Immersed in Numb3rs.

By now everyone is disgusted with the recent terror attacks in Brussels and demand an answer, for a lack of a better word.

I found that there was 130 days interval between the Paris attacks, Nov 13,2015 and the attacks in Brussels, there are 130 days in between.

In occult gematria, there are no zeros, so if you toss out the 0, you have left is the number 13, as in 11/13.

November 13 and March 22 are 4 months and 9 days apart.

Add these up (4+9) equal 13.

13 along with the number 33 are Masonic occult power numbers in the gematria.

So now that is only part of the puzzle within a puzzle.


Dreams. Remote Viewing?  Synchronicities. Numerology and the number 11.

All of these type of dreams or remote viewing  had taken place in a dream where it is fall and winter somewhere along the California Delta in repeated dreams in early July 2009. I see a crescent moon hovering the East. Christmas trees decorated with icicles beaming with glittering lights fill the neighborhood. Traces of an orange sunset in the western Pacific skyline. The time is about 5 P.M. or the 6 P.M. hour.

Me and some guys walk in the neighborhood. I am pacing, saying minimal, and these guys don’t know I am even walking in their presence. An econoline van primered finish picks us up heading towards 99 SB towards a city inside the Central Valley. Then into the Livermore valley on the I-580 freeway. The driver of the vehicle is obscured with only a partial facial recognition. He has a beard. He has a sharp nose. Maps of the Metro San Francisco Area and nearby regions is scattered all over the passenger seat when he hits the brakes. There is a red marker on the financial district marked x. We pull aside a storage unit. Back on the freeway we ditch the van on a foothill and torch the van. One of the occupants of the vehicle talks in a east coast accent. A green ammo box marked ‘Do Not Tamper’. There is a sense of peeping for hardware because we are on a industrial district.

There is a sense of peeping for hardware because we are on a industrial district.
Next what happens we are in another neighborhood. One of the guys, a teenage boy anxious prowls a fence looking for an entry inside a house.  I whistle at him to get down from a picket fence. Strange thing is that I am viewing him from the eyes of someone  who I am bearded, tall, muscle built, and they don’t see me as I am with them in progress. One of the people I am with has soiled black slimy fluid on his gloves and spattered on his face. The impression I get from the other guy who says nothing is he has a weapon, something of a caliber in his hand as he walks barely wounded, shuffling.
This happening might occur or did occur.

Dreams like this do have notions of illogical entanglements. Not too many times dreams/remote viewing like this does occur. Very seldom. I am convinced this RV or dream has nothing to do with me. I had not read a recent article of a bank robbery at the financial district in Frisco. What are the odds vs. chances?

 I used to reside in the California Delta which helps me remember the highways. Like I mentioned, it was mid-summer ’09 and the dream scenes is during late fall or early winter. Intertwined scenes along the way makes it complex to solve in a puzzle.

-J and T
-Bay Area foothills
-cell phones
-business park
-shopping malls
-suburban streets
-walnut trees
-man working on his vehicle
-number 10

The most weirdest is the numbers: 11421224
First time I placed these side by side was 11:42 12-24 in the initial reaction as I awoke. It was not 11:42 nor was it December 24 because I got these numbers during summer at sunrise. Twelve incidences, the time would read 12:24. These numbers was not by accident, random.

Synchronicities? Numbers are dream archetypes. This is not the only time I became a recipient for such numbers. I had something like this before 9/11. Then, times during third eye projection was usually 2:11 and 2:15. From what I read on the number 211, from the affinity numerology website:

“It may be a reminder that teamwork, friends, and relationships (2) are necessary for leadership (1) to be effective and accepted.

Your name indicates that you have a deep desire to be in charge of large projects. Realize that to be in charge requires the consent of those under your direction.” 

 This is remote viewing seeing this from a distance within the mind  of these men in the dream involved in something that is going down. And if not, this entanglement is just a problem solving dream. Another possibility: I am telepathic into somebody’s dream log. Think I am making all of this up as I am go along??

Serial ranking numbers?
Estate property?

November 21
November 22
November 24
December 1
December 11
December 12
December 14
December 21
December 22
December 24

1224 is a estate property found in the colonial states. 11421 is a serial rank#of a military officer. Just something I found that is not connected.

I had to ponder for quite some time racking up my brain repeating faster and faster. I does not make any sense by jotting down fast in speech. Could this be related to a profiled robbery-homicide case?
What a eerie feeling of heightened awareness crept up on me as to tell me something or somebody is watching me in a spooky way. I felt though a message told me to read the time. One summer during a landscaping job disposing yard clippings and wood scraps at a landfill waste site, I felt spooked, got inside the truck, cranking on the ignition switch. It was right there, a clue staring right at me: 12:42 from what I read on the digital clock inside the cab. 12:42

A bunch of numbers with 2 and 4 are coming in close and closer.

A set of numbers gathering in a synchronized pattern. Now what is one to do with such numbers? that is the question. the more I see numbers, there is a clue behind these numbers. Should this been an actual remote viewing, confirmation is required. Otherwise, these repeated dreams are just mere problem solving.

Remote Viewing can vary from the  realm of dreaming, or can be during awake, receiving information by a sender who has the details on where to find a target which the finder did not know in advance of the relayed information. If I was to peek around a location during viewing and describe all bits of vital information to the sender with accuracy then this is confirmed remote viewing. No second guess or else what I am seeing that is not on the correct information is wrong. A form of telepathy can be involved. Originally, remote viewing was a science project in quantum physics, non-local reality, that is to discover whether the mind is limited to the brain or timeless and space less. Now with reported precognitions gathered on the British Premonition Bureau, the mind is found not limited but reaches outwards around the universe. In 1972, cognitive researchers at Standford University allowed a DIA program to use psychic phenomenon for gathering covert psychic spies to eavesdrop on foreign agencies. race relationships with Soviets to arms race. Almost twenty-five years later, the Stargate Project had been disbanded and a small percent of the project has been classified to the public.
Could it be there is a message from the cosmos giving me a sign something big is yet to unravel that had taken place or is yet to come. My first name has significant meaning to dreams; my name is derived from a prophet a Persian, in the Old Testament who was a captive of the Babylonians and he was thrown in a lions den where he had dream like visions of the future. To correlate to this ancient dreamer, most of my life I had strange dreams. Just perhaps it was no mistake I was named after this prophet. I was predestined to be a recipient for numbers in dreams and while awake?

 Another piece of fascination in numerology is 111. In the dream there is a crime that “might” be going down during Christmas season in California’s Central Valley. Just maybe these guys were part of a conspiracy, huger than a bank robbery. Sounds rather silly, but worth taking a look into. This should be robbery without such influence by numbers. 211 is the California penal code number for robbery. If this was a diabolical agenda on roughly around Christmas Eve, 111 days after this festival day is around the Passover and Easter in early April, depending on which calendar year. As we know, Passover and Easter varies from late March to early to mid April. 11:11 is a also a significant number to dark occultists. Occultists practice using numbers in achieving their crimes. That said does not mean everyone who keeps on seeing numbers in 11:11 are that, criminals. Illuminati of such Secret Societies plot out Illuminati “power numbers” of 11 and 13 in doing a diabolical agenda. An example in 9/11, a 911 day gap between the 9/11/01 attacks and the Madrid train bombings on 3/11/04; this numerology of 911 days was confirmed by the FBI. Then there was that averted Sears Tower attack on April 20,2004 having a numerology connection with the London Bombings on July 7,2005. In between those days were 444 days.

The Iranian Embassy siege lasted 444 days. Here is one: Between the July 7,2005 London Bombings and  June 6,2006=333 days. June 6,2006 is a diabolical meaning to the Mark Of The Beast=666. 666 Numerology, part of the dark spiritual 11:11. June 6,2006 is 666 if you were to eliminate the two century digits of the calendar year.
Aleister Crowley’s “Mark Of The Beast” 666 and his Qabalistic 777.
6/06/2006 – 6/6/6 – 6/6/6 = 666.
The London attacks July 7,2005
7/07/2005 – 7/7/2+0+0+5 – 7/7/7 = 777.
Illuminati terrorists use the number 11 to commit such global atrocities. The Illuminati believe they are in the bloodline of Cain and Lucifer as their First Father. They may even personally know their sacrificial victims. I’ve heard dark spiritualists in the Illuminati occult use the number 111 in fetal abductions; whether that number is involved in a huge way, how evil can anyone get. Three is an Illuminati occult number in representation of mock the Trinity. Out here in California a string of  missing women, many who were pregnant became an increasing alarming phenomenon still classified as victims fallen prey to a suspected serial killer who resided in a 80 mile radius from where the females lived. The vanishing of these same women went on in a five year period from 1999-2003. Most were found dead, some remain unaccounted. The FBI/DOJ has a ton of VICAP Violent Criminal Apprehension Program files on
each case.

The number 111 is also significant in numerology of year, month, and day between the September 11,2001 attacks and The October 12, 2002 Bali Bombings in Indonesia. October 12, 2002 is  1 year, 1 month, and 1 day after September 11,2001. 111 are Mystic and Super Power Numbers in Occult Numerology. There is a interesting link between a Illuminati Bohemian Grove occult in the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders. Documentary: DARK SECRETS: INSIDE BOHEMIAN GROVE The Bohemian Grove sanctuary located in Monte Rio outside of Guernerville in Sonoma County is a 2,700 acre Redwood resort for influential members of society in a get-together retreat engaging in binge drinking and participate in pagan ritual ceremonies that includes a plausible link to abducted children. In other areas: pedophilia, queer activity and a worst case possibly imagined: burning of human bodies. From this website a featured article entitled THE TRUTH ABOUT BOHEMIAN GROVE. Though an all male order, the only women allowed are prostitutes. Some of the hitchhiker murders have elements of the murder of runaway teens, suggested occult activity, and sexual assaults that seem tied with S&M fetish or sexual deviancy. See California Occult Murders and California Astrological Murders.

 Others in seeking out numbers such as 11:11 in time attribute this number as a spiritual consciousness or a message from a Higher Self asking for the goodness of people. 

 Anyone else having the same experience with remote viewing/dreams + numbers are welcome to drop in a comment or two, and perhaps we can make a online repository on our dream numbers and what do they mean to us. Try to keep it clean without using insults in attempts to debunk these numbers, whether there is a coincidence or something meaningful.


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