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Can we expand our journey into the deepest space of the mind?

Turn On Tune In Drop Out

All you had to do was turn on….open up to the idea of acid. With the entrance of tuning in, use it as a paradigm to zoom in that kaliedescope and open the vault to those hidden doors of consciousness.

We use about 10% of our brains daily, otherwise we all would get much tired being wired up with endless ideas.

Like a genie in a bottle profound mystical states of viewing the godhead buried within the deep regions of inner space is plausible.

LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide – LSD-25 – has been long theorized by a past scientific study to be similar to the flow of chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine found in the neurotransmitters secreted in the brain.

Does LSD affect your entire genetic system? No. Does it drive people into madness? Yes and No. Does it expand your mind? Yes.

Celebrated author Aldous Huxley explained this potent as well mescaline should only be used by the best and the brightest. Was he completely right about it? Timothy Leary somehow tried to convince U.S. Congress to pass a legislation for LSD, which was that it should be reasoning for anybody who wanted to experiment with acid, was compared to obtaining a drivers license to operated a combustible vehicle, except whereabouts this person would have to prove that he could drive a vehicle of consciousness if they could prove that they know how to operate it with “responsibility”, that is. People from the baby boom generation who are the living child bearers of us “Generation X” have attributed the vehicle that drove them to asylums was that LSD because they were not prepared or how to use it under proper guidance.

There was nothing found in the newspapers about a pleasant LSD experience, just the bad trips. The media circus did not want to cover the positive attributes, only exploiting the negative results especially when there was a story covered on somebody on LSD killed on a railroad track who appeared himself to be invincible by coming head on with a train. To most in the public eye, LSD was then as it is now unpatriotic. Back then using LSD in the 1960’s was very considered unpatriotic. In the government involvement with LSD, CIA covert ops were surreptitiously administered LSD in their drinks without any consent. PSYOPS. President Lyndon B. Johnson banned all drug experiments in the covert CIA MK-ULTRA program in 1967. In spite of this powerful ‘weapon of war’ once was manipulated by the cabal and there is a passage of dark effects of LSD: walls buckling into 3 dimensions and horrific hallucinations. Saint Anthony’s Fire – the feeling of your hands on fire was a result of digesting ergot, a diseased rye that is a component in making LSD.

“There is a inner reality to just more that meets the naked eye” – Timothy Leary. In a devisive debate over how much brain capacity does everyone use at least 10% of our brain and the remaining 90% for other areas. Had we use the complete our brains capacity, we do all of tend to forget about certain places, ideas, The brain has unlimited capacity to learn about everything there is to know. Poets and musicians attributed their creativity thanks to LSD. Religious experiences are deeply opened.

Drop Out.

In a society where the manipulation of prozac, valium, viagra, caffeine, alcohol and chocolate as a drug itself is accepted; is there another space to fill with LSD? I think so. Should LSD be legal? Let it be, If it remains illegal,  think why it should or should not be legal. Hey! LSD is debatable.

For those who are sane should be able to use this psychedelic remedy with responsibilities in preparing for the consequences. Don’t let our leaders decide what should be good for all. With literature out there on LSD and with a click of a button on the super information highway you can find out about it before going on a trip.

This is from my commentary regarding LSD.


Bangungot – A Filipino sleepers demon.

“Bangungot” from the Tagalog word “to rise and moan in sleep.”

When I done research on sleep paralysis over a decade ago, I just thought to myself what I had is mainly a scientific thing; no harm into what 6% of the general population undergoes. At least one time in their life.

Sleep Paralysis Awakeness or ASP is usually something medical. A scientific theory, not actual fact, that a person goes to sleep, a neurotransmitter releases hormones called acetylcholine that are released from that small portion of the brain, called the pon, and what it does, it flows from your brain and into the receptors  that keep us essentially paralyzed-REM paralysis. This keeps us from acting out our dreams or we would unintentionally sleep walk(and yes, there is cases of sleep walking) and harm ourselves during nocturnal sleep.

Rather in cases of ASP, a person awakes during sleep cycle before the neurotransmitter wears off. The mind is awake, the body is still asleep. That is called hypnopompic sleep paralysis, accompanied by hallucinations of seeing dark shadows on the wall and that feeling of being hagged by somebody or something.

Upon further research I stumbled upon some material that would manifest into a sleepers demon in cultural folklore/myth in various parts of the world.

The hag as what is known is interpreted in various cultures.  In Newfoundland up in Canada, it is often referred as The Old Hag Syndrome.

In Arabic, it is named a djinn, or evil spirits.

Japan, the kanashibari. Laos, da cho.  Greece, the mora. Typically, it is a nightmare in the SP form such as in Spain, the pesadilla.

In the ilocano section of the Philippines, the Bangungot or the batibat.

The Bangungot is thought to be in the form of sleep paralysis, but  is a mixture of both medical and folklore. In medical aspect, the victim died of a poor diet, which is the Filipino culture, many people, roughly men consume highly fatty foods consumed with lots of pork and drink a lot of alcohol beverage and worth mentioning of a salty diet; it’s a Filipino custom. I believe what is presented is the brugada syndrome, a serious heart condition or a bad case of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis.

In folklore, the batibat is a female demon or a spirit taking the form of a tree. The trees is cut down for the purpose of making a bed post or a house. In short, taking revenge on the men who cut down the trees; and what the demon does, it sits on the face or chest of its victim, who experiences paralysis.  He gasps for air until he dies from asphyxiation. Both cases: it is usually the male in that region of the world is the victim.

No known victim ever survived this bangungot syndrome.

And it is certainly not to be a form of sleep paralysis as those inflicted with it, do not die from ASP.  Bangungot is more a rather serious condition to that compared to sleep apnea and the dreaded SUDS – Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome and SUNDS -Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome.

Read on this link about the Bangungot Syndrome in Manila

Bangungot happens when sleeping in the supine position just as it happens during ASP. In Filipino cultures, the older recommend wiggling the big toes of people experiencing this to encourage their heart to snap back to a normal.  Mind you, sleep paralysis is a scientific theory and does not mean the paranormal, yet we have a great place to start. Such as in this site:

The Boogie Men of the Philippines

Philippine Urban Legend: Bangungot, real? or myth?

Legend from Irregular Times.

And this one on both folklore and science




Save the honeybees.

More than often, honeybees in the past several years have been disappearing away from their hives.  Last year alone 42% of beehives uncovered a large loss of honeybees.

That is nearly half of the domestic bee population in the U.S. alone. No wonder why beekeepers have to import honeybees from foreign countries to replace those that have mysteriously vanished. Either that the bees are being raptured by a divinity in nature, or just dying off from various factors, such as harmful DDT pesticides used to eliminate harmful insects and parasites that have infected these useful bees.

95% of food was sprayed with pesticides that may contribute to the cause of autism and other learning disabilities.

We’re in almost halfway in the first part of the winter season, and bees are not currently active pollinating in the flowers and plants.

Since the loss of massive honeybees, farmers and beekeepers are left to ponder another loss: fruits and crops.

The agriculture business will face a near loss in the future to come without the use of honeybees that pollinate that factors in for food.

One in three foods we consume are from pollinating in both fruits and vegetables such as grapes and soy a result from busy bees.

So much for depending on bees to give us honey. Or is honey we purchase at the organic section of your local grocery store reads ‘organic honey’ as it what it says?

The only way to have organic honey is to attract bees. And to do that is grow your own garden such as planting flowers outside your window sills. Or to create beehives out of recycling pallets and design them.  And you don’t have to think about spraying around hives and almond trees in your property; eventually these harmful pesticides will only make the bees sick and then die off.

Another thought in mind: urbanization. That’s right-the overpopulation of us humans. In a world with nearly 7 billion what more can be said about what our Lord once said about multiplying the earth.

The more the housing market expands in numbers, the more it seems that we have populated enormously, the less the honeybees have a place to pollinate such as the reduction of farms due to enlarged human families. And that means in a modern world the increase of advanced technology, that is where the jobs are, the bigger the urban.

And that has already resulted in farmers selling out lands to the booming urban land development for both homes and business parks.

In keeping this post short, do what you can to save honeybees. I urge you before early spring arrives, buy some planting seeds at the garden section of hardware stores and think how bees can become our friends instead of the thought of being stung when you are near them. Don’t swat, let them fly near you. If you see them swarming, know they are leaving a hive to begin a new colony. Just don’t get close to a hive, know what I mean?

Do your part!


The right to bear arms.

The body of law was founded on the right to bear firearms against a governing body that was because of tyranny. Our forefathers had no foresight into the future  of our violent society due to violent felons who purchase guns illegally, distinguish that from citizens, if not civilians, who own and use guns legally.


The Mystery of Hypnagogic-Hypnopompic Hallucinations

The phenomena of both descriptions of ‘psycho sensory hallucinations’ ,was first described by French psychiatrist Bailarger in 1846.

It was a systematic description of vivid perceptions of hallucinations onset of falling asleep,and upon awakening.

“Hypnagogic (or a alternate term-hypnogogic) from the term ‘hypno'(asleep) and ‘agogos’ (induced) was coined by French scholar Louis Ferdinand Alfred Maury in the same year,in term of describing some unusual illusions upon of asleep.
“Hynopompic” derives from the greek word ‘pompe'(act of sending) “coined” by British spiritualist & philosopher Myer to describe  hallucinations in the transition between sleep and awakening.
Both terms are often associated by health care professionals as symptoms categorized as “narcolepsy”(sleep attacks usually anytime during the day from a low level of hypocretin in the brain).  According to one source it is very common with individuals with mental disorders.  I do not buy that, nor am I narcoleptic (and was never diagnosed with this neurological disorder).  Narcolepsy has four classic symptoms:
Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
Hypnagogic/Hypnopompic Experiences
Sleep Paralysis
All Narcoleptics in common have these four classic symptoms, as all narcoleptics have sleep paralysis and do have sleep attacks. Not everyone who has undergone awake sleep paralysis is a narcoleptic.
Around some 20 years ago, and once in a great while, I did feel some weakness of the limbs, and a slight jerk of the head and FOP (feeling of presence) as some outlined shape illusion tackled me on top of my bed, as I was resembled like that bizarre creature from the movie ‘Predator’ where it blending in the surrounding environment, except it is usually in  fuzzy/murky color,and semi-shaped.
It is strange how powerful how our brain activates ,even during the sleep process.  If this was to mean ,that heaviness crushing upon people with sleep paralysis,including of a visit from a ‘alien’ .  Seems more intense than vivid.
Sleep Paralysis in either predormital or postdormital form is regarded as being found in “creative”,”artistic”,and “sensitive” individuals.  I can relate more to the latter.