Eighty-seven years serving the Bay Area.

San_Mateo_Bridge_CA_PCThe San Francisco Bay Toll Bridge shown here on a vintage postcard.

The San Mateo Bridge, formerly known as the San Fransisco Bay Toll Bridge, in 1929 was the original bridge opened up on this day on March 2,1929, after a year of construction. When it opened up to the public, the fee was .45 cents for a five passenger car and .80 cents for a horse drawn wagon.


Since then it has went through retro-fitting and had been widened in each direction. The current toll fee is $ 5.00.

The Hayward – San Mateo Bridge as it is called now has five 300 foot truss spans in the center of the bridge incorporating a vertical lift over main shipping when the lift was up to 135 feet over water.

It has also a steel grider span – 1.8 miles in length. A trestle portion is 5 miles long; overall length of this bridge is 6.8 miles from Hayward to Foster City.

This bridge received the American Society of Engineers “Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement” Award along with the American Institute of Steel Constructions” Most Beautiful Bridge – Long Span Award.

By the way a four thousand foot section of the original bridge is intact on the Foster City side and had been used as a fishing pier. It had been closed down when Cal-Trans began retro-fitting the bridge in 1999, since.

Happy Birthday to the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge.






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