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Let the music (speak for itself)

Projecting images of joy and love. You see whatever music you like as much as love, you are definitely projecting images of joy ans soulfulness; whatever it be Latin, Mariachi, jazz, soul-r &b, Rock, metal, blues. This is what Carlos Santana was saying to us all. He is the shaman, we are the tribe he is healing. Bonito!!

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Love and the hurt that comes with it.

Love hurts. You get loved, put out love and get hurt, physically and emotionally. No use to mask your feelings, because keeping it buried only hurts more. Emotions runs strong with us all, but hurting is part of understanding what love really is; it’s never intended to be at bliss forever. I figure love comes strong and goes even stronger to teach us a life hard lesson we are taught and evolve in time after, I suppose. I’ve been in love with couple of women but can’t know which one was for me to digress the issue. Not to sound off as an lousy womanizer. All I know love definitely has hurting emotions. Why bother masking if putting on a brave mask tries to make it feel false and unnatural. Just a train of thought.

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…A year later, Resurrection Day, April 4, 2021

The very first Easter Sunday was back in 325 AD decreed by The Council of Nincea during the reign of Emperor Constantine I. That was when the church first opted Easter to fall on the pagan day, Sunday. In the ancient Hebrew world there was no Domingo or a Sunday, nor a term Easter, but a special day in the Hebrew calendar in the spring of 33AD or 37AD in the ancient Palestine when Yeshua Jesus arose from the dead. Easter, the term likely derived from the blooming season in ancient pagan days when sprang forth an Easter egg 🥚 in which in legend a sex goddess Isthar bursted out from it and gave new life to everything; Easter in the Eastern world 🌎 derived from. That predated Christ the Son of the true God, dating back to ancient Egypt. More likely the pagans went uncredited for that term, Easter. Easter 2020 The Holy Day fell on April 12th last year, why the change this year if anyone is asking. The Hebrew calendar of Resurrection Day coincides with the lunar year and stars with the full moon. How astronomy and The Church predicts Easter per year to come depends on the Spring Equinox. The first full moon that preceded when Easter falls on a Sunday that follows the first Moon day or Luna Viernes Monday right after the Spring Equinox in that Year. This year the first full Moon 🌜 in the Spring Equinox was on last Monday, April 29, 2021. So by following this full moon pattern, today, Easter Sunday,🥚 April 4, 2021 was the chosen day by the Church and Astronomy in order to predict Easter Sunday. Why then did it fluctuate on the last Easter on The Month of March, March 23, 2016? Same as the first Full Moon 🌜 right after The Spring Equinox that Year. The next March Easter Sunday 🥚 falls is predicted to be on the Astronomers almanac guide, Sunday, March 24, 2023. Next Easter Sunday, 🥚 will be on April 17, 2022. The ultimate Question is why can’t we leave Easter the way it originally fell upon before an Sunday was coined. That would fall on a major Sabbath day, Sábado, Saturday (there was no Saturday in the Hebrew world , again, all seven days of the week as we know of, is pagan Roman origin, that brings up another question: Why are Christians following Pagan traditional days? I’ll just digress that for you to ask on your own time, since it was the Latin Churches that adopted those pagan days into the Gregorian Calendar.)Resurrection Day, Sábado and or Domingo Sabbath or Easter Sunday will do for anyone.

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A year ago on Resurrection Day 2020…..

We were all taught in Bible Schools or in public schools that Easter always fell on a Sunday, on either in March or April, depending on the “sun-day” following or before the full moon. This year Resurrection Day or defined as simply Easter Sunday falls on April 12,2020 one day shy of the next full moon in April. Sunday is really a Pagan day named after Mithras, Sun god, coined Sun-Day by Emperor Constantine in 321 AD; The Roman Emperor all through out his life practiced pagan worshipping, and in his last days was converted a Christian, hence, the term Christianity was also a term coined by Constantine to show this religion was to be the official religion in the Western World in the Holy Roman Empire. There was no really name to identify the followers of Christ before the term was adopted. Easter, by name may of been originated by the goddess Estore, a sex-goddess of fertility, aka Queen Of Heaven the predates Christ existence and Marian, The Catholic Church adaptation of the Queen Of Heaven, or simply put- Mary, Mother of God. It should be noted on the event of Easter, an Pagan holiday origin, observed by millions world-wide, is not really found in the scriptures, though the Church has claimed “Easter” from the Latin/Greek word “Pascha” – means “Passover” and Easter, as one universal holiday combined as Three Days after Good Friday is Easter Sun-day, which by the way is not what the Hebrew Calendar indicates – meaning, the Passover in 30 AD fell on what we call Wednsday in modern Gregorian calendar, or 15 Nissan – March/April(Hebrew – Pesach, Passover)…the following day Jesus or Yesuhua was crucified on Thursday, was buried on that day, remained in the sepulcher for 3 nights and 2 day,(there is 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night) before he rose from the dead on a Saturday –Sabbath on the contrary what is taught by Constantinians, followers of Christianity since the rnd century on wards. Christians have always had it, Christ died on a Friday, was buried before the day was over since crucified prisoners were not permitted to hang on crosses before the Sabbath began, and the fact in what is traditionally the days end, laid in the tomb, and He rose again “Three Days later” on a Sun-Day? Did we all lose count? 3 Days later from what is given is on a Monday. As an Judeo-Christian and observer of Hebrew festive days I find this calculation awkward and non-biblical from the original Hebrew account. Call this Sunday, April 12th as Easter Sunday if you will, I call Saturday, April 11th as Resurrection Day, and seldomly Easter. We all are not always in agreement. Not to show any contempt or disrespect to anyone who disagrees….Hopefully this will clear up the confusion: https://theisraelofgod.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/4-25-15-JesusResurrectionOnSatNotSun-BW.pdf

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An beautiful person may be physically attractive, but may have a black heart.

I have to say this. I’ve met beautiful people in my life. And very attractive outwardly. But the most beautiful people I have ever met were not physically beautiful. No not at all in the least. But the most beautiful people I’ve met were beautiful from within the body. Their attitude and inner self made them to be such pleasures to be around. So insightful and down to earth people, pleasant to be around and these are people that end up with very attractive partners. So no, unattractive people aren’t the longest people. Attraction is all mind set. Attractiveness can be completely voided by personality. No ugly person to is really ugly unles they are ugly inside and outside. Beauty is in my eyes the outward personality as well as ugly is the outward person. Ugly can turn into Beauty and Beauty can become very ugly. It just depends on how a person is. Or thinks about others. You decide.

You can’t always judge a book only by its cover.

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“Whoever saves one life, saves the entire world”

Sh’ma Yisraeil’ Adonai Eloheiunu, Adonai E-chad!

Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 8, 2021. There are more than six thousand Jews living in Krakow today. In remembrance to the six million Jews murdered.

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The way to catch a killer is through his mind


One of the freakiest villains…. Tom Noonan as Francis Dolarhyde aka “the tooth fairy” an serial killer has already killed two families and plans to strike again in less than 28 days. William Peterson as former police inspector turned FBI profiler with a troubled past, has a short time to hunt down the tooth fairy.

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Words cannot begin to describe this piece of true art.

https://youtu.be/mo5SQHIhUGcAbsolutely beautiful singing, stunning Hope Sandoval. Actually at that time back in the 1990s she was like in the late 20s early 30s of age, yeah look like a 16 year old. Hope was profound of Jim Morrison and took in his inspiration, like being the introvert as both are in nature, less smiles, that’s very rare, also this group took the sounds of both The Doors and Velvet Underground. But I like also Indie, some alternative, music from this era. I recommend Portishead, Patty Smith, Sneaker Pimps, Jacqluin. As you say you’re into Pearl Jam. These artists are about good as them

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Anatomy of a killer.

the behavioral analysis unit of the FBI defines a serial killer, separate fact from fiction and crime statistics.


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The Atlanta Child Murders.


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Amazing sight!🌕


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Last penumbral partial eclipse of 2020😲

Last penumbral partial eclipse of 2020

Boker tov.

In North America, South America, and parts of Aisa as all we’re expecting the Blood 🌕 to appear on November 30th after all anticipated news these past few last months of 2020, we can see this if you have skilled eyes to view it on the early twilight morning hours Monday for 4 & 1/2 hours before daybreak.. sooner than expected. For those in Europe, West Aisan regions(so-called Middle East), and Africa, sorry! for you in those geographical regions will be in the shadows, in the dark.


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Lord of the rings score by Howard Shore.

when the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend be a good one. Feast and be festive throughout the whole Holiday season amid the covid-19 pandemic which we all wish would dissipate any day soon. Keep on being festive and eat much as you can until your stomach’s become content with the pleasures for food and beverage. LoL.

I will leave you tonight with some of the music from The Lord of the rings trilogy composed by Howard Shore.

Layla tov.

Boa noite.

Tenga una maravillosa noches y dulces sueños.

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Flux capacitor 1980s: Dolph Lundgren is The Punisher.

This adaptation of The Punisher off the Marvel Comics series, to me, is the best version. I have been an avid fan since 1989, when I got into collecting The comic book series reading The monthly The Punisher..by the way….the vigilante Frank Castle character was inspired by Mark Bolan, The Executioner novels. So enough of that for the time being. Here is the vintage classic:

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Under Catholic Church Canon law 1248: December 8th is a holiday of obligation to be fulfilled by Catholics as sacred mystery that the Virgin Mary is born without original sin. This Church Constitution or dogma was given an inception by Pope Pius IX in 1854.

On another separate dogma issued by the Roman Catholic Church which states, Mary or Marian, is also co-matriax, co-Redeemer. ?

There is one God and man. And there’s ‘one’ co-Redeemer, and that man is Jesus the Christ alone.

As for Mary perpetual born without original sin, as there is little biblical reference to it. In the bloodline her only son Jesus or Yeshua is also truly without sin.

Martin Luther the first Protestant reformist and former Catholic monk, quoted in Latin : Sola Scriptura, translated as scriptures alone. Is not scriptures alone good enough for all of us then let it be so in order for us to have a personal relationship with Yahweh, and his son Yeshua. The apostolic Roman Catholic Church however does not indicate so. It’s core belief is that scripture alone is not good enough, that there must be also traditions in the church to be fulfilled in obligation by all Catholic Christians. Hence, why the Church denies Sola scriptura.

December 8th as stated by the Roman Catholic Church is a holiday of obligation under Church Canon law 1248. If we want to do any research on this church Constitution, or dogma, we will find a list of all holidays of obligation which are virtually all man-made.

Mary or Marian, the Queen of Heaven, as a dogma by the church, as respectfully the Mother of God, the mother of all earthly creatures should be adored and respected by all but never is Queen Mary to be idolized, nor shall be worshipped.

Then why should as Judeo-Christians are instructed by the Church to be obligated to fulfill the meaning of Christmas on every December 8th which is the Solemnity of the Virgin Mary? Does not the word Christmas mean Christ mass alone? The Roman Catholic Church are leading the masses into appeasing the overlords by means of prescribing to all who should fulfill of all man-made holiday traditions. The scriptures has a warning to all who include and remove verses from God’s words in the sacred scriptures.

By the way the Solemnity of the Virgin Mary is not to be confused with her birthdate that is supposedly falls on September 8th. Another man-made tradition or an assumption that is not supported by scriptures.

In spite of the fact that our Lord Jesus the Christ was never documented anywhere in the scriptures born at any time during in the winter solstice, it is tradition December 25th the unofficial day of the birth of our Savior, accept it or not. There is somehow, on the contrary, evidence to indicate the Nativity was during late March or early April/ aka the Creator’s-Hebrew calendar in the month of Nissan.

For the time being all I have to say is, the Roman Catholic Church can celebrate their own holidays their way and, us JudeoChristians observe the holy feast days as instructed by Yahweh, the True God.

Sh’ma Yisraeil, Adonia Eloheinu; Adonia E-chad!

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… and justice for all!

He might of been a jerk while having extramarital affairs amid married to his wife expecting a child. That can be easily overlooked…… Mr Scott Lee Peterson deserves by legal definition an retrial.

In the first trial there was a lot of evidence circumstantial that were presented to the jury and lot of stuff that were mishandled, at least credible witnesses not presented to testify that they have seen they seen Scott’s wife , Laci Peterson, walking her dog in the Covena district, Modesto, California around the time she had allegedly disappeared, given the time frame by the prosecution side. Even the late judge Alfred Delucci presided as the judge in that trial stated in an interview that Scott Peterson should of had a fair decent trial.

Both remains of Laci and her unborn child, Conner, what discovered along a Bayside trail in Richmond, California along the San Francisco Bay, April 2003, a few months after Laci had disappeared from site during her routine exercise walk with her dog on a December, Christmas Eve morning 2002.

To make a short. Have any of you seen the Netflix documentary “Innocent Files.” ? Read the book by John Grisham “The innocent Man” and you will understand the meaning of the term ‘miscarriage of Justice’….


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13th Novembere 2015 Paris/Saint-Denis Terror attacks. 5 years later.

I was in Stockton, California in business that day listening to the daily news SAN FRANCISCO’S KGO RADIO NEWS 740 AM as news interrupted about an series of explosions at a soccer stadium for football was played in Paris that evening. It was a match between France and Germany when the bombings occurred. Then later that followed a series of shootings, Non-Stop, on the streets occurred. A hail of heavy gun fire fell upon the citizens of Paris and it’s suburbs of Saint Denis at nearby quarters and open Cafe’s. At the Bataclan stadium in the same district spectators attending an concert featuring the group ‘The Eagles of Death Metal’ was at the time in progress when several gunman heavily armed sprayed a hail of gunfire into the stadium, inflicting injury and killing many in attendance. And I was thinking “oh crap! another 9/11 except in Paris.”

I am not going to start a whacked out conspiracy theory nor an argument…..

The Paris massacre happened exactly 311 days after the Charlie Hedbo shootings 7 January 2015 and 131 days before the Brussels train bombings occurred months later 22 March 2016. It appears ISIL ,definitely , just like Al-Qaeda, orchestrated their attacks through NUMEROLOGY. PYTHAGOREAN AND or KABBALAH PERHAPS?? The terrorists attacks on France 13 Novembere just happened by coincidence to be on the same day an registered 7.0 earthquake rocked Japan, only that mother nature did not make headline news as the Paris Saint Denise my headways on that day on the news for the next several days.

In 2021 the accused terrorists responsible for the horrific bloody attacks will face trial court. More to come about this next year.

The victims are never to be forgotten.