Freedom of life.

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Recent times have shown metal is back with an vengance after decades of not so good, weak pop music in the industry!

From the 2019 album, “ Cataclysm”, here is Redshift, showing progressive technical metal, is much alive. Metal had its weakness in the past dew decades with grungy type bands sounded like shit, something straight out the 2004 film, ”The Punisher” soundtrack. since the late 1990s and into 2000, and somewhere in time after, into the abyss until the mid 2010s decade, the genre was buried with garbage waste in the likes of Drowning Pool and Seether, and was in need of dire help. When the last couple of years came in before the pandemic, during and into 2021, a bunch of adept musicians made up for what was lost for a long time. Even the big hair pop metal bands such as Dokken, after being buried in a decades time, taken over by grunge bands, Nirvana and its kind, cane back in the early 2000s which they sounded better than their glory years in the 1980s. 2021 saw it that metal definitely rolled in with great new sounds of progressive metal and ended the year rolling out in style.

Music may have not been great as it was once, metal, just like hip-hop crap, is an form of art and is an subjective topic.

Enjoy. 👍👍

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An masterpiece from Ex-Genises member, Peter Gabriel.

Just add on a taste of music from Martin Scorcese’s 1988 controversial film , ”The Last Temptation Of Christ”, and you got yourself an journey of Ambience from Peter Gabriel. The entire soundtrack is a pleasure for the listener to grasp on to. Very highly recommended!


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Wow! This band is hypnotic. Trobar de Morte from Spain!

I just discovered Trobar de Morte, this morning, after given a recommendation from my Youtube page. First, here is an bandcamp site about them, with an setlist of their music – https://trobardemorte.bandcamp.com

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At. Patrick’s Day, origin and meaning.

To my daily readers, sorry I am off to an late start.

Today is off course, St. Patrick’s Day. it is not really at all associated with green color, in tradition. Its origin color was tied in with blue. Nor was St. Patricius ☘️, he was of Roman-Welsh or British at birth.

read on here….



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Scott Peterson case podcast!


There are are an lot of podcasts online, but on how the media covered this case, many people refuse to accept the possibility that Scott Peterson may of not committed the murders of his pregnant wife and their unborn son.

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Us and them…Two minutes till Midnight!

The United States should of deployed our military into Ukraine other than Biden imposed sanctions against Russia under Putin. As for Ukraine, they should of joined NATO to show that insane bully Vladimar Putin that we Americans can be allowed to be within the borders. We are on the brink of a full size nuclear war with the East. Einstein said about WW3…he didn’t know how it would of been thought. Except the next one the planet would be nothing to fight with except sticks and stones. Back to primitive.

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This one didn’t make the final-cut on the original 1987 Whitesnake LP, should of been. Looking For Love.

It’s found on the 1994 Geffen records title,Whitesnake’s Greatest Hits and on the bands latest Whitesnake Blues cd. However, on the latter, the guitar riffs that John Sykes played was replaced with Adrian Vanderberg, for artistic rights, singer David Coverdale attempted to be explained on social media!


On the 30th anniversary Whitesnake 1987 4 CD/DVD box set,its also on here, the original 11 tracks that includes other than this power ballad,”You’re going to break my heart again.”

Definitely, it was Sykes distinct guitar playing heard all through this phenomenal LP.

More on this fantastic band i grew up with!

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Let the music (speak for itself)

Projecting images of joy and love. You see whatever music you like as much as love, you are definitely projecting images of joy ans soulfulness; whatever it be Latin, Mariachi, jazz, soul-r &b, Rock, metal, blues. This is what Carlos Santana was saying to us all. He is the shaman, we are the tribe he is healing. Bonito!!