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Plato couldn’t of put it any better…..


Actually the saying originally came from Plato.  As quoted in the beginning of “Black Hawk Down.”  Great movie about modern warfare!  The wars are not over! RIP to those who gave up their lives in ‘The Battle Of Mogadishu’ and other wars.

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Infected show biz! The Irony.

Harvey Weinstein, as of yesterday, was convicted by a jury for 2 counts of sexual assault. That old pervert got what he deserved.  Now….

What does that tell you , also, about his long time supporter, talk show queen Oprah?

At an 2018 Golden Globe Awards,  she made this statement about ‘deplorable treatment of woman by men’:


Such Irony


Here is what some visual into this:

Oprah likely lured Weinstein’s victims in his place. There, she hid behind two way mirrors, or in the closet, filming the assaults in progress.  Oprah the moguel can get away with any crime she commits. After all, she is Oprah Winfrey -Queen of Talk Shows. Whatever she recommends, millions of viewers listens to her, like she is some cult leader or god to them.  Like the Vatican, Oprah can dish out millions of dollars to accusers, because in common, they both have tons of money.  Who can not refuse?!

This type of sexual predators is what pop star Michael Jackson was going to do:  Rat out on the movie biz, and was silenced by the elitists to ensure he wasn’t going to expose them for what they really are: Hollywood infected with rapists – queers – pedophiles.

And MJ did not do anything he was accused of. Thanks to the media overkill like buzzards, Michael Jackson, was investigated for numerous years for allegations of foundling children.  For a full decade after investigated by the FBI, he was cleared. That was very obvious he was not guilty.  Just because a man considered to be aloof and that fact he loved children does not mean that wonderful person molested them. It was the way how the paparrazi and mainstream media wants every to believe:  “It’s Michael Jackson. What do you expect?”  Bullshit!

And the hounding Paparrzi had been directly been involved in the death of Princess Diane and her companion, Dodi Al Fayed,  in 1997. That incident should been under full blown investigated!

Back to what I was saying about that Oprah–

Had it been Oprah who was accused of sexual crimes against girls she helped out by erecting a school for them in Africa, Oooh- she would, by the help of the elitists, got away with it.  Mind you, she has influence over millions of brain-washed followers who hail her as a Messiah; she does have a church of her own on the internet and television.

That is enough for her to walk away “scot free.”

Oprah, just like her good friend Weinstein, should be scrutinzed.  SEAL couldn’t of been more right about the talk queen.


Let me hear from you on this touchy subject.





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Why submit when you can become your own master.

Ash Wed, tomorrow! I’m not that “enthusiastic” about this so-called Holy day, according to the Catholic Church. At first, it was required to attend mass, that was years ago; now, Ash Wednesday seems to fit in as “advisable”. As you know this holy day marks the beginning for 40 days of abstinence of material longings and refraining eating “meat” on Fridays. What a bummer. he he. The species that the Church allows Catholics to consume on Fridays is Fish. Like what the fish is going on here!? ((((x Fish contains a fleshy substance, it is meat. Duh! on the papal and his minions. The Church is not compatible with the Bible; nowhere in Scriptures did Christ mandate his followers from being submissive to man made doctrine, right? For ONE example, when the Pharisees complained His disciples who did not wash their hands before eating, in Matt 15:11, His response: ‘What a man puts in his mouth does not defile him; only, what comes out of his lips’. Well, that is just an allegory. By that, eating meat on Fridays(and on Good Friday) is “not a sin”. Growing up learning Latin, and Hebrew in the old school Catholic church, it was sort of cool, except that I only know a few phrases in Latin lol. “Ego sum via, veritas, et vita” and “ecce homo” and “keltoi” – referring to the Romans use of language calling pagans – hill dwellers as barbarians. Not to sure now; I would learn some Gaelic from my fellow Pagans and what is the theology from the so-called Satanists(who are literally Christian heretics since they worship themselves and use the word devil a Christian deity-an evil and good God and dualism of heaven and hell because the word Satan-adversary-sounds really creepy and dirty.)LOL. Enough of that for now.

If you don’t eat your meat…you can’t have any pudding.


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Black History Month: Filipinos have black roots. A commentary by a Filipino descendant.

Black History Month!

Speaking as a person with Filipino descendant, a mestizo-mixed blood(Filipino, Spanish, and Argentinian), this blogger also has traces of black blood in me. No kidding. As far as the other Filipinos/Filipinas can very is this:  Mind you, the very first indigenous tribe to reach S.E. Asia, roughly in the what is  called The Philippine Islands, were the Agta people, who migrated from nearby continents, to the Philippines, around some 35,000 years ago, before the Great Flood, when the waters were very low, allowing these people to cross a land bridge by foot, and settled in the northern part of the Islands, living in isolated regions far away from their counterparts.

So, by anthropological  empirical observation, as far perhaps the best scientific  “evidence” goes is the Agta has similar Negro features, well as those of indigenous of Africa,  shown here:


Notice the Agta(early Filipinos) have Negroid features and kinky hair.

You as the reader may concur if you google image “Agta people” on your search engine.

Many Filipinos call themselves a “brown race”-(not included in the U.S. Census 😉 ) and proud of it. When they should identify themselves as “black” or “non-white” Filipinos, because for the past 5 or so centuries, the Philippine Islands became intertwined with other than Chinese, Malays, Indonesians, Spanish and yes, Japanese(Jap-inos = Japanese Filipinos, aboriginal  Austronesian and other ethnic  backgrounds. Consider the Philippine Islands to be the Argentina of the East. The other Filipinos who are in relationship feel more Westernized(self-identified as Latino or Hispanic) instead, because of mixed ethnicity.


This blogger is mestizo, but is remembered at times, that I should be more “Asian” than anything else, depending on who says what.  I am roughly 55% Asian, 40% non-white Spaniard(just estimating since my grandfather was Filipino and Castilian Spanish or Spanish Moorish(Arab-black -no pun intended) and 5% other what ever else ethnic background. I did not do a DNA ancestry check to very this! I am going by family history. Try google image: Filipinos are black”(and nowhere can you find a pic of somebody of my physical appearance close to a “black Filipino).


None the less, I am also black, but has a shade of brown skin(light olive) from being half-Spanish, also, than Asian. Notice I did not phrase out the obsolete “oriental“.

Black pride! grrr!

“A man loses his identity if he fails to discover his roots ; Hence, does not know where he came from” – unknown.


An Filipino family of Spanish heritage.

The Philippines is fronting up to its Spanish heritage, and for some it’s paying off

That site is partial on the authors opinion based upon race”traitor” ideology.

Here is an website that tells of black roots of Filipinos: https://www.africaresource.com/rasta/sesostris-the-great-the-egyptian-hercules/the-black-roots-of-the-philipines-by-philipino/

This outstanding well-informed site: https://kwekudee-tripdownmemorylane.blogspot.com/2012/10/aeta-people-one-of-first-natives-of.html


What more can be said!


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“What? Me Not Worry! : I will be worth more than my rookie card-$24.99 in mint condition right now…”

“In my freshman year, I was like a stack of cards with an 6-11 record last season;  an 5.64 ERA. But when the Giants need me, I’ll prove to anybody I can get the job done when I’m needed. Just look for me in retail stores when I’m sold. Look me up @ https://www.amazon.com/Dereck-Rodriguez-Francisco-Baseball-Trading/dp/B07NKPDQ58


“Friends! I started off with MIN TWINS drafted before I entered the Giant’s last season. In the future….to be in the Hall Of Fame!”





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What? SF GIANTS Need not to worry!

The Giants were defeated in Saturday’s game against the rival Dodgers, 10-4.  Nothing to get worried about. *whew* This is just the Spring Exhibition game. I found this article to be premature about the 20/20 SF GIANTS SEASON. Like what did I learn about yesterdays game, so far, with we Giants fans weren’t in panic, except that Derek Rodgriguez is struggling on the mound. 



One day this card may be worth lots to us SF GIANTS fanatics. Derek is, afterall, the son of the great Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.


Go Giants!

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A tribute to other worry-warts!

I’ve been in much of difficulty in getting through the day this month. For one, I have been dwelling too much on my own health overall, and been freaked out, stressing over, by not losing a single pound in this month. “WHAT THE FLOCK IS GOING ON HERE!!” IT HASN’T RAINED HERE IN SUNNY CALIFORNIA SINCE JAN 26th!  THE CLIMATE HAS DWINDLED BECAUSE OF FREAKING NUCLEAR ARMS THAT WEDGES A BIG CONCERN ON OUR DYSTOPIAN ENVIRONMENT AND FUNCTIONING WELL AS HUMAN BEINGS! Early this morning before the break of dawn, a troubling nightmare about a nuclear exchange with Iraq overcame me in REM sleep and feel in to a state of awake sleep paralysis  😦  Maybe the archetype of this nightmare was telling me I am struggling with issues left unresolved.  That is my interpretation of going on with the world.  This is like what I can relate to a song by Kingdom Come, “Pushing Hard”, the words sung by Lenny Wolfe about “My fear is for the children……Instead of weapon waving, there would be life’s we would be saving…..Pushing Hard(to end to push the end of world catastrophic affecting each human…hunger, poverty, nuclear arms, climate change, economic collapse, etc; etc The political environment).

Now a turn of events:

Great news when I  weighed myself this morning after rising out of bed after a month struggle with weight issues: LOST ONE POUND!…WHAT! ME WORRY?  🙂



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The Stigmata and devout stigmatics.

This blog entry is in regards of the wounds of Christ inflicted on devout Christians, as many of you will know, this phenomenon is called stigmata. This coming Wed is “Ash Wednesday”, the first day in the Catholic Church tradition in the first day of a whole 40 days of fastening(not required, but inspired to give up ’40 days’ w/o material longings), such as refraining from eating ‘meat’ on every Friday throughout the Lenten Season.  I would like to see some replies, opinions about this. So here it goes:

Stigmata(Greek) n. “to mark” (Ancient Greek: στίγματα, plural of στίγμα stigma, ‘mark, spot, brand’), in Christianity, are the appearance of bodily wounds, scars and pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ, such as the hands, wrists and feet.

Through out centuries, many devoted Christians have been inflicted with visible wounds marked on parts of the human body. Mainly  on the palms, where blood pours out from this area leaving no infection as serious cuts do. There is no rational explanation for these transparent wounds to appear for the victims of a phenomena called the stigmata were not self-inflicted. It is not Christian to self-mutilate one’s body since in the bible does the scriptures forbade any follower of Christ do impose harm upon themselves.

When the historical Jesus the Christ was hung on a cross, iron spikes were placed on the wrists and driven in with a hammer leaving a horrific gash into both wrists without damaging the radial bone yet only leaving a shooting pain in the nervous system. Iron spikes are equivalent to railroad nails. The size of each spike was long enough to penetrate both the wrists,feet and the cross itself. The heads on these spikes was diamond head. Notice I did not say the palms; scientists have proven that if the spikes were hammered into the hands of a crucified victim, this method would not support the weight of a human body thus the palms would easily rip out of the spikes and thereof the crucifixion would not be complete, only a half hung body.

The malevolent torture of crucifixion as a warning in ancient Rome as a punishment to all those would actually defy the Roman authority. Even a thief would face the consequences for his actions on a cross. It would actually take days for the condemned prisoner to die; slowly he would suffocate as a result of slow asphyxiation due to pulmonary edema- excessive fluid building in the lungs resulting in a cardiac arrest. The spikes driven into both the wrists and the feet was to keep the prisoner alive in a prolonged torture until his last breath. As a prelude to the crucifixion, the condemned was given a trial by the Roman Prefector. Usually in all cases, the people was the ultimate jury in handing down a ‘guilty verdict’ shouting for death. Then this prisoner was tied to a stone pillar height of at least no more than three feet. A jailer custodian was handed over a order written down by the judge-the Roman Prefector, or Govenor, which the content states the condemned would be administered forty lashes with a flagrum, no more, no less.

Image result for flagrum

A flagrum was a whip designed to severely beat a prisoner for his crimes. The stinging effect of being whipped was called ‘talis’,a scorpion bite(hence ‘flagrum’ is derived from the latin word ‘scorpio’),due to the hot burning pain inflicted across the body, leaving a deep hot sensation of being bit by a scorpion. The end pieces of the flagerum was inserted fine pieces of leather. At the ends of the tongs was embedded pieces of animal teeth and or bone. When the particles of bone was weighed down across the naked back of the condemned, it was to ensure a bruise on skin, then as more counts the whipping continued, the skin would break and chunks of human flesh was torn out of the body. Muscles and human bone was exposed leaving open wounds for infection.

At times the whipping would stop by the order of a physician,looking out as a observer just in case he felt the prisoner might of died from traumatic shock to the body as a result from a whipping. If the physician felt the prisoner was still capable of enduring to keep alive, the more beatings he took. When fourty strikes of the whip was done, the torturers delivering the beatings would stop or else if the scene got out of hand, this person would of been been flogged himself for disobeying orders. The torturers done with their duty were often covered with smeared blood and parts of torn flesh for reasons obvious.

Image result for flagrum

The prisoner now half way to his death , was given a cross beam to carry across his back to the location where he was to die in the midst of a public viewing. As I stated before , the execution was a spectacle as a warning to all who would challenge Rome, and not just a wild circus, even though Romans did lust for death. As far as the slave rebellion of Spartacus, was crucifixion a point to get across since Rome was the most powerful civilization 2,000 years ago. Image result for cross beam crucifixion

Image result for cross beam crucifixion

Historically, the Nazarene came to be known as Jesus the Christ, was put to death in this method of crucifixion. Christ did not commit any true crime against the Roman establishment. He was simply punished by the Judeans for committing all sorts of heresy against the Jewish priests; Christ allegedly was found guilty of proclaiming himself as ‘King of The Jews’, along with sorcery and other major offenses declared by the elders of Israel. In a short Christian context, Jesus was a victim of everyone’s sins and had a purpose to die to bring eternal salvation for those follow him through his suffering let alone his words.


After being stripped with a flagrum, the Christ was mocked for proclaiming himself as ‘King of the Jews’. A crown of rose thorns was placed upon his brow in a tribute to a king. This was a Roman soldiers way of showing a dark humorous joke on a majestic. Thorns ripped through his scalp and busted into hollow areas in his skull. On his own cross, in postmortem, a spear by a Roman soldier pierced in his side body. Christ was put to death on the eve of the Jewish sabbath, and under Jewish law, no condemned, was left hung to die throughout the sabbath. Since Roman occupied ancient Palestine, Jews were granted respect to hold on to their faith, by Rome’s benevolence of religious tolerance. Fearing the Christ did not die as the sabbath came to a near, a Roman soldier standing guard was ordered to make sure the Nazarene was indeed dead. This soldier pierced with his spear into the chest or Jesus to make sure if he was dead. The thrust wound exposed a mixture of water and blood. But the dead do not bleed. Science has explained the water and blood coming from the body of Christ was from pulmonary edema. His lungs was filled with excessive fluids, a primary cause of death.


In the thirteenth century, the first person,in record, to receive the wounds of Jesus the Christ, was a friar known as St. Francis of Assisi. At first, Francis during his early youth lived as a care-free enthusiast until he became a prisoner of war after joining the military in 1201. A mild fever appeared to have motivated the knight of Assisi to have thoughts wonders pertaining to God. When returning home in Assisi, Francis rejoined his former ways of being care-free. That is until a spirit taken over his life that served as changing Francis’s demeanor to a life hood of a clergyman, which he eventually founded the Franciscan Order. On the veneration of the holy cross,September 14 in the year 1224, Francis first began to be inflicted with the stigmata, suffering from intense pain. He had felt as though this torment was a result of harshly treating his body. Man infestation. At the end his eyesight failed him, rendering him into total blindness. Then he finally soared into the afterlife on October 3,1226.

While no other historical accounts place any stigmatic long before Francis of Assisi, a interpretation from the Christian bible suggests the apostle Paul was branded with wounds that may of been an actual stigmata. Galatians 6:17 ” … I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.” Yet, taken account that Paul was another Roman prisoner, he was surely branded  an slave, just as cattle is branded for the purpose to identify its owner.


A total of sixty-two stigmatics canonized by the Church; saints or blessed, and of both sexes. The list includes:
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Lutgarde
St. Margaret of Corlona
St. Clare of Montefalco
St. Angela of Foligno
St. Catherine of Siena
St. Lidwine
St. Fraces of Rome
St. Colette
St. Rita of Cassia
St. Osanna of Mantua
St. Catherine of Genoa
St. Baptista Varani
St. Lucy of Narni
St. Catherine of Racconigi
St. John of God
St. Catherine of Ricci
St. Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi
Bl. Marie de I’incarnation
Bl. Mary Anne of Jesus
Bl. Carlo of Sezze
Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque
St. Veronica Giuliani
St. Mary Frances of the Five Wounds
Anne Catherine Emmerich
Elizabeth Canori Mora
Anna Marie Taigi
Maria Dominica Lazzari
Marie de Moeri
Louise Lateau
St. Piio of Pietrelcina


Anne Catherine Emmerich,the Augustian nun,born out of a family stricken with poverty and religious devotions. She was at frail health,and in the year 1813,Emmerich was bedridden, having visions of souls in a realm called purgatory, this is what the Catholic church according to its doctrine is a place or condition of temporal punishment that is supposedly for the departed are not completely free from faulty human errors that was done during their earthly life. During her illness, Catherine started to be inflicted with stigmata, including the crown of thorns marking her forehead. Her records of visions and meditations of the suffering of her divine master Jesus the Christ was published by German poet Klemens Maria Brentano, who spend quantity of time with the ill nun during her last days. This publication was titled “The Dolorous Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ: Meditations of Anne Catherine Emmerich. It became a source in Mel Gibson’s screenplay of his 2004 film ‘ The Passion of the Christ’.



St. Pio of Pietrecina,Italy, known as simply Padre Piio, was recognized as the first catholic priest to bore the wounds of Christ for a total of fifty years. By coincidence, that St. Francis of Assisi, received his first stigmata on September 17th, that Padre Pio,too, first had his invisible markings on his body. It was not until 1918,three years later,visible stigmata of both hands and feet. On August 15 of that same year, Pio, the side wound became onset. Just over a month after,on September 20, signs of visible wounds appeared on his hands and feet, and along with that a vision of the Christ wounded who said nothing to the Pietrelcina priest and then disappeared. He finally took his last breath of life on the morning of September 23,1968, while making his last confession and renewed his Franciscan vows. In the 2:30 A.M hour his last words was “I see two mothers…Maria!” meaning Mary,mother of Christ; the other mother was his biological mother. At his death, according to accounts from those who was with Pio to his final moments state his stigmata completely vanished without leaving a scar.
And so what is a true rational explanation for such a cause for stigmata. There is no satisfactory answer to the question why. Some in both the science and Church have stood ground by their own opinion, the wounds could be produced by a great love for both god and the Christ, in a hypothetical sense, emotions acted by stigmatics,would duplicate the wounds of Christ by acts of devotion. In short, deeply religious Catholics accept an act of suffering, is a worthy cause to suffer for the sins of mankind. It’s all about faith in accordance to devout for their divine supreme.

Wounds of stigmata are not curable,and certainly bacterial infection is not present. Like natural wounds, those of stigmatics do not produce a fetid odor. Only in the exception of the case of St. Rita of Cassia. Her wound of thorns upon her brow manufactured an “unbearable odor.” Stigmatics often describe of an perfume odor after being inflicted by a spiritual attack, or being marked(stigmata).

As these cases of stigmata was and hopes of future possible stigmatics by the Vatican in Rome,Italy, any person reported in the present world,is observed night and day,so the wounds are being strictly observed to determine if anyone to touch it to rule out a fraud case or left untouched, a case for an authentic stigmata.

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Vote No on Prop 13.

Proposition 13(2020) is not the prop 13 passed in 1978 which saved property owners from being taxed out of their homes. No. This is an different prop 13 that would cost 15 billion dollars to school bond measures. The tactics prop 13 uses “good for the children” a scheme by marketing campaigns. There hasn’t been any lead pipes constructed in the past 70 years and certainly no asbestos since the 1980’s, unless it brings a “mold” brought on by water leaks. In fact, Prop 13 does more harm to property tax owners if passed in March 3: This will increase property taxes, in essence. Go and do your research and learn the argument, facts, against Prop 13. Vote no on Prop 13.








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Since when did homelessness crisis become not enough?

In general, I stand by my stance against homeless that I posted early this month.  That alone does not imply that this blogger hates those who are classified as being without a home, just that most of them do need to get off their feet, and do something to contribute to society, rather than everyone in the public who feels the need to help those in need every single day in day out.

Had I addressed in expression to the communities of Amador County, publicly speaking,  many, not all, would be outraged by my comments, labeling me a “hater”, because of my own truth. Do people this day of age become soft in nature and let all their emotions overcome them all the time, when it comes down to poverty stricken people?  I mean sure, we all have bits and bits of sentimental feelings towards those inflicted with those less fortunate. C’mon now, sometimes we need to also use our judgement in not always supporting them, in every way possible. Can we at least use our common sense, at least for us who are fortunate to have a roof over our heads, that there are those who just use the money we give away to an average homeless individual(s)…that they just use the cash in getting a fix or buying booze? And that we might feel duped in that many of these people once they collect enough money in one area of town/city goes on to a different part and do the same habit – begging for more.

I’m sure most of us don’t want to see these people take advantage of your money under false pretenses.

In the general population: homeless woman in particular are victims of domestic violence, a leading cause of homeless for them. So, I asked myself, are women out in the streets without an home really that in a really bad situation they had with their (abusive) husbands? Can this situation be fixed?


Here in Amador County, there are people I had given money to in the past and recent times such as much as much as 20 dollars to an homeless woman and her child one time during the holiday season, once, and then there are other samaritans who share the same feeling and also contributed to this woman because mainly of her child. Nobody likes to see a child in need, right? Anyways, weeks later after Christmas, she is back on the same area I gave her the money out of good will, and this time, she looked famished and presentable. The months that followed in late summer, what does she do? She goes back and presents herself as an smoocher, resuming her panhandling as before. This time she was without her child present.

So, if she was in need to begin with, could not she had went down to Conductor Blvd in nearby Sutter Creek where the Human Health Services Bldg and apply for welfare and get vouchers temporarily until she finds a job to compensate the county or state off her earnings she receives? If she wasn’t in need, and just suckers off people’s emotions, then she should been ashamed of herself. This also goes for the other same individuals, year after year spotting out at Martell just panhandling on the sidewalks off Wicklow Way.

People, mainly bible believers have used Matthew 5:42 as an sort of legitimate excuse in proclaiming what Christ said about helping out those who are poor. In some extent true. Then, people can be helped out if they can help themselves first.

I met with many homeless people here in the Mother Lode. After greeting them, I allowed them to share their story. So out of sentimental value to the story they gave me, I gave them some money. Then there are the others who shamelessly panhandle just to get me to support their “lazy” habits, like not getting off their a**es and doing something to really sing for their supper.

Today, riding down Wicklow Way in view I could see in view with a thin tree partially concealing the creek behind the old K-Mart building: tents and homeless people in this same area. I can’t really come to an haste conclusion of them as just to label them as just lazy, just yet, because they’ve been there for some time this month. Maybe they were either just homeless from losing their jobs or the possibility they are drug addicts.

So to break it down, the following was found through a 2013 survey done on homeless people what the leading cause of poverty roughly in San Francisco:

82% – homeless

62% – disabled

32% – drug addicts

26% – veterans

25% – alcoholics

With these statistics, other than my beliefs on those in poverty,  it show that people have forms of mental disabilities 62% in need of professional help; those who became drug addicts choose to live in such conditions because of some illicit drugs for years contributed to a big drug habit. The alcoholics, also have habit, but in excess drinking. Both the druggies and booze drinkers are in need for mental health crises though a local chapter in their communities.


If these numbers are true, then some tender soulfulness left in us can help them out in some way. Sometimes homelessness has become a big social concern has not become not enough. Like I posted early: Homelessness is such a big issue here in the State of California needed to be addressed by Gov. Newsom in 20/20.  I just don’t agree with that in the city of Sacramento there should be a temporarily home for homeless teens for a 2-year term. Unless they are willing to do some chores and look for work.

Perhaps  50% homeless people are moving here in the Golden State from elsewhere because it is warmer so they can feel the warmness in climate status?  That is the current theory of why homeless individuals want to move over here.

The point here is to get people off their feet and that should be enough, yet isn’t. In essence, to cap it off, ‘You will always have the poor among you‘ -John 12:8. This is not a myth when I state: ‘half of the poor people make bad decisions’.  Call me a ‘hater’ if you will’; an opinion you can offer.  Rebuttal. Hey! I am not a contributing factor for  these people out in the streets.

This is an lengthy commentary about the dystopia in California.


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Short commentary on “Badgeman” and how many other gunmen could of pulled the trigger on 12.22.63


Enhanced photo of ‘Badgeman” location. Photo by Mary Moorman.


The only image the public saw of the Mary Moorman photo was a blown up image of a puff of gunsmoke from what appears to be a long barreled rifle pointing directly at Kennedy as you can see a bits of skull fragment of the President’s head was blasted out(corresponds to Zapruder film frame 313). However, one quick look appears the gunfire was aimed at her. The “badgeman” behind the rifle was called that due to the image of a badge/shield worn on the chest on a dark navy blue uniform (when a photographic researcher enhanced the photo in color for the very first time in 1988 in a PBS 25th JFK assassination anniversary). The impression of this figure could of been a rogue Dallas Police Dept. Officer hired by any of the following: CIA, Mafia, KKK, Oil Tycoons. One not to convincing theory was by a alleged expert in the JFK assassination was a Secret Service Agent, by accident, discharged his sub-machine gun(pointing unintentionally at Kennedy’s head) from the rear car —the follow up SSA mobile when this same agent heard the first shot.

Here is one that is likely plausible:

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/1a/c4/c1/1ac4c19c1b6de91670bc69ba93e93aac.jpgAreas  of “snipers nest” on Nov 22,1963.



A assassin concealed himself in a manhole on the South side on Elm St. near a lamp post. When the President’s limo came down Elm and to the point the gunman’s(in drain hole) trajectory range met Kennedy’s head, he accurately scoped Kennedy’s head when the target was slumping downwards after being hit from a first shot(from behind–bullet piercing his back and exiting the throat)….bang! A perfect shot ripped through Kennedy’s right temple and exited the entire base of the targets skull. Obliterated.


https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQl3dOCqeDdtuSzsmYyRPTCn0UrpW3SyJS7tBLQ416eDqYrVQFx Image result for Umbrella Man Dallas,TX The Umbrella Man  in Dealey Plaza, is one assassin who gave Kennedy a throat wound.

The gunman escaped through the sewer system that leads behind the freeway overpass and the railroad tracks. I’d say it was about 5 rifleman who did the shooting. Two paralyzed John F. Kennedy-from “The Umbrella Man” with a concealed weapon and his partner(possible); two delivered the fatal shot-one from the picket fence, the other from the rear-from either the Texas Book School Depository or the Dal-Tex Building; and one missed-firing from either building, hitting a concrete pavement near the freeway overpass.


This, afterall, is just a theory and remains moot in terms of scrutiny!

Going into the sixth decade since the dreadful day in Dallas, the case remains unsolved.

The internet trove of JFK assassination material since 1995:



Remote Viewing JFK assassination at this “X-Files”(no pun intended) site.

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20/20 SF Giants.

Pablo “Panda” Sandoval returns back to our San Francisco Giants this year, after being on the FA list most of the off season. He should help benefit the team when not sitting on the bench, idling there for a long period of time.

Returning back is Giants favorite(and inspirational motivator)-Hunter Pence. We still need more power in the outfield.

Buster Posey – the catcher, is also expected to fit to share at first-base position, must return from a off year after injuring his hip, in 2018, missing portions of 2019, and should be in top form in 20/20.

Ace Madison Bumgarner, no longer a Giant, signed elsewhere in Arizona for five-years with the Diamondbacks. Some predicted, even before the 20/20 season, Arizona Diamondbacks will secure the NL West and furthermore-into a World Series Championship with this addition.

With some of the power lost in the Giant’s batting, there was talk about the team trying to acquire nemesis Yasiel Puig, a darn right slugger! someone our team should crave for. https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/01/27/nick-castellanos-signs-with-reds-so-where-do-the-giants-go-from-here/

GIANTS FANS – Be at ease! We still have the rest of the 40-man rooster, and the team can be destined this year to compete with Arizona, Colorado, Los Angeles and San Diego for the NL West title. Who says we have an mediocre team?  Who says we have a sub-par 94 loss this coming 20/20 season?  We may have not been able to get a championship season since 2014, and been spiral downwards since? So what! The Giants always had the spirit to win; despite the odds against us by sport critics.

I haven’t yet, attended the former AT&T Park(given previous names – Pacific Bell Park, 2000-2003; SBC Park, 2004-2006; AT&T Park, 2006-2018) now for the second year: ORACLE PARK.  From what I seen on television and photos of that park, it looks spectacular. Sometimes I wished the Giants could of been back at Candlestick Park, if it wasn’t mainly for those gusty winds.  Been there quite a few times to see the Giants play there during the Bonds-Kent-Snow years with 60,000 plus spectators at this huge stadium(other than seeing the freaking awesome 1988 ‘Monsters Of Rock’). Image result for SF GIANTS Oracle Park

I’ll be at ORACLE PARK sometime this year to see our Giants; rain or sun, doesn’t matter. It is almost Spring Training at Scottsdale,AZ starting next weekend against the rivals-L.A. Dodgers.

Go Giants!

SF GIANTS official website.

Image result for SF GIANTS

Image result for SF GIANTS Oracle Park





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11.22.63 = Time Travel to give a clue who is “The Badgeman”

It is going to take a long time for me to perform an advanced Time Travel like the everlasting master. Ok now, we all know by now that Pres. John F. Kennedy was killed by a fatal head shot coming from the right front (coming from the grassy knoll) because of the impact of his head burst wildly towards the rear projection that would indicate the bullet came from the opposite direction(from the right front). There is quite a coverup evidence that witnesses saw a puff of gunsmoke coming from behind the picket fence right up the grassy knoll, as well imposters of Dallas Police and Secret Service agents behind this area(when there was no protection at this location). I might add there was a blow up photo shown on PBS 25th anniversary of JFK assassination, by a women across the grassy knoll, showing of what appears to be this “Badgeman” pointing a rifle at Kennedy, simultaneously when the President’s head was obliterated(comparison to Zapruder film frame 313). Years later, an  mafia hitman for the French Connection, Lucien Sarti, was said to confess on his deathbed to being the shooter. It sounds like a patsy taking credit for some bigger conspiracy to protect his party. Anyways  if anyone could Time Travel back to Nov.22,1963 at Dallas(Elm Street & Houston where the Texas Book Depository Building adjoined with the Grassy Knoll) that person could see a birds eye view of near the railroad underpass.
Interesting to know if this assassin is out there alive.
See the source image See the source imagehttps://i2.wp.com/www.jfk-online.com/Moorman2.jpgSee the source image
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1/08/07 – telepathic dream may have a link related to the gas leak odor in New York City and terror attack in Athens 1/11/07.

Yes. It’s found on the archive “New York gas smell not dangerous”
Mon Jan 8, 1:02 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A mysterious, powerful smell of natural gas throughout much of Manhattan forced evacuations of some buildings and a temporary suspension of a commuter train service on Monday morning as authorities scrambled to determine the source.


But there were no immediate reports of injuries and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the odor was not dangerous.

“It may just be an unpleasant smell, but at this point we do not know any more than that. The one thing we are confident about is, it is not dangerous,” Bloomberg told a news conference.

“The city’s air sensors do not report any elevated level of natural gas,” he said.

The smell permeated lower Manhattan and was detected as far north as Central Park, across the width of the island, and in New Jersey across the Hudson River. It had largely dissipated by midday.

The wide extent of the odor provoked jitters in a city that is constantly reminded of the September 11 attacks. Police and fire sirens sounded throughout much of the city.

A U.S. Department of Homeland Security spokesman said “there is no indication at this time of a terrorism connection.”

Four schools in Manhattan were briefly evacuated, and the smell chased people out of landmarks such as the Rockefeller Center and Macy’s department store.

“It was really, really bad then, so bad it gave me a headache,” said Kate Browne, who lives in the West Village neighborhood and said she could smell the gas when she took her daughter to school.

“The emergency services turned up at my daughter’s school looking for the leak then,” she said.


Part of the New York-New Jersey PATH commuter train system, which carries 225,000 passengers a day, was shut down temporarily as a precaution but normal service quickly resumed.

Several office buildings were evacuated and their air conditioning systems shut down, but city officials soon told building managers that people could return to work.

“There have been no abnormal changes in gas flow in our gas transmission lines,” a spokesman for power utility Con Edison said. He declined to answer questions.

Bloomberg reported a small gas leak in lower Manhattan but said that was not nearly enough to account for the wide range of the odor.

The city was blanketed with low clouds and there was light rain and little wind.

Natural gas is odorless and has added to it a chemical called methyl mercaptan so that people can detect leaks. The chemical adds an odor similar to rotten eggs or sulphur, which was what people smelled during their morning commute.

The huge Macy’s department store at Herald Square briefly evacuated its employees before the store opened and would not let arriving employees inside for a few minutes, said Myrna Hendricks, who works in gift-wrapping.

“They wouldn’t let us in the store,” she said, adding that the smell could be detected all the way up to the store’s 8th floor.



If somebody had out of negligence lit up a match . Seriously! If someone blew digestive gas and lit up a match facing their rear end….their behind would be scorched.


I don’t remember the dream that very morning, too well, anymore, as I should of kept a dream log alongside my bed so I could of recorded it as soon as I awoke.  Except that a few days prior, I had an nightmare of a H-Bomb that had no link to the incident in New York City.


The previous dream mentioned about the H-Bomb is obviously not
related with the gas leak in New York, as we all
know, the incident of the latter was unknown and isn’t a biochemical
attack by terrorists. Coincidentally, the dream occurred sometime late
midnight Sunday Jan.7th or the earliest hours of Monday Jan
8th,2007, and the fact the powerful gas smell was on the first day of
the week. Dreams do have symbols of the sort. Why the dream of a H-
Bomb and the fallout is not quite known. One could state it was just a “coincidence” and
nothing more than a dream. Maybe so. The fallout shelter scene was
played out almost as accurate as a powerful explosion and the way
how the shaking off the ground as a bomb had dropped on the earths
surface. Imagine if it was real–a massive crater in the earth about
the depth size of the Grand Canyon. Then later  I learned
of a gas leak in New York. It was so powerful that people in
different states reported of such a smell. And you know how a
leakage of pipeline gas smells. Comparing the dream and gas on a
scale is powerful and destructive, should a person lit up a match
near the direct source of gas–combustible flames covering several
city blocks. Then an explosion of a bomb hit the front of an
U.S. Embassy in Athens,Greece on Jan.11th. The llth day of the month
of all days. Another coincidence of linked terrorism?  It appeared
to look like a copy cat or a failed terrorist in attempts to
duplicate a 3-11(March ll,2004 train derailment in Spain by
terrorists) and a 9-11 of N.Y. In just one week two isolated
incidences in N.Y and Athens,Greece. Can’t say for sure if it was a
message from a terrorist group, none the less it freaked out most
people in New York early that week about another 9-11. The good news
is that nobody was injured or killed in both incidences. As for the
dream, it just occurred to something in that nature as to the gas
odor that affects numerous lives.

The article from Securityinfo.com indicates the attacked in early morning of Jan 12,2007. Sketchy on the dates varied. Click on the following hyperlinks:

U.S. Embassy in Greece Attacked

Athens Embassy Attack



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The introduction of Hannibal Leckter.

People who have seen ‘The Silence Of The Lambs’ say the film made a debut of introducing the cannibalistic Hannibal Leckter, if they haven’t seen the movie ‘Manhunter’ – the neo-noir film that actually introduces the character-Hannibal-to us, the audience.

Considered by many to be an underrated flick, ‘Manhunter’, the use of a cheesy title should be ignored for such a classic film, much more darker than Silence Of The Lambs.

This is one of Michael Mann’s best of the best films he ever directed other than HEAT.

Put it this way, ‘Manhunter’ is the prequel to ‘Lambs’, because if you read the novel ‘Red Dragon’ author Thomas Harris creates the cunning Hannibal to the reader. ‘Manhunter’ is an adaptation from ‘Red Dragon’ with a different title. The sequel that follows several years later, is ‘Lambs’ (silence of the lambs, that is) and that where the writer also presents the first time the female FBI trainee, Clarice Starling, assigned by her boss to get information from Hannnibal the Cannibal in “quo pro quo” in an attempt to capture a serial.

I just love the way how Mann shows the depth of a flawed character, FBI agent Will Graham, who is not only haunted by the scars Hannibal left on him, both physical and psychological, but is forced out of a semi-retirement to do one last task – hunt down the “Tooth Fairy” killer.  This represents opening old wounds for Graham.

Film presents the covering of ‘serial killers’ from different perspectives, from the killings visualized through the mindhunter, Will Graham’s view to the motives and how this affects the FBI agent, Graham, tracking down the killer.

Love this film for its value and the 80’s music blend into it.  2 hours, 5 mins with a medium pace thriller, nothing can go wrong here.


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A movie about a unique type of a serial killer hunting down serial killers.

Sort of watching Marvel Comics anti-hero, Frank Castle AKA THE PUNISHER, a vigilante-type serial killer who hunts down criminals to punish in his endless pursuit of justice. Except on this thriller flick  ‘SUSPECT ZERO’, a mysterious vigilante serial killer is operating under a  belief he is out to waste out  the wrong. Something he was obsessed with after he entangled with a strange ESP-remote viewing- he learned from ICARUS(a fictionalized gov’t program, copied from the declassified STARGATE PROGRAM) that somehow lead him to become in being a mind hunter of his own, programming his brain “plugged” into the minds of others, with RV, then only carrying out his style of ruthlessly killing bad guys by torture-cutting out the eye, leaving clues for FBI agent Tom Mackleway to figure out.  Minus out Frank Castle donned in black spandex outfit  with a skull on his upper garment, fully armed with various state of the art weaponry,  Suspect Zero wears black down to earth clothing armed with a hunting knife seeking a ‘fifty-foot shark’.

Image result for Suspect Zero

This film, also,  is sort of like watching ‘Se7en’ + ‘Silence of The Lambs’ suspense, except SUSPECT ZERO  was somehow tedious, not easy to understand because of the core of the story line. Half it was just good, the other half of it, kind of made this person snooze. I had to watch this several times to follow it through to get a  full grip of trying to understand what is theory of the mysterious killer SUSPECT ZERO he, himself  invented.  I’d give it a 3 1/2 * overall.  Just me speaking.

As far as ‘The Punisher’ film is mentioned on here, read almost every issue from Marvel in my heyday. The original 1989 adaptation starring Dolph Lundgren + the 2003 hit featuring  Thomas Jane = every penny’s worth. May I say the reboot 2008 “PUNISHER WAR ZONE” comes close, just no cigars to the first two adaptations.





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Premonition or deja vu of an racial theorist.

In the year 2004 I had a dream of encountering a ‘politically correct or incorrect theorist’ inside the book dept. of the local Wal-Mart. In 2006, this dream  with the man who was chatting to his friend of how the system plays favoritism with “minorities.” -Mexicans and Blacks could easily obtain weapons and commit crimes and get away with it. I found this contradicting when this man mentioned that it was a sin (included) for any person to kill a human—in self defense. His statement didn’t make too much sense to me. If somebody had the reason to defend his/her property and family against a home invasion robbery, it should justified. I can’t find it murder or manslaughter unless the intention of the home owner over exceeded the course of defense like for racial reason or deliberate intention. Defense isn’t exactly that easy to prove to the police, since the black and white aren’t there to give you a slap on the back. Detectives know to themselves that civilians should not own guns for defense purposes. The man look identical to the person in the precognitive dream. I didn’t agree with him. In the dream I had a rather choice of words with the man and we began to shove each other due to our differences. When I approached this same man that year, I only listened instead of listening and shoving. At first before anything else, this feeling of ‘I’ve been here before’ precog deja vu repeated itself, only it was through a dream.  Elucidate is needed on here, assuming it was a premonition when it was a deja vu. The two meanings should not be synonymous. Deja Vu & Premonitions have a link, just two difference experiences by definition.

This dream could really mean something, because I have a personal conflict with racism inside me. Racism theory in dream means: To experience racism or to be racist in a dream indicates being too judgmental or that those around you are judging you.  This is the only dream involving racial ideas by far.

Archetypes in dreams by Psychology Today:

Dreaming, Racism and the Unconscious

Dreams, Racism and the Unconscious – what do they have to do with each other?


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5:46 a.m. PST – 9/11 telepathy. Dreams & Nightmares.

I did have telepathy of the attacks on the World Trade Center(WTC) on that very morning. I had sunk into a Awareness Sleep Paralysis episode,and had this bad vision of a blast /gigantic fireball about the size of a crater blasted on the ground,except it was on a building. The smoke from what I picked up, formed what appeared to be a face of something sinister, like a demonic face (in rage). 
I estimated the incident(ASP)  sometime before 6 A.M. PST ,when it was 8:46 A.M. EST in New York City.  At that moment, I could hear a big thud, as peoples voices were absolutely in frenzy and hearing these loud screams, then a minute later heard this aircraft (in a loud propelled) flying then another ‘thud’/crash noise.
My inside being is at times correct when I sense something going on,that is not good then finding out a devastating thing just happened. It was about nearly an hour, that I had awoke, and this instinct told me to turn on the television set; but before I did that, my mother came rushing into the room at told me that a airplane had collided in the ‘twin towers’ in New York City. I had managed to switch the t.v. on,and there you know….a scenario that was almost exactly what I had witnessed earlier. The bottom caption of the t.v. screen(NBC TV) had a flash of terrorists strike in America.
I couldn’t believe it at first,thinking maybe it was a mechanical failure in the airplane that caused it to plunder some thousands of feet below the normal flight level. Then I scanned the channel switch to CBS,ABC and finally to CNN. All three channels concurred a terrorist attack.
Yeah, I know the subject of terrorism is not really a delighted subject, but since this incident, I’ve been doing personal research on these cells/groups; some folks had called me ‘obsessed’ and that I needed to stop or I was going to be heading to the mental institution. Even my female friend had enough of my research, and it made her dread me. https://mentalismvideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/1566062310_maxresdefault-1024x576.jpg
As a reminder to myself, otherwise, I may of picked up mental transmission from a ESP remote viewer. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? We are all bounded in this multi-dimesional existence of time and space by non-locality are we not?  Three hours difference over in New York City is three seconds from here in California to the East Coast.
https://img.yumpu.com/4465048/1/500x640/revelation-911-how-the-illuminati-are-practicing-square7.jpg  https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/ZHeQJEJyoSpjaRYWO8cr-B8sZN82_eQSWzPF21hChGc1v0C-MST7RaTMXAo7vNJjgcCqz5l1lpalIq4VbRb6LqeJ3h6vSA


Oh, by the way, I also had a eerie OBE with a dead firefighter not to long ago. On his shirt read: NYFD

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Mimick A.I. technology “facial recognition”: That what determines our future has been foreshadowed all along.

At first I was for police predictive technology via algorithms because of the skyrocket of high crimes filling the nation, especially after 9/11/01 and into last year. Thanks to China!  In 20/20 Not sure about it now.  Mimicking human emotions? I take this is the beginning of the end of age. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/QT4OJ7KhbqM/maxresdefault.jpg

In all of this algorithm is worth to the police, are we not concerned about our privacy issues?


Speaking of kooky and spooky,  London Police, recently have identified  positive 7 out of 10 wanted beings through the use of A.I. technology. This was a trial test.  Are the dics from London Fog police sure?  Read on here: London police deploy face scan tech, stirring privacy fears

Like what the flock? Are the “wanted” destined to be convicted in a court of law before a crime was to occur, in the near future? A.I. determines our fate? LMAO! “Minority Report” foreshadows this all too familiar scenes of today’s “psychic” A.I. replacing conventional police detective work. https://www.analyticsinsight.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Crime-in-AI-1024x684.jpeg One possible theory, if not CONCRETE,  has it, for years,  this is the work of the Anti-Christ, whose goal is to track down everyone with such identification technology with everybody who “must wear the mark of the beast…666 on their bodies. If they don’t show it, they can’t buy, sell, or even trade in this dystopian world.

“Strange Days have found us. Strange Days have tracked us down. They’re going to destroy…. Our casual joy…”  -The Doors.




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Long term recovery from mental illness w/o long term with medication. ?

Haven’t experienced bouts of paranoid schizophrenia in last couple of months, however, I looked into this video and thought ,”huh? a cure?” uncertain of its content is true or semi-truths? Kept me in curious thought, question, thus into analytical — mental illness could be cured without medication in the long term is likely plausible, if not possible, by comparing the graph charts: off anti psychotics vs. on anti psychotics. So, I will continue use until symptoms start to improve within a year; slightly tamper off temporarily.  Readers w/mental illness be aware: Until proven otherwise, continue with your medication.  Just to play it safe!


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October 8,1989. Dreams & Nightmares: Shadow Man and Consciousness Projection; sixth sense.

Image result for sleep paralysis astral

Stranger things have happened.I had fallen asleep around 4:50 P.M. All was peaceful during my rest,as I had worked for nearly 12 hours straight since 5:00 A.M this morning. I am employed at Reidmiller Air-conditioning. My duty at my employment is cutting away sheet metal shaping air ducts and installing fiberglass installation. We had a crew of 3,including the boss himself working down in Castro Valley working in a shopping plaza, working on air conditioning units in a soon to be new suite for some small company based in the Bay Area. Hardly did I get any sleep the past week and a half, as I had worked around 15 hours per day for the last two weeks just to make extra money. This was my first job since graduating from high school. This day, I had gotten home early because our crew were almost finished with the project.

This gave me time to have a weekends rest before heading off to work the following Monday early before sunrise as usual. I had left work around 2:30 P.M in the South Bay from Castro Valley to Brentwood. Roughly over an hours drive before the rush hour traffic. At ease, I had fallen asleep around a hour, when I arrived at my residence. Suddenly, I had awoke with a heavy weight pulled down upon my torso. It felt like a entire body weight crushing down upon me. My eyes were partially open, but I had a difficulty in breathing and definitely unable to move. I knew for years this had been happening to me, except when I either went in a transitioning of onset of going to sleep or awakening during the night and the morning.
This loud humming pierced my ears, as though the feeling like my ears were probed then the object was flushed outwards. During this time my eyes were opening. Before me was a blurred shaped outline of a murky dirty colored fuzzy cloud shaped object resembling to me a twister. It was around 18″ in diameter,and the height was at least 2 ft. A dark funnel cloud resembling a tornado. I was semi-conscious when this vision became to be. With   strenuous  effort,I tried to shake off thing off me. The more I struggled,the heavier the weight pushed down upon my body like someone was actually there pinning me down.
This image morphed into a dark silhouette of a human as I can see its shape head driving down upon my neck. In tactile this felt to real as I can feel a stinging pain driving down upon my neck. A tight grip of a heavy hand pulled up my chin. A heavy whisper was all I can hear. It said in a slithering voice: “I will hurt you.” I wanted to do some hurting on this person,who ever it was but I just couldn’t move. Suddenly a heavy rub was on my groin, as I can feel a sharp pain of hand with sharp fingernails yanked that region. It certainly wasn’t mine. lol   Image result for sleep paralysis
https://prodimage.images-bn.com/pimages/9780451220295_p0_v1_s550x406.jpg https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1347393748l/1289662.jpg
To understand this(sleep paralysis) you would have to experience sleep paralysis for yourself. It is not really a bad dream though the aspects of it can be looked upon as a erotic nightmare. Basically it is more like a morbid vision since the semi-conscious state is present. The feeling is eerie like I was being possessed by a demon. Science hasn’t fully understood the elements off all of this phenomena. Maybe in the near future parapsychologists will team with medical experts to find what is the rooted cause of The Old Hag Syndrome. I searched the yahoo google for more information for years to obtain a closer study to what I can relate to. Sleep Paralysis can invite a gateway to lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences to detour the side effects, in a paranormal sense. This is something I could never fully explain or rationalize.
Maybe I do have the sixth sense. Stranger things have happened to me besides the Old Hag Syndrome. Sept 11,2001 was my most devastating experience with the unexplained. Once, I felt myself astral plane inside of a assault victim. I could view myself in this person walking down a dark alley at one evening behind a grocery store across the highway which in a walking distance would be less than no more that a quarter mile from where I lived. This sharp pain was thrusting  against my right side under the lower rib cage as a warm ooze came trickling down against my bare skin. I placed my right hand on this area. I can feel blood matter gushing out of a dark wound. Turning around I can see my assailant staring at me. Before I brandished out a switchblade knife,this vato pulled out a brass knuckle and wham! Out cold. With the darkness,the face was partially concealed. The attacker had a goatee,wearing dark glasses and a red bandanna tied around his head. Figuring out that this area of town is known for the Chicano gang turf. A few days later reading the local newspaper, with the details involved I found out that this hombre was barely alive after he nearly bled to death spending nearly half the night sprawled on the concrete pavement below. He later was reported to be in a coma the last I read about it. There were no police details into why the attack happened. Drug deal gone sour? Some vato loco walking down the wrong side of town? What ever the reason was, all I know that this wasn’t supposed to happen to me. Why was I inside someone else body while I slept?

Life is full of mysteries.

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Homeless crises can be fixed at the cause of its roots.

And of the homeless crises locally? If not all, many are using the system, milking the tax payers to support them. Drain out the system! Heck, those types don’t want to work, it is a truth. There are many well- able bodied individuals who can do physical labor and are fit to do so, sloth, perhaps. Others, I can help, due to mental illness, I relate to. They are deficient mentally, in dire need of human health services, yet, don’t want the help at the Behavioral Health Dept on Conductor Blvd because of the illness. The remaining are in homeless due to being layed off and lost their homes due to not paying their property taxes or home insurance because of it and now on skid row. These are issues needed to be addressed. And for the run away youth on the streets? Family problems, assuming they are abused mentally and or physically. Either that or just don’t want to follow rules of the house, just damn too lazy to work, resulted in being used to not following orders. You can learn to sing for your supper if you want a meal.

Image result for homeless in Amador Countyhttps://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/ledger.news/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/d/1f/d1f7968c-e09c-11e9-8891-1713913bc77c/5d8d209da08aa.image.jpg?resize=400%2C300

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In need for a SSA building in the Mother Lode.

Still no Social Security Administration office in Amador County! I’ve been requesting for that to make it happen for some years to my district supervisors, got no response, and for heaven’s sake, we Amadorian’s sure need in use for one. Begging the city of Jackson to have a SSA building to be passed and built in one of the “for lease” units in the Safeway Center on Industry Blvd, no. All people up here want is convenient stores and fast food services to fill up their ‘gizzard’ bellies.


We have too many food chain restaurants, for crying out loud! Now with the surging of homeless people vacating out in the outside lot at the old K-Mart building, we are asked to support them all. Can’t most of them get off their behinds and do something productive as community workers, such as volunteering at the Interfaith Food Bank? Something that would greatly help them to get job training. We certainly don’t want our streets plagued with human waste, in addition, hypodermic needles  like in San Francisco. This person just don’t want to make up a hour’s drive to Hangtown – Placerville – for a trip to a SSA office, when one can be erected here.

Just a thought.

https://retailproperties.cbre.us/property/output/image/photo/id:3896/width:1600/height:1600/key:dd9fa76d51076109bea92ef32ae6148e/Squatters have been vacating a spot in the old K-Mart building on Wicklow Way in Martell,CA for quite sometime.


This area highlighted in green(SITE) could be a potential area for a SSA building in Amador County.

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Another week, means a dust settles after the storm. Coronavirus.

Can we allow the situation in the nations capital to settle down after a storm brewing between the both parties, endless weeks of clashing with each other, over the Impeachment Trial?  President Donald J. Trump was acquitted last week, so we’ll have to learn to put it to the side, once in for all.  If you’ve all noticed, there were no new bills passed. No fixing of illegal immigration. No fixing of the infrastructures. No fixing of lowering drug prices. No attempts. Nada. All those weeks, both sides should of agreed, however, was to fix these and other problems facing our nation.


This morning in a brief news conference, the commander-in-chief, little was mentioned by Trump, in a calm manner, that both sides should be able to work out a compromise. Little did he say about the Coronavirus, implied opinion it should be under control by April. ?

This opinion has been  echoed out by health experts. So, does this imply the outbreak will be ‘subside'(by April) when temperature rises with the changing season?

“The heat generally speaking kills this kind of virus,” Trump said, citing an assessment Xi offered him over the phone.

“That would be a good thing,” Trump continued.

Early this morning, ” a lot of people think that goes away in April, with the heat.” he said.

Also, is Trump echoing out what health experts, in essence, comparing the deadly infectious disease to  a deadly flu epidemic–settle down in the peak of the warm weather?  I do not know, as I haven’t done any personal research, as of yet.

In short, Trump, as well, Pelosi ,can put their differences aside. Address this contagion in an factual and responsible manner.  We can at least all learn to agree upon that.

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Pelosi: Manifesto of Untruths (?)

I defy Nancy Pelosi to give just ONE concrete example where Pres. Trump’s State of the Union address contains an “Untruth”. She had just called his Address “A Manifesto of Untruth”. She needs to explain that. Does she even understand the meaning of ‘manifesto’? It means: “a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.” So does Pelosi think that Pres.Trump has “untrue” ‘intentions, motives, or views’? If so, she should name them, because I can’t think of a single one. She should “elucidate” – assuming that she is “lucid”
https://www.mercurynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/AP20036081199572.jpg?w=525  Image result for Pelosi tearing up state of the union address fox news

Image result for trump holds up newspaper that says acquitted





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Disdainful Pelosi actions has turned against her will.

Oh well!  By now, we have learned Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi, and her minions had attempted to bring down President Donald J. Trump, as a result they have given him a chance to run again for 4 more years. The tables have turned around against her, serving her and the Democratic Party right.

“Though shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor”- Exodus 20:16

How many times has Nancy and her mob of conspirators done this? I know it has spanned for more than 3 years, and the time before Trump took the oval office.

Rather than going with  the tradition of one should believe everything they read(on social media), hear and see, both on radio and television,  one should be aware of what content that is presented to them, from now on, so they will not feel duped by a mob media frenzy whose style is to bear false testimony on anyone. Get it?  Sex sells. It is all scandalous. So do lies and videotapes.

Back to Pelosi and Trump:

Love him or Hate him,  you as the voters will determine in November whether Trump stays in office for another 4 years or somebody else new to fill in, such as some indignant individual with a smear campaign against Trump.

Speaking of being haughty, Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of the State of The Union address, instead should of been kept intact inside a historical museum.

Perhaps in the days to come, the Speaker of the House will step down from her chair, then enter her last days in a church in San Francisco, nearly excommunicated by the local archbishop, as she is in content with herself after chanting the Hail Mary 50 x’s and of course, 5 Our Father’s  begging for redemption after her evil ways. lol.

“Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor”

Why Nancy Pelosi should be excommunicated


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“Distance Over Time” is worth the buy!

Among the list of music collections I have, so far, is the latest from prog-metal favorite by many fans of that genre- Dream Theater’s 2019 “Distance Over Time” I concur with some out there DT best since 1993’s “Images and Words”.

This copy I picked from Collector’s Choice Music catalog last spring because I happen to like progressive rock/metal. Been a long time fan of Fates Warning other than their counterpart in the hard rock/metal scene – Y&T. Both are phenomenal bands, underrated somehow due to the surging wave of that blasted pop music out there today totally is rubbish, got the metal scene under the ratings of the music industry.  Forget about Beyonce, JLo, Justin Bieber and those other premadonna’s whose value lies in fortune and fame, the center of public attention. The HoF- Hall of Fame- should be balanced out equally, not just for the great late Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, The Doors(they certainly deserve the honor) and The Eagles, etc; etc…but for the metal genre also.

When I first listened to “Distance Over Time” I felt really good like I was back in 93′ when I listened to DT Images and Words. Their other EPs were produced in between in a course of some 25 years, and did not catch on to me. Those were to me, “lacking any substance” not meeting up to being consistent.  Sorry to say to the DT fanatics – Fates is much better!

Personal favorites from this latest EP is “Tethered Angel” and “Fall Into The Light.”

Beg to offer a different POV about DT if need to be. Your input is welcome on here.

Listen to the entire album here on YOUTUBE before you purchase. You prog-metal fans will not be disappointed.



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HULU Mini-series might of been called ‘Road To 9/11’

Over the course of Thanksgiving Weekend with nothing really good to view on television, I decided to pick a movie from a collection I purchased through a movie catalog just weeks prior to Turkey Day. The choice I made was none of than the miniseries, “The Looming Tower” based on fact with a bit of elements made up by the screenwriter for dramatic purposes.


Years ago at Borders Book  I went to do researching about the terror attacks on September 11,2001. You know, everybody in the globe on that doomsday were glued on to their t.v. set watching the terror unleashed, the Twin Towers pulverized by hijackers on two separate airplanes, without any interruptions; just live television news breaking out “America Under Attack” as the headline news flashed out on each major network. Almost 7 billion earth inhabitants-humans-that is, were shocked by the incidents, not just in NY but also in Washington, DC.

Time marched on wards to the times I done researched, in between we Americans were told by then George W. Bush -President of the United States of America- a bunch of bullshit of how Al Qeada masterminded by their leader,  Usama Bin Laden, did this atrocious act. And a reminder to all why did the U.S. in an all-out lead coalition forces against Iraq in 2003 attack that nation that practically had no real significant ties to Bin Laden? Except that accordingly to Bush that Special Forces located so-called ‘weapons of mass destruction’ over there, yet we decided to stay there and been in Iraq since. Now the war against Iraq has dwindled to a minimum. Bush made it clear, then, we were there to dismantle to the Saddam Hussein regime and to bring democracy to their people.

I picked up a book that tells a different perspective on Bush, as the author uses “checks and balances” for credentials for the 2006 book, “State of War” written by James Risen. This historical account is mainly on CIA war tactics throughout the agencies history and exposes Bush’s unlawful tactics on the controversial illegal wiretapping, unlawful imprisonment, torture tactics on suspected Al-Qeada operatives. The author concludes that Bush was in a detainment center witnessing a torture on one of those detained.

What can I say about the CIA operations in Afghanistan with the opium there? You read the book and decide.

I found another book that starts off with the founding of modern terror network, Egyptian Sayyid Qutb and his influences when he was declared a martyr and things start to build up thereon. Valuable research on other terror groups besides Al-Qeada. This book I am talking about is by now most of already read, by now, if they haven’t just yet. “Looming Tower” by Lawrence Wright. Main parts of how the material was gathered is from a different perspective of how both the FBI and CIA, each knew about Al-Qeada and potential targets they would hit, but done little to stop  the terror network due to jealous conflicts within the FBI vs. CIA, scores to settle with. Each not sharing  what could of ben viable information.

I won’t go into a review of this long, well-read book. You will have to read it yourself. The late prosecutor of the murderous Manson Family, Vincent Bugliosi, once said about the accuracy of any content in every book written out there, “Is the book 98% fact and 2% fiction, or is it 2% fact and 98% fiction?  The reader shouldn’t have to wonder.”

This book served as the source for the HULU min-series with the same title. I put in as accuracy is concerned – 95%. By far the “definitive” authority in movies that puts in as a retold account of a long road to 9/11, leaving both the Clinton and Bush administrations with a “little too son, little to late” to act upon. They’ve been warned in short- the lack of communication of government agencies not in cooperation with each other that ‘could’ lead up to a possible averted situation rather than the real outcome: in dire consequences.




Be reassured, not all of the content of this limited series is compatible with the book, and be reminded there are fictionalized story lines that made this just a good film. I didn’t practically favor  to have seen the personal story of  John O’Neil’s infidelities with his mistresses; like what man in this world has not have sex with other women other than their own significant other? lol. That story of the FBI agent in his sexual escapades should be irrelevant. But that did happen in real life. 😉

For those who have not seen the film, I can tell you it is a mixture of politics and history in motion. You the viewer, just watch and make a decision if it is worth every episode.  Might also I suggest is to pick up Steven Emerson’s “American Jihad.”

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A very short commentary on Donald J. Trump in 20/20.

Many of you will not suit with me when I say ‘President Trump’ 2020. He’s got to be, in the least, by far, the best commander-in-chief – restored the economy and is doing what he can with the border crises. Ignore the fact he may of separated families of illegals, in some degree is wrong. What would you have as citizens of the USA, a open border or one like the one West Bank-what Israel is doing?

Or screening illegals which that Alejandra Cortez calls ICE agents-doing their job-as ‘nazi stormtroopers’. Nothing wrong in enforcing our ‘secure borders.’

Forget Trump used “pocahantis” more than once, referring to Elizabeth Warren(she’s only like 1 percent Indigenous), that is a different issue and he  should cut down on the name calling, in spite we all have the freedom of speech. There is nothing of implied bullying with Trump on Tweeter. All of that can be overlooked.

Sure, he has an outlet for expressing the rants, but don’t we all have a place to voice out ourselves on line, when in disgust with the worldly views. Some of people I know say, “Trump is nothing more than a spoiled child.” Maybe true, the man in the oval office surely knows how to manage this country, well, in this day of politically incorrectness. Speaking of incorrect, it is a distant far from the truth saying “He (Trump) is dividing our nation.” As for as Impeachment Trial is concerned, it will show in the end, ” the truth shall set you free.”


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Fates Warning lyrics from A Pleasant Shade Of Gray EP.

A Pleasant Shade Of Grey

[Part I]

So where do we begin
And what else can we say?
When the lines are all drawn
What should we do today?

[Part II]

Are you listening
Am I here screaming?
Drowning in a silent sea
Or only dreaming?

Drifting in and out
His mind never rests
Lying in shadows
Replaying a thousand regrets

Can you hear me
Am I getting through?
A million miles away
Or here beside you?

Drifting in and out
His heart never forgets
Lying in shadows
Replaying a thousand regrets

And the minutes just pass
As the hours change
And the shifting sands
Slowly rearrange

Drifting in and out
His mind never rests
Lying in shadows
Replaying a thousand regrets

[Part III]

There’s a cloud above us
And there’s a shadow on us
And outside of us
Hangs this shade of gray

Rain falling
Hours crawling
All around this shade of gray

There’s a chill about us
And there’s a sadness with us
And deep within us
Lies this shade of gray

Rain falling
Hours crawling
All around this shade of gray
This shade of gray
“rain’s falling, hours crawling”
This shade of gray
“rain’s falling, hours crawling”

There’s a space beside us
And there’s miles between us
And all around us
Grows this shade of gray

Rain falling
Hours crawling
All around this shade of gray

Rain falling
Hours crawling
All around this shade of gray
This shade of gray
“rain’s falling, hours crawling”
This shade of gray
“rain’s falling, hours crawling”

[Part IV]

Only us breathing
And the rain keeping time
Dividing the silence
In a distant thunder

Only hearts beating
And the rain keeping time
Measuring out the minutes
And taking us under

[Part V]

Murdered in munich
Crucified in rome
Was killing time
On the long road home

Let nothing bleed into nothing
And did nothing
Let nothing bleed into nothing
And did nothing at all

Withered in winter
Wished away the night
Was out of mind
While out of sight

Let nothing bleed into nothing
And did nothing
Let nothing bleed into nothing
And did nothing at all

Let nothing bleed into nothing
And did nothing
Let nothing bleed into nothing
And did nothing at all

Watched the days just pass
As the seasons changed
And the shifting sands
Slowly rearranged

But I will not eulogize
I won’t apologize
I will not defend
Anymore, anymore
I will not dramatize
I won’t soliloquize
I will not pretend
Anymore, anymore

[Part VI]

I know that I don’t know you
And you couldn’t know me
But time and space collided
And here we are, here we are

I know that you don’t understand
And I can’t explain
But circumstance conspired
And here we are, here we are

“the time is four nineteen…”
“time flies…”
“the answer is no…”

And I know we can’t turn back all the years
Time reflected in a shade of gray
But I often wonder what could have been
And I still hold on to yesterday

And I know we’re not children any more
Innocence lost in a sea of gray
But I often wonder what else could be
And I still dream of running away

So where do we begin
And what else can we say?
When the lines are all drawn
What should we do today?

[Part VII]

Stare from the darkness
Hear the silence call?
Devise divisions, delay decisions,
Watch the hours crawl and…

Let nothing bleed into nothing
And do nothing?
Let nothing bleed into nothing
And do nothing at all?

Recite soliloquies
To shadows on the wall?
Revise revisions, reverse decisions
Watch our heros fall and…

Let nothing bleed into nothing
And do nothing?
Let nothing bleed into nothing
And do nothing at all?

“I want you to do me a favor…”
“I want you to get a gun…and just shoot me! shoot me!”

Let nothing bleed into nothing
And do nothing?
Let nothing bleed into nothing
And do nothing at all?

Let nothing bleed into nothing
And do nothing?
Let nothing bleed into nothing
And do nothing at all?

[Part VIII]


[Part IX]

Stayed up late last night
Lying here in bed
Looking for words
To say the things I left unsaid
Wind at my window
Whispers to me instead
And I lie alone
Writing letters in my head

Where you are, I am
Through nights that never end
Where you are, I am
In words I’ll never send

Walked alone last night
Cold streets of could be anywhere
Looking for words
To share the thoughts I could not share
Road at my heels
Takes me away instead
And I walk alone
Writing letters in my head

Where you are, I am
Through streets that never end
Where you are, I am
In words I’ll never send

Where you are, I am
Through nights that never end
Where you are, I am
In words I’ll never send
Never, never send

Stayed up late last night
Lying here in bed
Still looking for words
Still writing letters in my head

[Part X]


[Part XI]

Do you think that I, that I remember
Do you think that I, that I recall
When you were falling
And I just watched it all?

Do you think that I, that I remember
Do you think that I, that I recall
When you were breaking
And I just let the pieces fall?

Don’t you think that I remember
Don’t you think that I recall
When you were alone, oh all alone
And I didn’t hear, hear your call?
Call… hear your call, hear your call, hear your call…

[Part XII]

This shade of gray
This certain sadness
This cold morning light
And this silent madness
It hangs in the air
It hangs like a memory
It hangs like a cloud
It hangs on desperately
Between dark and light
Between was and be
Between young and old
Between you and me
Between you and me

I remember cities
And I remember rain
Like the sound of your voice, falling
These memories and more remain
I remember winter
And I remember strain
Like the sound of your voice, breaking
These memories and more remain
I remember the nights
And I remember pain
Like the sound of your voice, alone
These memories and more remain

So where do we begin
And what else can we say?
When the lines are all drawn
What should we do today?

Close our eyes awhile
As morning shadows play
And listen to the rain
Wash the long night away
Face to face we’ll awake
To see another day
And with hope in our hearts
Embrace this shade of gray
This pleasant shade of gray

FW is a progressive metal band.  1997 APSOG(abbreviated for A Pleasant Shade Of Gray) LP is well produced and is the best FW recording since their 1991 “Parallel” album, strong and mixed with melodic rock instrumental, with no weak pointers.
Other recommendation for progressive metal is Dream Theater, Queensryche, Tool, Rush, Symphony X and Living Colour just to name a few out of the genre.

FW earliest production is similar to Iron Maiden and Queensryche in the mid 1980’s. FW’s strongest release to date is the 1987 “No Exit” LP.

Check  out APSOG  for you hard rock/power rock/progressive rock/metal fans.

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OMINENT MONDAY: The boogie-man revisited.

Just yesterday morning, in the twilight hours, was a return of shadow man there perched along aside the bedside as if in kneeling at my side looking at me…the entity
scared the wits that the feeling was malevolent.
Shadow man had a  shape of a mountain valley.
All I could hear was the vibrating sound of ‘humming’ like a sonar wave. The panic sensation prevented me from meditating(it was hard to concentrate due to this). A fear of itself manifesting in my head or a entity lurking upon me?
Jung mentioned that schizophrenia is similar to people inflicted with ASP (living in
a dream state–fear building up on fear).
Conesa said that ‘wrestling with ghosts’ and accepting the fear will make you befriend your ghost(self),allowing you to passage into lucid dreams. Early this week(it
was Monday morning,early) that I had a ASP episode of a negro woman
entering my bedroom uttering me to ‘wake up. “My goodness! You’re always
snoring’, she said to me, then a somatic feeling of this lady rubbing her hand firmly
along my leg as to wake me up.
I just couldn’t move, soon after, until I mentally projected my astral body out of my physical. I soon began to break free from sleep paralysis.
Aloof as I may come across, this was one truly one big freaking episode I had in such a long time with my encounter with boogie man. The negro woman? I believe she was boogey woogie man morphing into a less ominent threat.
Monday will go down as ominous. Bad things happened yesterday. Not to sound superstitious, but imagine it like when there is a dark cloud brewing, a thunderstorm strikes down after.
Just one positive note came out in all of what happened:
During last nights segment on COAST TO COAST AM, guest Paul Smith, a veteran remote viewer was speaking on remote viewing dowsing, that put me to asleep into la la land. I went into lucid dreaming. I woke up to find that I missed a good 3/4 of that segment.
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Was the Zodiac, the Sonoma Killer?


Between 1969 to 1974 an soon to become notorious serial killer stalked the San Francisco Bay Area with a reign of terror, dubbing himself ‘Zodiac’, killing 5, injuring 2. Zodiac in addition, written letters to newspapers, daring the ‘city pigs’ or ‘blue meanies'(as he phrased) to capture him if they can. Enclosed in the missives were strange ciphers-cryptic codes-messages that would reveal his identity. Messages in content by the boastful slayer , “Man is the most dangerous animal of all(to kill). ” Zodiac took great  pleasure in his game with police in a cat and mouse style.

Zodiac claimed to have murdered more victims than the tally of 5.


Up 55 miles north of the city by the Bay in the community of Santa Rosa, in the early 1970’s, in a  2-year span, bizarre things began to occur that left its residents with a maniacal spectre on their hands.  The bodies of several young females ranging from the ages 12 to 23 had been discovered from the North end to East end of town. These murders in the years to come was dubbed, “The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders.”

The Sonoma Killer was never identified.


Being an former resident of the Bay Area, when I first learned of the Zodiac during the mid-1980’s in my early teenage years and to learn of another serial stalking Santa Rosa, I might of thought Zodiac at that time he could of been the Santa Rosa killer likely to kill more than 40 young females in and around Santa Rosa. As I grew into my 20’s, a generated interested into the unsolved cases lead me to become an amateur true-crime researcher.

In the early part of the 1990’s in my early 20’s I took an personal trip from my home in Contra Costa County to the North Bay, in the least that I might gain myself in solving those murders.


As I drove up on Hwy 101 to where some of the sights of the bodies were found after days and months after they disappeared traveling along this highway.  The slayer likely knew 101 very well, caused me to believe he was a truck driver, perhaps an utility worker cruising up and down this same highway scoping for unsuspecting victims.

Reaching the north end of Santa Rosa, I turned off into the Mark West Springs Road.

1) – Theresa Walsh, the last of the known victims, was found in Mark West River. She was found by kyakers. Part of her flesh was intact with a submerged log.

2) – The fact Theresa was found after Christmas lead me to figure the notorious Zodiac was responsible. Zodiac operated around Christmas(in one case); knew the Winter Solstice just as knowing about the Equinox.

Driving down the stretch of Mark West Springs where I ended up at 2-sections: Where I was idling my car at Mark West, on my left was Franz Valley Road; straight up ahead – Porter Creek Road.

Mark West Springs, Franz Valley Road and Porter Creek Road all meet together.

I made an decision to take a left – Franz Valley – where at 2.5 miles upwards before entering Kellog, which is at the far end of FV School Road. 2.5 miles from the beginning of this not so well traveled road is where the skeletal remains of young Maureen Sterling and her friend , Yvonne Weber, were both found about 40 yards off the shoulder embankment.  Carolyn Nadine Davis, missing for an short time, also, like Sterling and Weber, was found no more than 2 feet from where they were spotted.

Along the windy, narrow Franz Valley I could not help to notice some houses along the way. Then I reached my destination where there was a blind curb where a killer stopped his vehicle then with taking precaution without been caught near the blind curb, tossed the bodies in mid-air, over an wire fence,  and they landed some 40 yards down below.  This area is wooded with brushing.  The killer must of had brute strength to have those bodies land down that distance from the pavement.

Unknown for reasons why this is called Devil’s Kitchen is not clarified. This area, too, overlooks Knights Valley.

Down below I could not also notice there was a creek further on.


Zodiac attacked his victims near and around bodies of water.


–Water Theory-


1) Dec 20,1968; Zodiac first Bay Area victims,  David Faraday and his girlfriend- Betty Lou Jensen, were both shot in a Lake Herman Road turnabout in Benicia. They were near a body of water – Lake Herman  Lake Herman Road.

2) July 4, 1969; At the Blue Rock Springs parking lot, east of Vallejo, Mike Mageau and Darlene Ferrin were shot multiple times by Zodiac. Blue Rock Springs.

3)Sept 27,1969; Couples Bryan Hartnell and his female companion Cecilia Sheppard were stabbed repeatedly by an “hooded” Zodiac at the shore of Lake  Berryessa in Napa County.

4)Oct 11,1969; Taxi driver Paul Stine was shot in the head by Zodiac at the corners of Washington Street and Cherry Street.


Darlene Ferrin, once was married to George Waters. 

All these victims were couples enjoying themselves at remote lover lanes areas; all victims were students; attacked at bodies of water, or roads and locations, streets named after the earth element -water.


–Water Theory–

The boastful Zodiac I initially asserted ‘changed his m.o.- modius operandi- from couples to hitchhikers. From guns, knives to rope/chord to bind, strangling victims(in SR).

In Robert Graysmith’s ZODIAC,  at the back section, ‘possible victims’ a list of names of some 40 females were to be alleged Zodiac victims. Oooh- most were beaten, tortured, broken, smothered, shot and strangled; they were found in ravines, creek beds, ditches, rivers/or streams as what happened in Santa Rosa. Those same victims were murdered on or around the beginning of Solstices and Equinoxes. It was during the phase of an full moon.

Victims, one cannot deny that stretches for nearly the upper portion of Northern California that goes on for “hundreds of miles”.  There are too many to list on here; just to name a few:


On  Sept 27,1974, runaway hitchhiker Donna Marie Braun, 14-years of age, found dead in the Salinas River in Monterey County.  Former FBI investigator Rick Lack, now Monterey County cold-case detective theorizes she became victim to 3 men who wanted her dead.

Over a year later, on Oct 14,1975, another hitchhiker, 15-year old Susan Lori Dye, found, stuffed under the HWY 101 overpass @ Dutch Creek Road in Sonoma County.  She, like some the Santa Rosa victims, was strangled.

Primed Zodiac suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen, an native of Sagittarius -a water sign-b. December 18, 1933 in Hawaii. A long time resident of Vallejo,CA, Allen working menial jobs,  had become the focus of the Zodiac Killer investigation after two acquaintances told police he allegedly told them during a fishing trip in Calaveras County that Allen told them he was going to call himself, The Zodiac, way before there was an Zodiac Killer. And that he was going to hunt victims with a flashlight attached to a gun, just a Zodiac told newspapers. Coincidence?


Here is something out of the pages from the book ZODIAC : 

During the course of the Franz Valley Road recovery site, crime scene investigators noticed Allen walking away from a crime scene down FVR. He said to them, “I walk down this road to go skin-diving.”

This is rather an uncanny incriminating statement from someone who was a prime suspect in the Zodiac murders. Furthermore, there is no place along FRV to go out for skin-diving. I’d say this story of how Allen was “allegedly” sighted may of been Graysmith’s ploy to convince the reader to accept this to be true, when it isn’t.  Graysmith, I learned over the years, was not only was terminated from his job as a cartoonist for the SF Chronicle for plagarism, but also used dramatic licensing in many factual errors in material for his book.


Arthur Leigh Allen lived near the geographical location near HWY 101. His trailer home located in Sunset Trailer Park is not very far from the Cotati on-ramp where Jeanette Kamahele was last seen alive on the morning of April 25,1972. She was noticed by a friend she was talking to a white-male, in early 20’s with ‘afrostyle’ hair along with two other men near a parked van. Was these men confederates in a crime with Allen? That is, if Allen was there as one of the other two males.

Allen also resided in his trailer not very far, too, were Weber and Sterling was last to be seen near Guerberville Road talking to somebody sitting in a VW bug. Allen did own an such an VW bug. Coincidence?

Did he know the two girls?

Was he after all the Sonoma Killer, after all?


He may of enticed them with live squirrels.  Hair fibers found on the corpse of Kim Wendy Allen indicated they were from squirrels indigenous to Northern California as I learned from this. Arthur Leigh Allen received an degree in biology, and legally granted to store them in his refrigerator for studying these species for scientific purpose, other than keeping live squirrels. Additionally, there were hairs of the same species, herein, found in his vehicle, the same type found on Kim. Coincidence?


So there was once  an Zodiac-Sonoma-Arthur Leigh Allen connection. And this theory is still open for speculation. The investigation remains unsolved. Public scrutiny for debate is strictly moot!

symbol at Franz Valley Road 1973..jpg

The two rectangular structure joined together via wooden sticks was theorized by Sonoma County detective, Ed “Butch” Carlsted to be an so-called witchcraft symbol that might reveal an esoteric belief the killer was accelerating the departed souls into the afterlife. Zodiac mentioned about his “collecting of slaves for afterlife.”




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Suspect Zero – the book – author implicates Zodiac and Santa Rosa Killer are one of the same.

Based loosely on the Zodiac Murders by using a fictional character named Byron Avion in character is a pseudonym for a real life person, Arthur Leigh Allen, a prime suspect in the murders that spanned from 1968 to 1969.

The author of this book, Suspect Zero,  Dr. Michael D. Kelleher manages to tie in the theory that both the Zodiac Killings and the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders were committed by one of the same person.

And that person is Avion. That is how this reader, and many, would come to think. Avion, an eccentric individual, just like Allen, is also a rather obsessed person with the Zodiac. He also has a white nylon chord  that he uses to wrap up boxes with.  Ooh – the same type of white nylon rope that is used to strangle the victims with, at least what Kelleher implicates to readers.

It gives me the notion Suspect Zero, on the other hand, is an elusive killer who can never be caught. The slayer known as Zodiac in reality broke his pattern and isn’t by definition not yet too repititive though he murdered 5 people, by that figure is a classic serial murderer. By killing 5 or more beings is classified a serial killer.

I read this book twice and found it be worth buying. No longer I have my copy – must of either sold it at a garage sale or donated it to the local thrift store – if I come across a used copy, I’ll definitely read it again and store in in my book case.

Keep in mind both the Zodiac Murders and the SRHM remains unsolved, remains officially an open investigation by law enforcement officers in San Francisco and Vallejo.


If you’re a true crime reader and into fictionalized mysteries genre I do recommend this book.

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In Memoriam of James Douglas Morrison.


“The devotion of the greatest is to encounter risk and danger, and play dice with death.”
               – Friedrich Nietzsche

Mirror Of A Sacred Totem

“The Lizard brings into your awareness your subconscious hopes and fears that through the light of day they can be acknowledged”
-Animal totem meaning on the lizard

Ancient tribal customs involved the choosing of a Dionysian “prince” from the male tribal members often named in honor of a particular totem(animal whose traits are held in high regards, i.e.-lizards ability to shed skin acquiring a new persona as it was) and this chosen in this case, the “Lizard King” was allowed pleasures he fancied for a period of time.

Celebration Of The Lizard King

Observing and making sense to The Doors official website and articles and books a journey I made into the world of James Douglas Morrison over a decade ago, fans studied writings of Jim Morrison had said, “Celebration Of The Lizard” to be a commemoration so to speak of a time when our souls were more ancient with the affairs of spirits and souls than a society plagued with plethora of wealth some 8,000 years ago.

A dionysian king, a medicine man – shamanism reborn from the past forged a connection between the tribe, the society, and dionysus on stage. This was performed on going a spiritual journey could heal the tribe. His invocation of this phrase, “I AM THE LIZARD KING” taken allegorically in terms of Morrison’s ultimate sacrifice of the American funeral pyre.

Here is an enigmatic musician, poet, philosopher, who contributed to society and asked nothing more in return; sacrificial of his spirit and soul, the late hero of dionysus on the sacred rock performances with ritualism, archetypal energy of rock n’ roll. Many don’t cling on to a clue it was bringing back the ancient ritual to our modern world.

James Douglas Morrison used LSD, peyote, psilosybin and other psychedelics with the self purposes to expand his mind. He consumed alcohol with excess; Jim viewed alcohol as more an adventure than a weakness. His favorite drink was Bushmills Irish Whiskey. He knew he was an excessive drunk and accepted this as though he had no other choice in the matter. To me he was destined to drink.

“I am not a musician. I’m a poet. And I’m Irish. The drug of Irish Poetry is alcohol.” He said more than once. Parallel with being a somewhat life with more than an iota of depression, Morrison saw himself as a drinking man in the image of Ernest Hemingway or F. Scott Fitzgerald. Yet he tried nearly every drug out there including heroin smack which is most definite a downward spiral for his end.

Jim once said about alcohol that made him feel dirty, “It’s so sociable and accessible, conventional. Besides, booze beats dope for me any day. Soul beats money and booze beats dope.”

I think he became fully disillusioned of everything he witnessed in L’America as a cesspool before he departed to Paris; he lived life to the fullest way too fast and became weary and tired he just wanted to escape from it all no matter the dangerous risks involved.

Morrison’s sacrifice, the mystic, intense dreamer insatiable thirst for life killed him and not really any lust for death.

Know when he means when Jim says, “I AM THE LIZARD KING. I CAN DO ANYTHING.”

The public eye, the perception of Jim is just that of a menacing rebellious drugged out, alcoholic. Only if they would care to listen to the interviews; read his poetry. For the sake of his intelligence is concerned, Jim Morrison’s IQ was around 149. He did foresee electronic machines inventions for audio cassettes would take over in a 1969 PBS Interview.

Pop Music should not be labeled for The Doors. They are a unique band that would be tested throughout time. Feel the opening of your human senses when Ray Manzereck’s dominance of the keyboard effects mirrors a uniquely carnivalesque blend with jazzy atmospheric music. The Doors tribute as seen here on this 2000 VH1 Performance. Take a ride into the rainy storm with Jim any day.

The Doors Tribute: Stoned Immaculate by The Days Of The New. 2000.

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”

“Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as ravens claws.”

-James Douglas Morrison
American Poet 1943-1971.

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Why should other “legalized” drugs be accepted, and not LSD?

Set back your sights and minds back to one of my earliest blog entries to Jan 2016, “Can we expand our journey into the deepest space of the mind?


https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1208/8188/products/st._albert_5cbc05a9-238d-41a5-a0f8-014e66ef5f68.jpg?v=1520351915 At Sandoz Labratory in Switzerland, Dr. Albert Hofmann who by accident discovered his ‘problem child’ -LSD – Lysergic acid diethylamide – in the 1930’s.

By now we all now, for years, that LSD, in general is illegal since the late 60’s and possession of this ‘illegal’ drug is about a serious offense as a felonious offense prosecuted and convicted in a state prison. How about if we open up a forum about why ‘acid’ should or should not be legal.

As an LSD advocate, there should be room for that to be brought back into the public for scientific therapeutic reasons, not to be used to just “getting high”, but if accepted by Congress as “legal”, LSD along besides as a spiritual tool for enlightenment, should be used under right guidance; taken ‘acid’ be administered to anybody using it responsible like applying for a drivers license, showing that you can do that-responsible-as the late Timothy Leary addressed his defense in Congress for that ‘Alice Dee” in his day. To sum it up, if alcohol, prozac, and chocolate as a drug itself be accepted by the masses, why not LSD.

From the erowid.org archives: A commentary on LSD

Use this entry as an repository for an open discussion forum. Feel free to comment.



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It was like a big Fire In The Sky….November 5, 1975. SNOW FLAKE, ARIZONA-

Apache legends past down in generations have told of evil spirits from the sky coming down on Slow Flake Mountain, Arizona abducting children taking them out to the skies. Fables as the westerners have put it. Many descrepancies of such alien entities may or could not have existed because of no evidence of anything concrete would of backed up claims by those who have been convinced they themselves were abducted by green monsters in space suits then placed on flying saucers or known as UFO’s, where abductees describe as being placed through endless moments of experiments on bodies performed by these green entities from places unknown. An remarkable concept, even if alien abductions are a myth fabricated within the human imagination; who’s to say what is  “incredulous lies”. What happened on the early evening hours of November 5,1975 at Turkeys Springs,a forest mountain site at southern Arizona may of well been a real case of human abduction.

Under contract with the United States government, Mike Rodgers-headboss- of a small work force,whose responsibilities on the job was to thin out- clear out trees and bushes in Turkey Springs,as part of a contract from the US dept of Forest Service. Lacking the shortage of time of this contract to be completed,Walters had been unfortunate under pressure to have his crew in completing daily tasks,as they were behind schedule. Rodgers and his team were working long shift hours in order to complete this lucrative contract,from the early morning hours of 6:00 A.M. to the dusk hours,per day. For the past nine seasons,Mike been under contract with the Forest Service for various duties,and now he was facing a personal problem other than his job–he was facing foreclosure because he could not afford to pay off the rest of his home after granted a mortgage loan.
He had befriended a Travis Walton and became close friends with each other and was also co-workers. Dana Rodgers-Mike’s sister was dating Travis;both had considered in getting married in the near future. The other work crew were: Ken Peterson, John Goulette, Steve Pierce, Allen Dallis and Dwayne Smith,whom all were also from Snow Flake,Arizona. On the early morning of November 5th,all were at work at Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest with chainsaws to trim down the forest trees and clear brushing them for the wet season. A minor problem abruptly between Allan Dallis and Travis Walton-a near fight had ensued between the two. Dallis had this reputed ill temper with everyone he had come to work with; he was the only person under employment with a rather minor criminal record. The last thing for Mike Rodgers was to have his best worker,Dallis,removed because of the contract was not completed and needed to be met by the deadline.
Just past the six p.m. hour,everyone in the work shift loaded up the chainsaws and gas and oil cans in the back of the ’65 IH truck Mike Rodgers had driven to and from work on daily basis. Ten minutes later at 6:10,Travis Walton had seen a light coming between the treelines on the ridge at about 100 yards ahead. Walton had also assumed it was the sun perching down on the West. But to him the sun already settled about a half an hour before.  Allen too had seen this radiant gleam of red light on the skies horizon.

What all they could see was a big eye hovering above the Apache evergreen forest above them. It was a sight of awe to witness at first hand experience. John had exclaimed to Mike, “Stop the Truck!” The truck skidded to a near halt. “My God!’ Allen said with conviction “It’s a flying saucer!” Indeed it was, and Mike shut off the truck’s engine. In a more than curious glance at the craft in the sky,Walton walked up in urgency closest at range. He was afraid the flying object would soar away from him and he would miss the  one big  opportunity of a lifetime to see the saucer with great awe.
The rest of his crew yelled out to him, “Travis! What the hell are you doing?!”, as to have him heed the warning, thinking he would of gotten himself injured in the process of sightseeing the hovercraft with him at being at a very close distance.
After briefly looking away at the floating huge saucer, Travis was overpowered with a thunderous jolt of propellant energy from this hovercraft as his body became stiff with numbness. A beam bouncing off the craft, essentially paralyzed him, and sucking him upwards in mid-air suspension and blasted his torso back to the ground below. Again, the beam blasted out a force of energy propelling his upper body in suspension…
Mike in fright along with the rest of the crew, afraid of being the next ones to be zapped by this hovercraft, hopped back in the truck and speed off without hesitation. “Is it following us?” Mike asked. He was afraid the saucer had begun to pursue them. Just then,after realizing the craft wasn’t in fact chasing the truck,he slammed the trucks gears in reverse. Somebody in the truck suggested to Mike “Hey,we better go back!” Instead, Rodgers had this idea to build a campfire for anyone who didn’t want to go back can stay here in the clearing while the others would accompany Mike to the area where Travis had been zapped up by the blue light of beams of the aircraft. In further protesting who would stay and would go back ended. As they all headed to the location where Travis was suspended in mid-air,there was no sight of him. With a flashlight ,the men began a immediate search for Travis Walton as they would repeatedly yell “Travis!..TRAVIS!” in the isolated evergreen forest. Nada. Nothing of a trace of their friend could be found. They would all have to report to the local authorities about this bizarre incident. Travis Walton of Snow Flake was now missing.
In a tremendous ounce by ounce of pain and his teeth rattling Travis Walton moaned after regaining consciousness. Just then he recalled what happened last to him at the forest with the sight of the hovering flying saucer ‘Where in hell am I? . . . Oh my God — the hospital! They brought me here to the hospital! he thought.’ His mouth was perched with a metallic taste in his tongue as he felt dehydrated; he was in need for a quench of fluids. Suddenly, Travis felt a heavy pressure upon his chest. It was a grey device curved around his body, removing his clothing only to expose his bare chest and shoulders. Unable to see anything clearly,he saw what to be appeared as blurry doctors leaning over him,as they dressed in white masks and caps,along with orange color surgical gowns. When his vision had become cleared,Travis no longer realized he was at a hospital. He was looking directly at the faces of such non human creatures. ” It looked steadily back at me with huge, luminous brown eyes the size of quarters” Travis recalled.

Following is an account told by Travis himself. Text borrowed from book.



With the gray device which was used by these entities,Travis began to strike at these creatures with it knocking one into the other. “Keep back, da*n you!”
His back against the wall behind him,Travis Walton was pinned in a corner with the entities closing in on him. In vivid description he said of them:
“They were a little under five feet in height. They had a basic humanoid form: two legs, two arms, hands with five digits each, and a head with the normal human arrangement of features. But beyond the outline, any similarity to humans was terrifyingly absent.
Their thin bones were covered with white, marshmellowy- looking flesh. They had on single-piece coverall-type suits made of soft, swedelike material, orangish brown in color. I could not see any grain in the material, such as cloth has. In fact, their clothes did not appear even to have any seams. I saw no buttons, zippers, or snaps. They wore no belts. The loose billowy garments were gathered at the wrists and perhaps the ankles. They didn’t have any kind of raised collar at the neck. They wore simple pinkish tan footwear. I could not make out the details of their shoes, but they had very small feet, about a size four by our measure.
When they extended their hands toward me, I noticed they had no fingernails. Their hands were small, delicate, without hair. Their thin round fingers looked soft and unwrinkled. Their smooth skin was so pale that it looked chalky, like ivory.
Their bald heads were disproportionately large for their puny bodies. They had bulging, oversized craniums, a small jaw structure, and an underdeveloped appearance to their features that was almost infantile. Their thin-lipped mouths were narrow; I never saw them open. Lying close to their heads on either side were tiny crinkled lobes of ears. Their miniature rounded noses had small oval nostrils.
The only facial feature that didn’t appear underdeveloped were those incredible eyes! Those glistening orbs had brown irises twice the size of those of a normal human eye’s, nearly an inch in diameter! The iris was so large that even parts of the pupils were hidden by the lids, giving the eyes a certain catlike appearance. There was very little of the white part of the eye showing. They had no lashes and no eyebrows.”
Shortly after,he saw them depart from the room through a open door. He waited a while to exit that door also,due to being thought of a ambush of these entities. After heading out the doorway he seen instruments,possibly for human experimentations by these creatures,that looked chrome like objects that something used a doctors office or a science labratory. Outside the doorway,he then saw a curving hallway which he thought to be a easy way out of this room. Inside he saw this high-backed chair with its back facing towards his sight. He may of though somebody or something was behind the other side of it. Nobody was in the room besides Travis Walton. What follows by his own account is this:
“Glancing apprehensively toward the open door, I slowly went toward the chair. As I gradually approached it, a very curious thing began to happen. The closer I got to it, the darker the room became! Small points of light became visible on, or through, the walls, even the floor. I stepped back and the effect diminished. I stepped forward and it increased again, the points of light becoming brighter in contrast to the darkening background. It was like the stars coming into view in the evening, only very much faster. The matte gray of the metal wall just faded out to be replaced by the glinting, speckled deep-black of space.
I looked at the controls on the chair. On the left arm, there was a single short thick lever with an oddly shaped molded handle atop some dark brown material. On the right arm, there was an illuminated, lime-green screen about five inches square with a lot of black lines on it that intersected each other at all angles. Under that, a square of approximately twenty-five colored buttons arranged in about five vertical rows with one color for each row. I looked for symbols or written words and found none.
The experiment I was considering was risky, but I was desperate. Maybe one of those buttons would open a door or something. On impulse, I went ahead and pushed one of the green buttons. I looked around the room and listened carefully — nothing happened. When I pushed the button, I noticed that the lines on the screen had moved. I recklessly pushed another green one. The lines rapidly changed angles, slid down each other, then stopped. I pushed some of the other colored buttons. Nothing happened. Nothing moved and no sound could be heard.
Trembling, I sat down on the hard surface of the chair. I put my hand onto the molded T-grip of the lever. The handle was slightly small for my hand. The whole chair seemed a little too small. I rotated the handle of the lever forward, feeling the slow, fluid resistance of it. I felt suddenly disoriented as the stars began moving downward in front of me, in unison. Quickly I pulled my hand off the lever, which returned to its original vertical position. The stars stopped moving, but remained where they were when I released the lever.
If this thing is flying, I could crash it or throw it off course and get lost or something! I resolved not to tamper with those controls anymore. I might escalate a desperate situation into a fatal disaster.
I got out of the chair and walked to the edge of the room. As I did, the stars faded out and the surfaces of the wall, ceiling, and floor came into sight. I moved over to one of the rectangles resembling closed doors. I searched the edges for a sign of a switch or an opening mechanism. Seeing none, I put my eye to the crack; I could not see any light. I looked around for some kind of symbol or writing that would help me figure out where I was or how to get out of there. None.
I walked back to the chair and stood beside it, looking at the buttons. I was thinking about pushing some of them, when I heard a faint sound. I whirled around and looked at the door. There, standing in the open doorway, was a human being!
I stood frozen to the spot. He was a man about six feet two inches tall. His helmeted head barely cleared the doorway. He was extremely muscular and evenly proportioned. He appeared to weigh about two hundred pounds. He wore a tight-fitting bright blue suit of soft material like velour. His feet were covered with black boots, a black band or belt wrapped around his middle. He carried no tools or weapons on his belt or in his hands; no insignia marked his clothing.
I ran up to him, exclaiming, babbling all sorts of questions. The man remained silent throughout my verbal barrage. I was worried by his silence. He took me firmly but gently by the arm and gestured for me to go with him. He led me out of that room and hurried me down the narrow hallway, pulling me along behind him due to its narrowness.
He stopped in front of a closed doorway that slid open, into the wall. I did not see what caused it to open. The door opened into a bare room so small it was more like a foyer or section of hallway. The door slid shut quickly and silently behind us. Again I attempted to talk to the man as we stood there. No answer.
We spent approximately two minutes in the metal cubicle, no more than seven by five by twelve feet. Then a doorway, the same size as the other door and directly opposite it, slid open.The brilliant warm light that came through the opening door into the airlock-like room was almost like daylight in color and brightness. Fresh, cool air wafted in, reminding me of springtime in the out-of-doors, making me realize just how dark and stifling that place had been. What relief that fresh air was! The air moved around me in a softly fluctuating current. I stood and inhaled deeply the clean, cool breeze. The last tinges of the ache in my head and chest almost completely disappeared. I had nearly forgotten the discomfort that had been with me constantly since I had regained consciousness. I decended a short, steep ramp seven or eight feet to the floor. I looked around to discover that, although I was outside that dim, humid craft, I was not out-of-doors. I was in a huge room. The ceiling was sectioned into alternating rectangles of dark metal and those that gave off light. The ceiling itself curved down to form one of the larger walls in the room. The room was shaped like one-quarter of a cylinder laid on its side.
The outside of the craft we had just left was shaped like the one we had seen in the woods, but was very much larger, about sixty feet in diameter and sixteen feet high. It did not emit light; instead it had a surface of shiny brushed-metal luster. It seemed to radiate a faint heat from its hull. The craft either sat flat on its bottom or, if it had legs, they were only a few inches high. It sat nearly in the middle of the large room.
On my left, toward one end of the large room, there were two or three oval-shaped saucers, reflecting light like highly polished chrome. I could see two of them very clearly, and a silvery reflection that could have been another shiny, rounded craft. They were about forty or forty-five feet in diameter, quite a bit smaller than the angular vehicle I had just come out of. I saw no projections or breaks in the smooth, shiny, flattened spheres. They sat on very rounded bottoms and I could not see how they balanced that way.
The man escorted me across the open floor to a door that opened silently and quickly from the middle outward. We were in a hallway about six feet wide, illuminated from the eight-foot-high ceiling, which was one long panel of softly diffused light. The hallway was straight and perhaps eighty feet long. Closed double doors were distributed along the corridor.
At the end of the hallway, another pair of double doors. I watched closely this time. I did not see him touch anything, but again the doors slid silently back from the middle. We entered a white room approximately fifteen feet square, with another eight-foot-high ceiling. The room had a table and a chair in it. But my interest was immediately focused on the three other humans!
Two men and a woman were standing around the table. They were all wearing velvety blue uniforms like the first man’s, except that they had no helmets. The two men had the same muscularity and the same masculine good looks as the first man. The woman also had a face and figure that was the epitome of her gender. They were smooth-skinned and blemishless. No moles, freckles, wrinkles, or scars marked their skin. The striking good looks of the man I had first met became more obvious on seeing them all together. They shared a family-like resemblance, although they were not identical.
Would somebody please tell me where I am?” I implored. I was still utterly shaken from my encounter with those awful creatures. “What in hell is going on? What is this place?” They didn’t answer me. They only looked at me, though not unkindly. One man and the woman came around the table, approaching me. Silently they each took me by an arm and led me toward the table. I didn’t know why I should cooperate with them. They wouldn’t even tell me anything. But I was in no position to argue, so I went along at first.
They lifted me easily onto the edge of the table. I became wary and started protesting. “Wait a minute. Just tell me what you are going to do!”
I began to resist them, but all three began pushing me gently backward down onto the table. I looked up at the ceiling, covered with panels of softly glowing white light with a faint blue cast.
I saw that the woman suddenly had an object in her hand from out of nowhere — it looked like one of those clear, soft plastic oxygen masks, only there were no tubes connected to it. The only thing attached to it was a small black golfball-sized sphere.She pressed the mask down over my mouth and nose. I started to reach up to pull it away. Before I could complete the motion, I rapidly became weak. Everything started turning gray. Then there was nothing at all but black oblivion.”

No longer was Travis Walton inside the belly of the mysterious hovercraft. He regained consconsious finding himself fully clothed on the cold pavement west of Herber, Arizona. As he looked up at the dark sky seeing a white light turned off. But as Travis Walton puts it in context “Either a light had been turned off or a hatch had closed, cutting off the light from inside. I only caught a glimpse as I raised my head; I could not be sure which it was.” Then he continues to state in his book-”
Then I saw the mirrored outline of a rounded, silvery disc hovering four feet above the paved surface of the road. It must have been about forty feet in diameter because it extended several feet off the left side of the road. It was too large for the highway and it extended past the roadside to my left to clear a cutaway rock embankment on the other side of the highway. It appeared to be about fourteen feet high in the center.
For an instant it floated silently above the road, a dozen yards away. I could see the night sky, the surrounding trees, and the highway center line reflected in the curving mirror of its hull. I noticed a faint warmth radiating onto my face. Then, abruptly, it shot vertically into the sky, creating a strong breeze that stirred the nearby pine boughs and rustled the dry oak leaves that lay in the dry grass beside the road. It gave off no light; and it was almost instantly lost from sight.”
Next,Travis Walton ran down the lonely stretch of highway to the nearby town of Heber. Stopping at the front of a building across the street from a Union 76 gas station,where upon he was knocking at the front door in attempts to have the occupients inside to open. He then ran down further down the highway where he stumbled across a set of telephone booths at a Exxon gas station. Travis called up the operator; no coin was required to call up a operator in this part of the country. When the operator asked Walton what number he was reaching for,he said the phone number to his sisters house,because she was the only nearby relative with a phone.
It was 12:05 A.M when the call was answered. Instead of expecting to talk to his sister,Grant,brother-in-law to Travis Walton. In such a state of mind,he tried to remember everything that happened to him since his encounter with the airborne hovercraft on November 5th. He said They brought me back!” Then I babbled, “I’m out here in Heber, please get somebody to come and get me!” My hand shook as I held the cold receiver. Thinking of a crank-caller,Grant replied “Uh, I think you have the wrong number” then almost hung up on the receiver when Travis broke out in hysteria:

“Wait! It’s me, Travis!”
“Where are you?”
“I’m at the Heber Exxon station.”
“Okay,” Grant replied, almost apologetically, yet still cautious of a prank. “Stay right there. I’ll come and get you. Just hang on.”
Driving down three miles from his home in Taylor to Snowflake,Grant went to pick up Duane, brother of Travis Walton telling him about the phone call he got from somebody to be claiming to be Travis Walton. Taking no risks in not investigating, both Grant and Duane went over to Exxon. Upon arriving, doubts were cleared and did find Travis at the phone booth where he told them what the best to his account on the spaceship, in minor detail because he at that time couldn’t tell every specific detail. Travis did say about the eyes of the creatures aboard the craft “but those eyes, those horrible eyes! They just kept looking at me!”
While the time Travis Walton had been missing,an criminal investigation inquiry was being established by a state investigator looking into the motive foul play. Suspicion had been summed as a homicide pending because of a physical altercation between Travis Walton and Allan Dallis. It was thought Dallis had murdered Walton, and that  Mike Rodgers with the other forest crew members helped as accomplices after the fact in concealing the body. Another theory surfaced that both friends Travis and Mike Rodgers had plotted a scheme to help Mike void his contract with the Forest Service. Thirteen polygraph tests were conducted in this case,including nine individuals,the seven primary participants including the mother of Travis Walton and his brother. Out of those thirteen,only 11 passed,one -Dallis in his original test-was inconclusive,and one-the first test conducted on Travis Walton-failed. Questioning of an actual polygraph test does provide whether the validity or the alterations of the measures of physiological state of its subject due to the controversy of lie detection under circumstances,i.e.-“beating out the polygraph” and “do they all work?”
In 1993 Cy Gilson,polygraph examiner for the state of Arizona, who also conducted the 1975 tests on all subjects related to the Travis Walton case, retested all three key participants-Mike Rodgers,Allan Dalis,and Travis Walton himself,in a state-of-the art modern CQT -Control Question Test. All three passed with flying colors. These tests were conducted while in preparation for the movie, “FIRE IN THE SKY”-a film based on the events of the Travis Walton case. The film was made by the production of Paramount Pictures in associate with both the USA Network and The Sci-Fi Network channel. In the two years following his strange story of alien abduction,Travis Walton published his book “THE WALTON EXPERIENCE” in 1977-a book on his experience, since has been out-of-print and is very rare to find. A doubtful investigator Jerry Black reopened a personal inquiry into the case of Travis Walton where he conducted interviews with people who were involved in the original 1975 investigation.
What actually did happen to Travis Walton on the evening of November 5, 1975 at Snow Flake Mountain,Arizona?
The last 20 mins of the film FIRE IN THE SKY we see Travis Walton awakening on a spacecraft inside a plastic substance bubble and trying to explore his whereabouts until he discovers a space suit and is caught by surprise by a alien. Then he  is captured by a pair of entities, thrown upon a table where he is strapped down with a cocoon wax-like sheet,where from there on Travis is tortured with implements of various experiments. As soon as he remembers anything else, Travis Walton actually regains consciousness in a doctors office unsure of why he is there. He was under hypnosis regression.

It is a fact -Travis Walton was never harmed by his abductors nor was he volunteered for regressive hypnosis. Travis when asked if he did recall his incident under regressive hypnosis answered, “The hypnosis did help me verbalize my experience in greater detail, without being overwhelmed by anxiety, but did not help me regain any lost memories.” Travis Walton felt he was gone for a whole day during his abduction soon noticed he had grown a beard when he was found at Heber during his entire episode. What cannot be denied is ,Travis Walton was missing for a total of five days.

It was missing time.

Just like other reported UFO incidences, the case of Travis Walton remains another human abduction story in the hall of fame mystery.




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Ultraterrestial Astral Abduction – Dreams & Consciousness.

This is going to be long…

One April evening in 2001  I had one  episode of hypnogogic sleep paralysis by far as the weirdest. Or was it? For nearly one month I had been down with a bad case of sinusitis  with muscle aches that began from a infected sinus cavity that nearly impaired my vision and felt the pressure running through my upper body,yet was able to perform minimal physical activities which was part of my daily routine. I am no slouch potato. Easter Sunday was around the corner within a few days and here I was down with this ailment since the end of the previous month,getting anxious to gain my strength back so that I can feel the way I usually do.
Unable to sleep because of the pressure around my sinus cavity,I had taken a antibiotic tablet with a cup of hot tea blended with a sliced lemon to coat the flavor. Within the next half an hour drowsiness settled in like a intoxicated drink induced from the ingredients from echinacea tea. In spite of leaving the window blinds open deep sleep was induced. The illumination reflected off the window was exposed off the entertainment center and the rug underneath leaving that portion of the bedroom exposed to. Everything else was dark. Sleep was suddenly interrupted by a loud ringing. Eyes had open partly and the feeling of numbness had taken over. The kind of exhaustion feeling. The eyelids were slowly shutting. Another loud ring but expecting not to get out of bed. Perhaps it was the sounds of telephone rings, if it was the answering machine was on that prevented me to respond to pick up the receiver. Eyelids were now closing. A heavy thump echoed off the outside stucco. Perhaps it was one of my neighbors cat trying to pry its way under the crawlspace below.
The illumination of the moonlight did not disturb anything which caused me to cringe in fear. My bed was across the room facing another window with darkness in that direction when this silhouette of a strange looking shape shadowed the window where the moonlight was reflecting off. It’s shape was oval about the size of a human head. A hallucination? I was too tired to shake myself into complete awakening. Just barely a minute had passed when drifting off to sleep ,then awakening to find the silhouette of the same object came into view giving now a shape of a semi-body shaped human. Three other exact shaped figures approached in the same way their predecessor came in. Sleep Paralysis overcame me. It wasn’t the feeling of fear that produced it because I wasn’t in that state. I was semi-conscious. I uttered, no sound escaped my vocal chords to see if I was hallucinating or perhaps locked in a dream, yet couldn’t wake up.
A heavy pressure came crushing down my chest like someone was sitting upon it grinding their knuckles deep to penetrate the chest cavity. This felt like when you have done several sets of bench presses at the gym when the pectoral muscles feel like lead after a while. What I remembered vividly next was the room went from darkness into a tinted red color like I was able to see what was in view,just like looking around in the dark wearing night optical devices or night vision goggles, except the color in viewing wasn’t green. It was all tinted red. Earlier so that I can sleep easier I had placed a small beanie pillow under my neck so that when I slept my head was elevated with a normal pillow underneath that. My head was slightly arched slightly I estimated about 50 degrees in a angle. Still the heaviness was great that what I was experiencing was a sleep paralysis attack. My body was in a brief catatonic state as this is not uncommon in narcoleptics. No phantom could I see perching upon my chest but a unfamiliar body structure from three uncanny visitors.
They must of weighed more than a skeleton looking very death like, something that reminded me of the Holocaust victims ready to be executed inhumanly by the Nazis. Just reduced down to the bone, as I saw all three of them doing moving around the bedroom glancing at the television. As the monitor turned on, the screen was the only different color from the existing tinted red color. The monitor had flickered into a neon green. The same color of a computer monitor in the on mode. A crown made of aluminum had been snugged around my brow, when this static shock ran through my entire head followed by a powerful ache of electricity jolted and my eyes were rolled back. Another jolt  came down in  a violent wave, rubbing against the pectoral muscles. The next thing I saw was the t.v. monitor displaying a graph of brain waves.

They were brain scanning!
Moving from the television these three frail looking bodies with oval shaped heads were approaching me. One had circled around the headrest behind me while two in front. One on the left and the other on the right came into full view. They did not look human. The odd looking eyes were perching down on me. It had no pupils just dark as black olives. The shape of their very eyes were slanted but were abnormal looking. With the tinted color in sight I could make out the odd shaped noses that resembled wide nostrils but that as of native tribesmen of the Cameroon people. So small the lips were. It was so thin that it was hard for me to wonder what they ate or kissed. The creature behind me held my head firm as his fellow specie with such wide hands with webbing of the platypus had morphed into eerie long fingers had a syringe needle coming down going for the mouth. Both the creatures behind me and the one that was knelt upon near my shoulders with force pried my mouth open. The texture of their hands felt like sandpaper like they were going to sand the entire texture of my face but instead with the fellow with the needle successfully probed the syringe deep into the flesh of my inner cheek. The pain was so intense. Perhaps they didn’t feel as we do.
The thud of knocking of the bedroom door in audio I could hear. Had I awaken somebody in the house in attempts to call for help? I couldn’t utter out a word.


Another visitor had come in approaching from the left behind the one who jabbed me with the needle. A deep realm of darkness fell after another probe was punctured under my occipital bone. Perhaps these merciless creatures were draining out my cerebral fluid in gains of understanding us humans of this planet. My face was being sunk in. Total darkness while everything felt like being drifted away from me. Then my face was bloated with feelings of puffiness. I made strenuous  efforts of  movements when I could not during this entire time to break off from a sleep paralysis attack.
Approaching the window where they had entered, one after the other they vanished. The last of them before exiting turned towards my direction waving a goodbye gesture. I felt like gagging as I now budged to make physical movements in success. No longer was I paralyzed. The colors of tinted red morphed back into the darkness with the radiant moon reflecting off the window. Everything now was back in true perspective as it truly should be infinite. I felt like I was going to vomit, perhaps like I had been dehydrated or coming down with the flu but inhaled in the air deeply to calm my muscles and exhaling to gain composure. I had turned on the lamp next to me that I had usually placed near the bed sitting on a desk. Instinctively,I had turned the attention towards the window. The  venetian blinds  pulled upwards like somebody had drawn it  open. What I saw missing around the window pane was the screen. It went missing?
It mysteriously had been been knocked down towards the carport nearby. But how could this happen? A object doesn’t move on its own. Going outside I had found the aluminum screen on the ground and placed it back in its original location inside the pane. I had started to loose my head as it felt like I was going crazy. Not even nightmares had caused so much stress. About an hour with the lamp still on,I had fallen asleep. A scuffing of the bedroom carpet awoken me. What I saw when my eyelids were open were two species nearly resembling the visitors earlier on,but these newcomers were dressed in silver metallic space suits with a glass bowl fixed over their heads and one eye centered in the middle of each brow. The eyes were not like it’s counter-parts but rather a huge shaped eyes of a human except it was the size of two human fists. I took notice that their  tongues were swollen, as it was pushed outwards,  laughing at me, simultaneously.

Laughs that were deafening that I had to place both of my hands over my ears to muffle the sounds. The laughs sounded like demons in alienated tongues differ from ours like a multitude of these species were dwelling within. I shook my head to fight off this. When the noises stopped I looked up towards the direction they once stood and saw nothing or heard anything in auditory. Nada. Then in gustatory hallucination I could smell the sweetness of jasmine flowers…….


What I came to conclude this was something of astral abduction, the clairadience attached  rather than a audio hallucination bout in a bizarre form of sleep paralysis.

During an question and answer session years after, I was asked:

1. Do you reckon how tall (height) of the aliens? (They were aliens, positive, in case you are still wondering.)
A: I estimated they were about a good 5’10 inches in height.

2. After the incident, did you have any physical scares on you? Like the signs of syringe, or any part of your physical body was opened or any trace of operational scares?

A: I had a headache and did have a slight ooze of gum bleeding I didn’t mention. No traces or scaring noticed afterwards.

In addition I gave a final summary statement(now open to read by the public for the very first time):

3.) After you went through how to you feel now, in brief?

A: I would like nothing better than to hack off their bodies. The second episode of these aliens took place two days later on. it started with a foul stench of rotten poultry. a cup of  echinacea tea put myself at ease while recovering from a sinus infection. asleep i went only to open my eyes and saw the aliens once again facing down at me. one of these aliens was just almost close to my face that i attempted to scream. its dark mysterious black olive eyes met within a fraction of inches of my right peripheral view. i swore that i almost had a heart attack. a rub on my private part from a moist hand of another alien caused me to peak in extacy (sp)then i felt a burst of myself being released. oh my god, i exclaimed in my head. help me and there was nothing i could do. i’ve been molested by these creatures. i even saw a vial of what had to be my bodily fluid as one of them held it up to my face within a few feet; the one who was near my right front of my face held me down and with a different vial poured out a waxy substance over my eyes. the white milky substance was poured into my pupil. whatever it was burned my eyes and felt a strong choke hold under my chin to pin me down so i wouldn’t scream and to escape. I could see a pitch darkness that blindness took over for a few short minutes. it was hard for me to breath ,I  nearly passed out, then i was sucking up a cold stream of air as i felt a oxygen tube being inserted into my mouth, at least it helped me breath. when i awoke nobody was there only to hear chainsaws from a tree cutting service across the street. for the next couple of days, I went into vertigo, felt emotionally sick that everybody who knew me wanted to know if i was over my head cold. i told them i was getting better. but not about the aliens. my groin felt hurt for a while, that when i took a leak it burned,but not to intense, but none the less hurt. i lost a lot about 15 pounds in a few weeks after this happened. it almost ended my life when i was desperate to end it all by my hunting rifle, but found the courage in a few days to address this to a priest. i told him about the aliens. his response was that it was probably the devil that never sleeps and was likely playing around my head. what did he really know about alien sightings during sleep paralysis. he had never known about sleep paralysis effects. but i do know what i experienced. if these guys ever came back for me again,i would have a heart attack. they never came back. they had enough of me.


Do I now, believe in other worlds; aliens, and such?  Like hey! What the heck?

I accept God as my creator and through his son Jesus the Christ as my savior. Scientists cannot make a comparable explanation to prove God’s existence. They have always doubted it. Why start now. Faith in the almighty creator is within the eyes of those who believe. You know. As for these aliens..I am not exactly sure of them, except I had a bad experience with them.  I know of an omniprescent God full of knowing everything from the Alpha to the Omega, and other worlds out there, aliens beyond our reach. Before 1986, no aliens ever existed according to me. With my first bout with sleep paralysis back then, it became clear to me that there are more than meets the (human) eye.


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Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders on Morbidology Podcast.

Holy Toledo! It has been quite sometime since I haven’t posted up on here on the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders.

Interesting find, just found this on the net this past week. This blogger did enjoy it. A lot of heart-breaking emotions swelled around me for such a tragic case involving several young woman who disappeared while hitchhiking in Santa Rosa, ending up murdered by an elusive serial killer dubbed, ‘The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murderer’.  Listen to the entire segment on the following link provided below:


There are probably more victims unaccounted for. Kamahele, Jeanette was never seen alive again since April 1972. Skeletal remains of Sonoma Jane Doe found in 1979 is still unsolved as the others. Let justice be done for them all.

So Sad, So Young. They will never be missed!


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Bee sting in a dream I had last night.

Introduction: Image result for Dreams and Nightmares wallpaper

I will feature blog entries about Dreams and Nightmares in the weeks to come. So watch out for it! On I go….

Image result for bees in dream stingingImage result for bees in dream

Feared for their sting, bees are one of natures industrious workers. Dream researchers have said about being stung by these hairy creatures indicate the dream with a bee stinging that person, “you’ve been felt, subconsciously, wronged in life.”

Swarm of bees in the subconscious state of REM dream indicate good fortune since they are very industrious, and that the dreamer is in due for good luck – hard work pays off- according to researchers.

This past evening, or in the latter part of the twilight hours prior to waking up, the dream I had, was I was in a orchard picking almonds when I heard a buzzing sound. Then out of the blue, a bee landed on my hand. I stung me, twice. Not once, but twice.

Does this mean I felt betrayed or wronged in this life?

I don’t believe I have been wronged recently!

Only explanation about the fury critter stinging me, is that my  subconscious tells me that I have been literally have this strange obsession over bees. Productive as they are, bees have value in my life.

“The Swarm”, the film when it came out in 1978, I did have engrossed dreams about killer bees stinging me and the entire town of where I once resided, then. Like an apocalyptic doomsday disaster, if you will!

In cultures around the world, bees indicate various meanings in dreams.

Question: Did any of you have share the dream I had about being stung by a bee or a swarm of bees?  If you did, please share yours with me. I would like to find out your interpretation of bees is.




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Wasn’t worth the hype over “The Irishman.”

A thing or two about the dreary film “The Irishman”-

There were a lot of holes in this gangster aged film, about Frank Sheeran, hitman for the syndicate. A huge connection, mafia contracted a hit on President Kennedy, leaves a question, in general, with the holes to fill in with mob runner Jack Ruby. Yes, there is assertion that organized crime teamed up with the CIA to get Castro, then backfired..on Camelot. It was Kennedy, whom many believed to put out a contract on Castro, and this plot failed. The tides turned on him; the mafia felt double-crossed by Camelot, then you know the rest of the story behind the Kennedy-Castro-Mafia connection.

Sheeran “claimed” to have killed Teamster leader, Jimmy Hoffa.

3 hrs, 30 mins? C’mon, now!

With the last dreary themes on age old death, inevitable, in the least. Martin Scorcese could of cut down around 40 mins. Story fabricated, was not worth the hype!


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Trials and Tribulations: Upcoming “Passion Of The Christ 2” leaves Hollywood dumping actor Jim Caviezel.


Caviezel who is due to star in the anticipated sequel to The Passion  Of The Christ, was pounced on by Hollywood due to his outspoken faith and the fact he expressed in not doing a nude scene in one of his earlier films. This left the public, many who would rather see him swearing, in sexuality,  betraying his Catholic faith, in Hollywood asserting, “what is wrong with James Caviezel?”

Yes, a smear campaign to drop another God-loving celebrity, other than Kirk Cameron, from cinema. Cameron preaches his biblical series, “The Way Of The Master”, after leaving the Left Behind films.

All I can say about this, Hollywood no longer needs to have inspiration flicks such as Ben-Hur, The Apostle, The Count of Monte Cristo( ” I don’t believe in God” and the reply was,”Doesn’t matter, God believes in you”), Quo Vadis and the such.

The film industry is operated by The Dept of Defense/Pentagon–if any film producer dares to make an religious film with a lot of facts into it, the film(s) gets less funding. James Caviezel, nothing wrong about his stance on not being with the secularized fitting in with the crowd. He wants to express his faith, that is great, and should be tolerated, if not agreed on. I thought he did a good job in Deja Vu, spectacular performance in The Passion.

What a shame. A great actor scrutinized by the Hollywood elite on the basis for sharing his faith.

I am about to loose my movie freak status in the industry filled with rapists and pedophiles.


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Conscience and Morale: Vowing revenge for country, the actions and consequences questioned.

https://www.pastposters.com/cw3/assets/product_full/R/munich-cinema-quad-movie-poster-(2).jpg   https://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/120727102951-munich-massacre-tease-story-top.jpg

After 11 Israeli athletes are murdered by Palestinians during the 1972 Olympics in Munich, German, a Israeli hitsquad are put together to avenge the deaths, most of all, for Israel. There was a saying, in the film, ‘MUNICH, “Don’t f**** with God’s people!” as to say in here in America, “Don’t Tread On Me”.  An eye for an eye.


One by one, the targets, are exterminated by the hit squad.

After the acts of vengeance, their leader, Avner, an Israeli commando for the Mossad(played by Eric Bana) begins to question, was it morally right or wrong for their actions?

Most of the men(and one woman) they killed were indirectly, ‘secondary figures’ involved with the massacre, done by Black September! So, what did Avner learn from his conscience?

Director Steven Spielberg asks this question for the audience, drawing a thin line between right and wrong, so to speak. His film, ‘MUNICH’ also draws a parallel between September 1972 in Munich to September 11,2001 in New York City, dotting them both.  The viewer takes a message, here, of the film, vengeance begets violence. “The real enemies in the Middle East aren’t the Palestinians or the Israelis”, says Spielberg. Instead, the real enemy is “absolute irreconcilability.”

Just what did we, Americans, really learn from the so-called Al-Qeada who attacked us almost twenty years ago? Was the price of going to both Afghanistan and Iraq worth it, vengeance style? What did we learn from our so-called foreign enemies? Was toppling down the Saddam Hussein regime and killing both him and Usama Bin-Laden change anything in both countries? Is going to war, if really necessary, going to keep the peace?

I just don’t know the answers to that.

Initially, on that September morning in 2001, I thought we need to go to war against Bin-Laden. But after a number of my fellow brothers and sisters, in uniform, killed in combat that ensued afterwards in the years after, this blogger did ask those questions, got no real answers.  Just that we as civilians are told by our own Gov’t the exact numbers are not given, the toll of vengeance begets violence. For what? And the civilians over there? The price of blood for the(sake) price of freedom, the saying goes.

They declared war on us, we strike back, killing more people in the Mid-East than close to 3,000 of our own It’s Time for America to Reckon With the Staggering Death Toll of the Post-9/11 Wars

What follows is the Acts of Vengeance, the consequences, soon after, taught by the morale in ‘MUNICH’.




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Highly Objective!

Almost done reading an informative book, objectivity by the author, David V. Barrett. It is titled, ” A Brief History Of Secret Societies” written and thoroughly researched about Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Knights Templars, Golden Dawn, Theosophy and other groups whose reputations were, in the past, and even to the present misunderstood by the masses.

None of this book is shoddy researched. Just straight to the facts. So far, I’ve haven’t read about Skull & Bones or Opus Dei, yet. This book makes me want to explore on how to make an deeper relationship to Jesus without any Church -man made dogmas and doctrines. Just like the Freemasons, “every man has to make his own relationship with God.”

Just to make it clear, sometimes us Conspiracy Theorists have to pick on the Illuminati for major terror attacks in the world, and there is a reason for that, in spite it is written that there are myths about the Illuminati; yet, there are truths that are self-evident.



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Life, today, without presence of unwarranted negative, nor positive, symptoms of schizophrenia.

What a relief it is, in the past couple of months. No signs of recurring symptoms of acute paranoid schizophrenia. That would be, because I have been keeping busy,  physically, and refraining self from any prolong negativity, staying away from horror movies, mainly violence, in mind, yet is still interested in true crime as I have since teenage years; back then in my early youth I cheered on for those wicked serial killers, such as the notorious Zodiac Killer; that was then, this is now.

I guess that was I was in my phase of being full of venom in youth, yet did so in not in a loud way, hoping the dreaded Z would never been caught.

While viewing repeated episodes of “Forensic Files”, I now, am in high hopes that the boastful slayer would be apprehended via DNA technology. If Joseph DeAngelo AKA The Golden State Killer/East Side Rapist could of been easily identified through DNA after a relative did a DNA ancestor match in 2018, so can the Zodiac also be traced through this analysis(DNA), if he did produce an offspring.

Back as I was before, no more voices; free from delusions. Panic attacks is down to a minimum. This I got thank myself in spirit and mind, mainly our Lord, Jesus, for guiding me through those bad times when I was down and out, barely pulling through. The local church where I volunteer helped me, spiritually.

With that, volunteering at the nearby NAMI  connections. NAMI is an acronym for National Alliance on Mental Illness; and going to meetings with fellow peers who are suffering from bouts of various mental heath conditions.

Just recently, this blogger was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes mellitus (without the complications of it). Just think positive I tell myself, I’ll get through with the aid of Jesus, as my savior, metformin to treat this disorder and mainly exercise 4 days per week, along with a diet plan to balance out my blood sugar.

As for getting back driving a motor vehicle, I haven’t done so driving more than 50 yards, other than going a full mile due to side effects of medication taken for mental illness, that has affected my coordination. Wait until one of these days, when I can finally can drive beyond the neighborhood….it’ll feel like 2011 again.

I love this song, “Down” by Whitecross. It tells that Jesus can always kick out any habit that is prevailing over you, keeping you down. In my case, Jesus Saves!


Me in recent times.

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“San Francisco, We Got A Human Waste Problem!”



FOX News did a subjective job in report their “American Dystopia: Homeless Crises in San Francisco” series, I say that, is because of the shown human waste, plenty of it, on the streets of this spectacular city, was blamed by host Tucker Carlson, narrating the story, the feces dumped on the streets, mainly in the Tenderloin District, were by all means to him, other than “opioid crises” and the dirty hypodermic needles laying on the streets as a problem on only the homeless(vagrants, transients, whatever FOX News) brought on by the fault of the Democrats. That may be only half of the problem on them, but in fact, most of that human excrement was by the sewer pipes and the over-rising of the dirty water in the “rats nest” down below the streets of San Francisco, washing up to ground level, thus expelling waste to surface. The problem works in both ways: homeless(yes, partly to blame, since they really don’t have a secure place to relieve themselves in public restrooms-the owners of shops don’t want them there due to reasons known-“Customers Only” policy), but mainly it was a septic problem needing to be fixed, pronto! If the waste don’t go down the right place, it goes into the drainage right into the Bay and in the Pacific, if the problem is not treated. To FOX News: Don’t blame the unfortunate for all  the dystopian landscape in San Francisco. Look at a bigger picture: Sewage problems, capisce?

https://blog.sfgate.com/files/2015/10/needles.gifArea in places showing parts of San Francisco, highlighted in florescent yellow, indicating where dirty needles were found.


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How to Remote View(RV) with “Psychic Warrior” David Morehouse.



It seemed like a very long time since I first heard of Remote Viewing anywhere. That was back in 1997(?) during an segment on the NBC Network show, “UNSOLVED MYSTERIES” that featured an U.S. Gov’t psychic spy named David Morehouse whose experience with ESP-Extra Sensory Perception- via an accident sent him into an conscious projection into visiting two mysterious men(represented as angels) to begin with.  Later he joined an govt spy program, Operation Stargate, in the 1980’s, in that program he used his inner ability to locate objects and locations through his mind, that proves that time travel and RV are practically the same thing. After reading his book, “Psychic Warrior”, the author, former U.S. Army Commander Dave Morehouse, lead me to question he was either objectively or subjectively, on his stance on Remote Viewing by the weapons of destruction on U.S. soldiers in Desert Storm. Either he was trying to get off an “alleged” multiple charges by his superiors of infidelity and stealing an computer of all things blamed upon him, or was in states of mind, “grandeur delusions” after sustaining an injury in the Jordanian desert, where he said to receive visions by what he says where two “angels or spirit guides” telling him to ‘pursue peace…teach peace”.

Moral of the story: Give up your career to the cabal saturated with dark elements and learn how to deal with ‘voodoo’ chemistry and turn around become an whistle-blower against the Gov’t; learn to live another day to write about your experiences with the cabal with what one dubbed the remote viewers as “Out of Body freaks!” instead, “born to wear stars” and stripes.

Morehouse did not end there when he lost his career with the Army. He went on to become a RV lecturer to police departments on how to identify personal belongings to missing victims, just focus on the “perception” of the item to gain some ‘insight’ of how the victim saw, like for instance an perpetrator-how did he look like; extra sensory perception of what Lynne Buchanon calls the “seventh sense” – what did one feel, touch, taste, etc; etc. Is the person alive? Dead?  Gaining access to an area where the RVer never been to before via conventional means, only through the mind.

Giving it several shots, I found myself into a world of  the spiritual realm of things not seen by any physical appearance, but through faith, an substance unseen. I literally went through many years with Sleep Paralysis, OBE, Astral Projection, Lucid Dream(DILD) so why not give RV a try to test out my potential. Look at it like if you watched the film, “SUSPECT ZERO”, with human potential, only it is not a movie but an actual time travel grid, without folding space and the wormholes, just inside the hidden part of the pineal gland. lol.


David Morehouse in modern times holds a class on how to Remote View through online courses.

Presented is an link on how to remove view brought to you by him.  But first read what is Remote Viewing https://davidmorehouse.com/what-is-rv/

Online course: https://davidmorehouse.com/online-remote-viewing-courses/

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Dredg ‘El Cielo’ CD is a sonic journey about the condition of sleep paralysis.

Never thought that sleep paralysis awareness would be found in
music? In the basis of ASP related art ,sleep paralysis is found in
Henry Fuseli’s 17th century painting ‘Nightmare'(Mare depicted as the
symbol of ASP, and malevolent creature sitting on its victim). It is
also somewhat depicted in Charles Dicken’s classic novel ‘Christmas
Carol'(The ghost visiting Ebenezer Scrooge); William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo &
Juliet(The Old Hag-incubus or succubi). In the 21rst century the
most concept of SP in art form was brought to music from the
progressive/alternative/ambient rock group Dredg. The concept of
Dredg’s 2002 CD ‘El Cielo’ is a sonic journey of experiences with
the phenomena ASP. This most significant thesis of this CD was a
interpretation of letters from peoples battle with it(which you can
read at the booklet along with the El Cielo CD).

A musical interpretation found on the track “Scissor Lock” is a
clear definition through the transition of the paralysis
sensations,along with the accompanied symptoms of audio HHE(Hypnogogic/Hynpnopompic Exeriences); body in
the sleep paralysis mode,but consciously awake,as we know as of it.


Dredge- Scissor Lock

think I’m awake
Rolling on my blanket
I am sinking into the bed
Light around me
Beautiful washes of pulsating color
Buzzing white noise
It sounds like one hundred bees

I too once thought the radio played
Let’s act like children while we sleep paralyzed
I too once thought the radio played
Let’s act like children while we sleep paralyzed

You control it
Body’s asleep
And your mind is awake

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Whoah! Some movies are meant to be predictive programming, pre-9/11.

The other day I was watching the 1999 blockbuster, “The Matrix”, and I could not help wondering that Neo(played by Keanu Reeves), his passport expires:https://external-preview.redd.it/N-LashXSoD0ROEz4kcY8FTLyJXpPKM3PFe3x5TNRl_M.jpg?auto=webp&s=5d1d8803c07794f9e1f4fdac8e87f8d6810ae18c

Say what??! Again? That’s right 9/11/01.

The day that changed America, forever!

When I first viewed the film when it was released over 20 years ago, just 2 years before that date(Sept 11,2001) I didn’t really give too much thought, only that 9 11 was just a code for emergency calls.

Well, before 1999, towards the end of the previous year, 1998, in a local theater I saw ,”Enemy Of The State”(released on Nov 20,1998). There was a small mentioning off the NSA deputy director, Thomas Reynolds, played by Jon Voight, that shows on the computer hacked into by “Brill” showing on screen “For Your Eyes Only”: Born 9/11/40. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/7zU9aixgm1w/hqdefault.jpg

Hey! What was that?! Did you say 9/11(40)?! Look again:


9/11/40 the birthday of our villian of the centerpiece.

This was a bit of a shocker, for this blogger, only to see this again right after 9/11 on DVD!

Not only about Reynolds, but the whole plot about Big Brother is watching us AKA The Patriot Act 2001, including the breach of constitutional rights under the “Telecommunications and Privacy Act” that factional of the actual PATRIOT ACT. And don’t tell me like everyone else that that latter was written right after the 9/11 attacks. Considering it takes years to write up  such a bill, and that means the time before…all it took was for the moment to strike to pass it through.

That right there is called Hollywood’s foreshadow what is called “predictive programming” along with “Vanilla Sky”(showing a character jumping off a building, showing the Twin Towers in the background, alas “9/11 Jumpers”) along with the hallucinogenic “Donnie Darko”(a plane crash tearing through a house); both films were filmed in 2001, and though the release dates were a short time after Sept. 11,2001.

There was a film that had to do with terrorism in New York City and the mistreatment of Muslims(pre-Guatanamo detention camps holding suspected terrorists, due to racial profiling – post 9/11). That film was released 3 years prior to 2001, “The Siege” starring Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis. A good film.


I’ll be on the lookout for other films that had the same elements, echoing 9/11/01.

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Keep ’em buzzing!

European honeybees-Apis Mellifera- and or the Western honeybees needs to be kept from extinction; they make up 1/3 -30% of our food production. Help restore back bees from another potential colony collapse disorder.



Read on here:



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Watching again the film “THE SWARM” for the fifth time in my own history. First time I’ve seen it was back when this film was released in 1978 and got me the shrivering nightmares for days. In my early years, this blogger was attacked by several Western yellow jackets while under the wooden deck in getting a ladder, unaware that there was a nest there as I unintentionally disturbed it. I took off my upper clothing as I ran into the shower to get the yellow jackets off me that were on my neck and face. YIKES!

Those were the days long before the CG effect era. These modern times in films, the crew would show bees in CG. How about bringing back real live bees like in “Fried Green Tomatoes”?

WOW! Those weren’t painted styrofoams blown on the actors/actresses by a studio prop to make it look like bees “thrown” on them. Those were live bees, bees and more bees(the stingers were removed from these creatures), more like 80,000 crawling all over the victims. Kind of gives somebody the creeps by looking at them. Looks like a cluttered ball of beans or some animal waste excretement, gathered and lathered in a “defensive ball”…. LOL!

Parts of THE SWARM were bit tedious, such as the scenes where the boy Paul Durant who escapes(by a crappy miracle) from the savage African bee swarm(only getting a few stings of his own good) in the vehicle, thus the alleged stings from killer bees causes delirious nightmare of him getting a nightmare of being attacked by a huge BEE in the hospital. Other victims who survive get the same bad dream as well.

Adding more honey to these industrious workers is a cast of 2 million bees on set to give a invasive species fright feature.  Nobody on set, spare one, was never stung during production.

I had to be inspired to laugh at the scenes were people(especially the picnic scene) when humans cannot learn how not to swat at bees in swarms. Don’t tell me that running into a pool at a lake will make them stop chasing after you!! Just wait until you submerge from the lake. 🙂  The scene were the plant director(Richard Chamberlain) gets attacked as well the people on the train going supposedly 70 mph. Darn! How did these insects get on the train that fast. And how did a massive swarm traveling at 200 miles per year, then, reach Texas that soon(deduct that from the “Africans” were let loose in Brazil in 1956. Now it is 1 mile per year).  Sure, these scenes to the faint of heart, are hard to watch by. Quite brutal, one might add.

Composer Jerry Goldsmith did a great job in the musical score giving the audience a heart pounding in his orchestrated section as “the africans” are on the loose and coming in for the attack.  The score was originally 35 mins long in LP, and was released again in 2002 only in the audio cassette format with more score added, not for very long, until it went out of print.

The moral of this sci-fi tale is to show how director Irwin Allen showing somewhere in America, at that time(1970’s), that this country that will be invaded by the swarms of African Killer Bees – aka The African Honeybee(s) Apis Mellifera Scutelleta,  in the time to come. Half the story had come a reality, but not in a massive zillion bee attack as the plot goes in the film. Mind you all, we are experiencing climate change.

On both the DVD and BluRay format is the so-called expansion edition(an additional 35 mins included) to the original 115 minute feature. The special features include the vintage featurete “Behind the scenes” plus an additional 20 minute “Inside The Swarm”. Not bad for a package.

RATED PG for some unknown reason by Allen. No scenes were mildly violent. There is no depiction of how victims look after being stung. He he he.  Add a love scene between Dr. Crane and Dr. Anderson balances out the films plot. Yep. Got to show some relationship between human species for a “thrilla of a world of Irwin Allen’s fantasy plotline.

All the bees had to say in offensive is this : “WE WANT YOUR POLLEN! WE WANT YOUR POLLEN!” Given in or be stung.