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“The Hand” Sleep Paralysis/Lucid Dreaming.

I could see the movement of my hand rising above my view which in reality my hands during a bout of sleep paralysis is much immobilized. I am the midst of a state of lucid dreaming when I am awake knowingly I am in a dream state right before or nearly in precision timing when I am about to awake.

Several years ago I tried to do an experiment to see if I can see my physical hands while in a lucid dream and the results subsequently that followed proved it. It was three quarter past three A.M. I ha no sleep since 7 A.M. the previous day. My body was exhausted, but anyways, experimental in sleep, half-wake I played a movie on DVD. I timed myself. I feel into sleep around 4:45 A.M. when knowingly I would drift into sleep paralysis and by stating “sleep paralysis” I am not saying the “sleep paralysis awakeness”but the normal sleep paralysis which everybody goes into REM paralysis that keeps us from acting out our dreams or else we all would unintentionally harm ourselves if we did act out our dreams called sleep walking, a very rare phenomenon for some.

Before I go on further about my experiment, here is a brief explanation of what muscle atonia is.

Muscle atonia that is not muscle tone, a feeling of being “numb” resulting from something in the brains secretion that produces a drug of anesthesia to relax the muscles and keeps on emitting in the body’s nervous central system. To that affect, the muscles are first becoming relaxed; and finally paralyzed. With the exception of the diaphragm, the muscles located under the lower ribs, right in the sternum region; this large muscle contracts inhaling and exhaling with the lungs. Other muscles in our body that is not paralyzed is our eyes, as they flutter hence is why it is called rapid eye movement serves as a purpose to locate a sequence of dreams. The throat muscles are too, not paralyzed. However, the vocal chords are limited to normal paralysis.

When we find ourselves in awareness, to know that freeze, paralyzed sensation of not being able to use the muscles, muscle atonia, that is called awareness sleep paralysis, and this is momentarily and causes no harm because of two things that either occur; 1) the secretions of those released hormones are not emitted completely to wear off, this is timing that occurs within a matter of seconds to several moments. I don’t know of anyone who had a prolong state of paralysis, though it must be very eerie that more it takes to wear off that paralysis. 2) The astral body(depends on a belief system) is floating to another dimension, space, into a positive gate or negative gate an your “soul” or ‘astral body’ has not completely return from a journey. It’s like a half away in between space and back into your own self. Astral Voyage, I did read some books on astral projection and used to come to me  naturally. Experts of the paranormal say it is usually genetic; I am not certain, nobody in my bloodline had or has awareness sleep paralysis or as Sylvan Muldoon coined being out of the body, “astral catalepsy.” Sensitive people are highly susceptible to sleep paralysis.

Back to  the experiment. That morning when I had the DVD in the play mode. I could vividly see both the actors and actresses in verbal speech and what they were doing. I also could see numbers. I can concur with this what Carl Jung’s time, synchronicity. He said about numbers are significant meaning to each individuals life and that are more than just a coincidence.

This episode I am referring to on here I would say it is taken as being a lucid dream. I know that I am moving a hand around my head, though it(hand) in essence is right aside of me. I can describe it like an apparition hand waving back in forth between my sight and the television. A ghost hand if you will. You might not think it is physically possible to move around a ghost hand, it is a subliminal level of consciousness picking up pieces of information just like patients at hospitals who have said to have a near death experiment(NDE) or were in a claimed “death experience”(flat lined) recorded by medical staff where the patients described in detail seeing everybody including floating above the ceiling and entering a tunnel seeing different people including God as they could only hear His voice talking to them.

I had one myself during anesthesia at a dental surgery back then to pull out overcrowded teeth. I was not dead, but my subliminal body felt as though I must of “died” on the operating table. It was blissful as though I did not want to return. Darn. I only came back to have a pair of dental assistants and of course the dental surgeon look at me in the face; they said I was “wheezing” which is why to be reassured one of them yelled out my name; they told me I looked “stone cold” dead. Staring at the light fixture above. Most of the time when I was “floating” I could see clouds and that gore and blood they vacuumed out with a tube.

Waving back in a swinging motion with this hand technique, I knew it was a lucid dream. I could see fluttering gas clouds standing on my right peripheral view was a robed figure had been in the room acting out as an observer.  I could not move my head around to face the right side but my senses picked up whoever it was had been here. I had on this mystical dream catcher over my bedside; so it was not an nightmare or else in legendary folklore that bad dream would be caught in the web. Still, the robed figure was still there. I could of snapped, “BOO! GO AWAY!” My vocals were paralyzed even though I tried to synchronize time to break off the paralysis. I could hear a faint, “Cccome ooover hheeere” slightly escaping my lips. My eyes were wide open. The tiny whispers of this robed figure assured my I’d be fine What? A subliminal message. Say what? I think it said , “They will come to get them.Be steady fast.” Nobody is coming to get who. And if so, whom? What the heck? I could only try to record whatever it said in a faint monologue. “Get them out. You must not sleep. Keep alert.” Something to best of my recollection about “downward spiral”? Next thing I knew was a source of red light outside the bedroom window “flashing” I know this because I had slept two nights before  with the shutters half open. When I awoke there was the lights flashing, a gigantic “eye” was hovering above the skyline. The sound of a diesel idling was parked outside. This was accompanied by a loud “Humming.” I became deaf momentarily afterwards; my cranium was crammed to the point of nearly exploding. Finally, I was able to regain my hearing. Was it a UFO? Cool, a UFO. I hopped out and dashed towards the window; the lights stopped. Nobody was out there. No UFO. No gigantic big eye in the sky. No diesel. Finally, I awoke. My goodness, a false awakening.

Where the figure stood, there was a “moist” to the floor on that very spot. With a flashlight I examined for any leaks. There was not a drop of water. No evaporation. Just almost directly across the room the previous year at that time an apparition of a sort of a young one watching me as I slept.

Anybody who has awareness sleep paralysis and wants to do this “hand technique” give it a try; you might find other ways of knowing sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming is more than meets the eye. You just might stimulate a subliminal “spirit” to come to you. Just an study; analysis of what I can make out of this. Maybe those numbers at the Starbucks painting was telling me a message. If anything paranormal: An encrypted warning.

No terrorist attack, I do not want find in this subliminal message. I don’t need another 9 1 1 telepathy.



A spirit of a dead girl in a well?

It was nearly 25 years ago when I was walking up this hill that is located outside my former work place. It is about over a hundred yards from the shed to this concealed water well. It was covered with cement because no service of water was needed for irrigation. The canal nearby was completely empty. It was almost 5 P.M. just one day after Christmas that I was curious how it looked up real close when I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I could hear a little girl moaning ,”help me” from inside this location. In response I automatically yelled, ” Hello?!” without any clear conscious of why I would do a such thing. “Somebody help me…Mommy! ” followed by  a sob. ‘What the heck’ I thought. I thought I was going insane by listening to something that at first wasn’t there. So I walked away and tried to shake the shouting from my head. I thought for sure if it didn’t go away, I may of went mad. The further I walked away the more girlish yelling I could hear. Then I walked back towards the well and suddenly the sobbing became gentile. I became scarce that maybe there was a ghost of a girl who could of very well fell in it in past time. Then this voice said, “I’m going to tell my mommy you hurt me.” A aggressive sound of tantrum erupted so I decided this whole thing was inside my head because this had to be a fragment of my imagination. The next day I went to those scan projectors at the local library where somebody could look for a old newspaper article
for a missing girl in my area. There was a handful of missing girls for so many months and years in the entire tri-valley region. It was 1991, and in the 1980’s there was so many girls who was declared missing, abducted and ended up murdered for some. To me at the time that a missing girl from Antioch in 1983 seven years earlier was abducted around Thanksgiving and found dead near a dump site outside the city. She lived in a neighborhood that is almost parallel to a canal. By coincidence the voice I heard was just near a canal but in a different location which isn’t really that far, because Brentwood(where I lived and worked) and Antioch(the city where the murdered girl lived) is about 10 minutes from each other. The eerie feeling that perhaps one of these girls could of been held against her will by a elusive killer who left her for dead in this well. The well I should mention wasn’t concealed until sometime during the 80’s. Could it be possible that what I heard that day was a soul of a dead girl as what I heard, “I’m going to tell mommy you hurt me?” If it was foul play, then the killer was very familiar with the location. There could be a serial child abductor who lived in Brentwood. The well as of the past two decades has been totally torn down due to housing development in that area. Nobody else who worked at the irrigation district had ever reported hearing or seeing anything that was deemed as a ghost shouting or a sighting,except myself. If anybody besides me who heard what I heard probably never told about it out of fear. There is no other explanation why this girl would say of what she said.

Presdestination vs. Free Will. One way or the other?

Linda Hanson wakes up one morning only to learn her husband, Jim, is killed in a fatal car accident the previous day. When she awakes, Linda finds Jim much alive. Then she awakens the next morning to a dimension in which he is dead.

She awakes in a dream in events that are not in order. One dream Jim is dead; the awakening, he is alive. Linda has these recurrent dreams until she creates her own calendar marking down what day her husband died. A series of characters and events must fit in the time line to fit the day Jim passed on.

Anybody who knows what I am talking about is from the 2007 film by Sony Tr-Star Production, “Premonition” starring Sandra Bullock.

However, the movie also gives the audience to decide if her inconsistencies in life plays a big role in Linda’s mindset than her dreams of a premonition itself.

In the film it was quite obvious her lifestyle was lacking a spark. Otherwise, it is called The Dangers Of The Faithless based on her inconsistencies of losing faith in her trust in herself and her marital relationship which she choose to take. She has free choice.

I call this film a movie about fate. Jim’s death was a result of determinism, the cause of a cause that resulted in effect that was determined.

Linda’s presence in time is vital to the future that makes her do something about Jim before he vanquishes in a fatal decision so to speak. To change the future, in a science fantasy(and or science faction) text, is to go back in time to make a change for the future before it does happen.

The Paradox, often called the casual loop refers to time travel. A paradox is a contradiction to physical conditions of our current universe. The possibility of the chances of altering the future, altering history does not change.

Simply, if I was playing outfield in a baseball game only to catch a pop fly that is the condition I would do, to catch the ball, not to let it drop. I caught the ball does not change the fact the ball was going to fall before it landed in my glove. I did have a choice in that matter because on my own will I choose not to allow the ball to fall on the ground. Saying that, I attribute my success in catching the ball to action, made up of four components:
1)Will – my ability to make a decision
2)Strength- using the will to use muscles to determine the action
3)Time – the distance between locations
4)Place – a location determined by space of when and where the event occurs

Should I was to have a premonition dream of somebody close to me or a estranged being remotely who I do not know awaiting for a dangerous situation to occur, and this is often repeated with taking a chance to warn that person ahead of time, only to reassure any safety precautions such as to warn in advanced when it worked then I just prevented a fatalistic event to occur. You can look at this as a predestination paradox, not allowing a horrible fate to happen.

On the opposite, I just let these to occur without doing something about it, neglecting to act. Not so much of my failure, it was that a Higher Being wrote this up on a blue print in advanced before existence of time not allowing me to intervene. This is called predestination. Way before this happened, everything was fixed. I could not change the upcoming future since it has not yet come. I could try to change it, but I can’t for it is already been predestined. This is a notion that we are not responsible for our own each destinies, leaving doubt in our minds because we have no free will in a predestined universe.

Or do we have free will?

Let’s say by example, if Jesus the Christ, his life was laid out in plan accordingly to the heavenly God, meaning the Christ was destined to die for the wrong doings of everybody else’s mistakes, yet Jesus knew he was going to be sacrificed and choose to flee with his apostles and evade his destiny, if you will, do we actually believe not choosing to suffer would actually change the outcome of the future? Then God self defeated his purpose if he had given free will to the Christ, man and creature. Pardon me if I sound to you as I am deliberately offending God, I am trying to make examples of predestination since the etymology of the word “predestination” itself is commonly used in the bible. Alright?!

Now, Judas Iscariot, who betrayed the Christ for 30 pieces of silver, just like everybody else is born with the exercise of free will. Judas, had he not been given a purpose to turn over Jesus to the Sanhedrin who despised the Christ, how would Jesus be able to die for these wrong doings? Had Judas escaped his destiny, the dude would of been using his own free will. Christ might as well turned himself over on his own without the use of a “manipulated” Judas.  Either way, the Christ had made this ultimate sacrifice; Judas spilled out his bowels by hanging himself on a tree. Both the Christ and Judas was part of a huge plan, in spite that Jesus chose fate if you will.

In fact, he did choose to be tormented, the Christ’s passion does not change the bloodshed of what happened shortly after and the time of this current world. The future is set by our own choice.

Free Will and Freedom of choice are on the same level.

If mankind had Free Will of an “omnipotence” deity, or a monotheistic God, that is unlimited power, we would create humans in existence free from constraints-wars, famine, pestilence, diseases and so on. Free Will gives the option for man to exercise the choices unrestrained that is by fate or predeterminism. It gives the notion that predestination does not exist; we are not bound by a decision made by a Higher Being, thus free will exists.

Karma, sanskrit कर्म, for action, performance; that is something we do for our own selves. So practitioners of this principle in the end do not really follow through karma. They tend to blame others for their own actions. Karma is usually selfishness, greed, and not really selfless as far as I know anybody who accepts the ideal of karma. Usually these types of people always need to find something to believe in.

Better yet to go into shake and roll the dice and gamble away with life. Or do we regard our own life’s so preciously? For me, I don’t care with much sincere if I die(figure of speech), for example, I go enlist myself in the Marines and getting my face blown off by a enemy sniper in the battlefield or getting myself killed in the process of engaging myself in a physical altercation during a grueling street fight or even suffering  from a coronary that resulted of a disease from predetermined biological/hereditary conditions; but if I do I have to know the difference between dying for something and dying for nothing. However, knowing that I do have a risk for pancreatic cancer and heart disease via biological, I have the freedom of choice to do something about it than it is to easily blame the disease on hereditary conditions. This is called predeterminism, that is when the outcome of an event that has a cause and effect relationship. Free will requires determinism. In order for free will to happen is when predeterminism allows a cause and effect relationship which in the outcome affects the decision.

Here is another way to look at karma and reincarnation: There is no absolute right or wrong in our lives. If we choose our destiny for our next incarnation for the next life, ask yourselves if a better life is chosen ahead for you. And if so, will your next life be the same or will you be set to be condemned for your previous life? Should your previous life had a decision making that determined this current life it is likely the present was predetermined. Choice is always an option. Should I be in error about karma, I would like to hear from you. I’ll be gladly to hear the philosophy of karma has to provide on predestination, I am not exactly a principle follower on Eastern religion but has done researching on karma.

There is no actual guarantee what the future will hold. That would be a valid argument that there is a “free will.” Nobody knows what God has in store for each of us, so we can’t be really positive to say, “God knows what is good for you” or “It is God’s will this and that happened.”

Newcomb’s Paradox is a cast lot game between two players to determine if one purports to predict the future. It is based on decision theory. Newcomb’s Paradox illustrates the problem of  God’s omniscience and human freedom. While Christians forbid shake and roll the dice because of this so-called play with life is deemed as ungodly, who is really to say it is a sin to gamble with destiny. Life is a game. We can’t be sanctimonious. It’s called free will, whether you choose to believe you are going to be judged with severity for taking risks, or just need to explore without being held down with such fear.

If we had chosen to take on a life which is social acceptable in order to fit in, such as to satisfies general interest. This kind of attitudes and conditions is called conformity, a group oriented to balance out a formation and maintain social norms; and not exactly social pressures formed on one’s own self-centered interest. If living under a so-called normal lifestyle is adequate to create a harmonious, unconscious influences to balance out a formation and maintain a social function, how much is really a good life or a bad life? If social pressures creates a go with the flow attitudes, which to others is not acceptable to them, then something is terribly going wrong. This pleasures of conformity does have consequences for any mistakes. This is when freedom of choice whether to adjust to being accepted or not to fit in with the crowd comes in.

Fitting in with the crowd is to avoid social rejection. So, the question is why do I need to agree with these elite members of the social to be accepted? Why become a hypocrite? Why can’t we be our own selves? You can agree with them but only doing it in a silent way. This is when you don’t really agree with them in compliance. Best thing is not to go along with the flow. Rather become your own individual! Be yourself.

Who is really any class of peer pressure to make such a influential decision for you to fit in with the crowd, who is likely misguided amongst the masses even after they are accepted. Are they destined to live in such total utopia? Are our minds raped without conscious?

The Christian Fundamentalists sees the 9/11 attack as a way for God to punish our country for our own separated beliefs from his. This is nonsense. If God had allowed these atrocities to occur, wouldn’t this be called a hateful and jealous God? The bible does acknowledge God is a jealous, slow to anger? god. So, this gives God the right to create and destroy as much he pleases? What happened to a merciful God who does understand? Therefore, God delivering a gift of macabre violence must be a hateful god who is deemed as a loving God. Saying God both is love and hate from a biblical context is a contradiction; God then must be on the contrary, a double-standard, for everything he represents. The Old Testament speaks volumes of God’s own terrorism on earth; The New Testament sheds a lighter side of God by offering salvation. That is called a paradox in my book.

We are created with free will; our own choices is from our own, not God’s will be that happen. If I was to commit a crime on my own freedom of choice, that is my will; not God’s. God did not make any plan for me to plan, and carry out a crime. In example, the writing of the Higher Being has it that I plan to rob a bank next week, and I do it, this act was already predetermined. Should I decide to alter my plan by free will not to rob the bank, that is essentially free will and not predestination in writing by God, Higher Being written on a tablet.

If God allowed terrorists to attack the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, that is going along with man’s own choice, his path, to do this horrendous act. If God send down the gift of death on the Flood of the first world,  Sodom and Gomorrah, the Canaanites, the first born Egyptians then God must already punished America only instead of the entire “secularized” world. This action would rule out both a “single predestination” and “double predestination.”

A single predestination from Lutheran is when God in advanced  chooses an “elect” group of people who goes to his kingdom in heaven.

A double predestination from Calvanism refers to his divine determinism who is called to heaven and who will go to hell.

If there was God fearing “elect” Christians at the World Trade Center, and I am sure there were, present on 9/11/01 who died, then God’s wrath opposes both the single predestination and double predestination. The “elect” must been the fallen from grace if we were to think of this since there are those who incite, “You better not twist the arm of God or else he is going to destroy 3,000 more.” God, on the contrary, as in the Judeo-Christian scriptures has it that he does not force his will to have mankind to have a God-man relationship with him. He desires each of us to be intimate with him in mind, body and spirit. Thereof, God could of not then predetermined for his will  in allowing terrorists to strike on his behalf. That is mans will even though God in past tense has used men aside from himself to wage war against his enemies who did not submit to his word. Sounds ironic?

If God knowing that a woman is to have an abortion way before she bears a fetus in her womb, she is limitless to exterminate the fetus or to have it or put it up for adoption. She has a choice to abort it or save it. It makes no sense  to just say  if the woman has an abortion she will be condemned to all eternity. Abortion is not necessarily murder. There is real life situations when a life making decision should this woman had been a victim of rape; does she want the child whose father is the rapist to know his or her birth was not planned or would she have instead the baby then put it up for adoption. For the other Christians who imply, “everything happens for a’s Gods will.” No. No. No. You have just said, “God has a purpose for this to happen.” If your words ever affected me, you just attempted to prove a point a omnipresent God is not concerned with his creation since he never intervened to prevent  mass murder and the rape to occur in the first place.

The woman in question made a choice to abort the fetus due to a cause and effect relationship. The conception was not planned with any consent as though she had no choice in the first cause in that matter. In the following cause, the effect from sexual assault  this cause left her to make a free will to abort which is the effect to an extent from the cause and effect lead to a chain of consequences as a result more so if the birth was planned but only she and or the father on a consensual will both did not want to bring the child into the world not giving the fetus a chance to live. This is also an example of predeterminism. Free will does require determinism.

If this is God’s will according to those who imply  this “God has a reason”, then is it reasonable to ask ‘Why does an all knowing, omniscient, all loving  God allow innocent people to suffer?’

If our freedom, our free will is determined  by a higher being, a deity, the point of God’s morality is just an illusion. Freedom thereof does not exist. The giving and taking of life “will always be” is just then normal?

Our free will is upon self-knowledge. It is free will that each of us chose. We have two propositions: To make our free will or non-deterministic free will. We just can’t blame a Satan for our every wrong doing. We have our own conscience.
If you are to say we did our own choice by a random act, then how in the heck do you come up with a conclusion, our own free will is by no plans? Random is not both free will or deterministic choices.

If we were to alter the future which an “Omniscience” God has already foresaw, determined who was going to betray the Christ, could we all pay a heavily price for doing so?  For example of  such as Judas who was “predestined” to fate whether he had chosen a different path escaping, not giving the Christ to his enemies, so that he could die for redemption, altering the prophecies would not be exactly a contradiction to free will. Judas had then practiced free will, going against a plan set forth in motion. The troubling result was Judas was headed towards a horrible fate. When Judas took his own life as he clearly did, was he forgiven for both betrayal of the son of God? And forgiven for killing a life, his own? Peter, the disciple was also a traitor to a sense when he denied he even knew his master when he acknowledged Jesus as the Christ in a time before he was in denial. Peter could of said, “I do know this man, I am his follower!” But no, Peter did in fact denied Christ. A set of possibilities could of been chosen between Jesus, Judas and Peter. Then we have is a paradox; both human and God’s predestination for the elect and the fallen from grace.

Judas “predestined” seems to be clearly doomed  for his actions as opposed to a Peter who is pardoned for his act of betrayal. Does that mean God has chosen certain people to act as agents of evil as in this case, Judas was manipulated by both God and a Satan to betray a innocent man’s blood. Peter, too was in despair and in betrayal of his master and he was “predetermined” to live and spread ‘the good word.’ This to me does not make sense.

Knowledge is at my hands. Never to understand?

If we do not have non-deterministic choices; thereof “choice and the future does not exist.” We are just operating on no plans to make a decision. However, non-free will opens up for limitless possibilities. Think of predetermined free will by a Higher Being, God, that being everything is set forth. But, we do have a branch of infinite possibilities.

God had to know before 9/11/01 this was going to happen, am I correct? This infinite capacity to know everything in the future is Omniscient, in this God knows everything the future and the causes resulting to that action. That alone does not mean God planned out this act of murder, going against the ‘sixth commandment’ he gave to Moses on Mt. Sinai, this would be called choice, giving man the right to free will to chose his path, to kill or not to kill; we might consider “thou shall not kill” non-deterministic free will.  If God on his will wanted to eliminate the secularists, gays, lesbians, ACLU, pagans, Muslims, and non-Christians we would not survive a millisecond nor would he supposedly chose Christian soldiers to carry out this so-called act of “God’s Hand.”

Fundamentalists go on with literature, when interpreted, saying the second coming of Christ has to come if only prophecies by an “Omniscience God” have to  happen, if you will. And of course, Christian fundies come across as brainwashed (likely suffering from left temporal lobe epilepsy?? No joke) awaiting for the glorious second coming of the Christ appearing to come. It may never happen now or any time sooner. Who really knows what sort of plan God holds for us? God and imperfect humans are on the same coin only with different heads, which itself is a paradox. Nazis-eugenics, the belief in perfect humans- and Communists-monocapitalist/jewish bankers/globalism- share socialist ideas and yet are on the opposite side of the paradox.

It seems accordingly to some and most of our social functions are controlled by a destiny project controlled by a social paradox of how to think of a different way of our predestination paradox.

Religion has proven to be either a very possible truth or a paradox, which is self-contradiction. Christians, Muslims has fought over religions over the course of many centuries and has nothing gained from it except a absurd holy wars. Where is the kingdom of heaven and virgins await them in the afterlife they sought for? All of this for a proposed predestination paradox. They were like unaware of shaking and rolling the dice, taking chances while killing the other religion over earthly conquest would be glorified in the name of either deity, God or Allah.

Fallacies in the mind.

Here is another example of fallacies-paradox as in the 2002  science-fiction( or lack for a better word, science faction-part fact, part fiction) flick ‘The Minority Report’, in a set future, 2054, not to far from this world, a special trio of mutated psychic warriors known as the “precogs” born with gifted precognition abilities to see the future, in which they had this capability to foresee crime happening in the near future aiding a elite police unit to apprehend the culprits before the act of murder “would” occur. The system is flawless. In order for this system, “Pre-crime” to operate perfectly is for seeing futuristic crimes, even when it means there is a flaw somewhere. It is a predetermined paradox.

Even the feeling of spite, malice, ill-will towards another human being without and or hesitation of taking a persons life in law is considered “premeditation” in real life. Can a person be accused of murder if there was no arrest? Out of 3 of these precogs, only one has a different premonition from the others, hence, is why the program was called “The Minority Report.” This particular precog has a dream of  futuristic events that is more accurate than the other two, even when all three of these psychics operated in successfully help police stop a crime before it was to occur through the help of their infallible premonitions. The director of a “murder free” program knows a deadly truth that will send the innocent behind bars to allegedly secure a ‘crime free’ environment even when the fact there was police intervention before a crime was to take place moments before it was set to occur by altering the outcome by the future criminal accepting “choice.”

As seen in the first example in the film whereabouts a married man on his way to work suspects his spouse is having a extra-marital affair with another man. His suspicions is true: his wife is having an affair. He is in premeditation of murdering before hand both his spouse and her lover. The husband has already committed premeditation murder in his mind, but his own defense against the arresting officers is that he had no intentions of killing in spite he is caught with a pair of scissors in his hands. Premeditation seems quite evident. The question is that moments before his apprehension did he have time to think it through to make a free will based decision whether he was going to walk away or actually going to stab both his wife and the man she has an affair with. On the defense of the “Pre-Crime”unit , the precog who aided police is predetermined with such flawless psychic abilities that determines the fate of so-called futuristic criminals before there was crime that was not yet committed. And this psychic has been given a crucial role in the foundation and functioning of Pre-Crime.

The system is rigged from the start. A cover-up. Pre-Crime is based on public opinion in the overwhelming majority who favors the system. Since the public opinion favors Pre-Crime, the murder rate in the District of Columbia dropped very drastically by the use of the program since Pre-Crime was established six years before in the year 2048. In reality, the actual homicide rate dropped ‘zero’ percent. This leaves a paradox of how the system operates, because the would-be perpetrators are arrested, charged, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned for a crime they have not committed, just yet. Those behind bars in the future are most innocent, we will never know how many innocent condemned prisoners are wrongly imprisoned as such in reality as of today. Too many behind bars incarcerated of a crime they were formally accused of to begin with. Physical evidence is lack of.  The system has flaws and is easily a paradox.

What does one really do when they had a wake up vision that foretells disaster in the future? The ancients used ‘bird signs’ to predict the outcome of wars and the health of others; a paradox or they did have “gifts” to see the future and do something about these events before they do occur. As someone who has experience of precognition dreams-third eye projection(rarely get them in recent times; these dreams have nightmarish images) I could not say what I did or could do.

A man sees in his dreams an airliner crash weeks or months before the disaster occurred. He did something about it and called the FAA in advanced with details of his dream that recurred to him more than twice. A woman sees her husband dead one day, alive in the next, in her dreams in the days before he is destined to die(in a fatal accident).

They say to call up somebody you dreamed about and express to them how much you love them if the dream conveys a message of warning. What if you do not find them?  What if you do not know this person in your dreams? And something will happen? Don’t you think that casts a bad spell with a heavy burden they wished they had done more to prevent the sort of happening to occur when the future can be seen as probabilistic. What caused it to happen could be prevented with intervention. Or is life filled with inevitable events called fate?

Free will then does not exist?

Choice: Free will must be a illusion by ourselves since we live in a predestined world.

Going back as I mentioned earlier, life is a chance, risk.  Either that or do something to prevent something tragic. Then it is free will. The predestination paradox can be and or then eliminated by our own choice.

You are wondering all of this doesn’t make that much sense. If you took more than a few seconds to think about it, Predestination and Free Will does not go hand in hand nor does not make a total logic sense. I could option for Quantum Mechanics when need to be involving the issue of predeterminism.

What is God’s will? That is the question. What is God’s will? Do any of us know what is his will? Let’s think it through.

These are just my own ranting and raving notions on paradox. Hopefully I will add more on free will vs. determinism blog entries.