Can we expand our journey into the deepest space of the mind?

Turn On Tune In Drop Out

All you had to do was turn on….open up to the idea of acid. With the entrance of tuning in, use it as a paradigm to zoom in that kaliedescope and open the vault to those hidden doors of consciousness.

We use about 10% of our brains daily, otherwise we all would get much tired being wired up with endless ideas.

Like a genie in a bottle profound mystical states of viewing the godhead buried within the deep regions of inner space is plausible.

LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide – LSD-25 – has been long theorized by a past scientific study to be similar to the flow of chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine found in the neurotransmitters secreted in the brain.

Does LSD affect your entire genetic system? No. Does it drive people into madness? Yes and No. Does it expand your mind? Yes.

Celebrated author Aldous Huxley explained this potent as well mescaline should only be used by the best and the brightest. Was he completely right about it? Timothy Leary somehow tried to convince U.S. Congress to pass a legislation for LSD, which was that it should be reasoning for anybody who wanted to experiment with acid, was compared to obtaining a drivers license to operated a combustible vehicle, except whereabouts this person would have to prove that he could drive a vehicle of consciousness if they could prove that they know how to operate it with “responsibility”, that is. People from the baby boom generation who are the living child bearers of us “Generation X” have attributed the vehicle that drove them to asylums was that LSD because they were not prepared or how to use it under proper guidance.

There was nothing found in the newspapers about a pleasant LSD experience, just the bad trips. The media circus did not want to cover the positive attributes, only exploiting the negative results especially when there was a story covered on somebody on LSD killed on a railroad track who appeared himself to be invincible by coming head on with a train. To most in the public eye, LSD was then as it is now unpatriotic. Back then using LSD in the 1960’s was very considered unpatriotic. In the government involvement with LSD, CIA covert ops were surreptitiously administered LSD in their drinks without any consent. PSYOPS. President Lyndon B. Johnson banned all drug experiments in the covert CIA MK-ULTRA program in 1967. In spite of this powerful ‘weapon of war’ once was manipulated by the cabal and there is a passage of dark effects of LSD: walls buckling into 3 dimensions and horrific hallucinations. Saint Anthony’s Fire – the feeling of your hands on fire was a result of digesting ergot, a diseased rye that is a component in making LSD.

“There is a inner reality to just more that meets the naked eye” – Timothy Leary. In a devisive debate over how much brain capacity does everyone use at least 10% of our brain and the remaining 90% for other areas. Had we use the complete our brains capacity, we do all of tend to forget about certain places, ideas, The brain has unlimited capacity to learn about everything there is to know. Poets and musicians attributed their creativity thanks to LSD. Religious experiences are deeply opened.

Drop Out.

In a society where the manipulation of prozac, valium, viagra, caffeine, alcohol and chocolate as a drug itself is accepted; is there another space to fill with LSD? I think so. Should LSD be legal? Let it be, If it remains illegal,  think why it should or should not be legal. Hey! LSD is debatable.

For those who are sane should be able to use this psychedelic remedy with responsibilities in preparing for the consequences. Don’t let our leaders decide what should be good for all. With literature out there on LSD and with a click of a button on the super information highway you can find out about it before going on a trip.

This is from my commentary regarding LSD.


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