“The Hand” Sleep Paralysis/Lucid Dreaming.

I could see the movement of my hand rising above my view which in reality my hands during a bout of sleep paralysis is much immobilized. I am the midst of a state of lucid dreaming when I am awake knowingly I am in a dream state right before or nearly in precision timing when I am about to awake.

Several years ago I tried to do an experiment to see if I can see my physical hands while in a lucid dream and the results subsequently that followed proved it. It was three quarter past three A.M. I ha no sleep since 7 A.M. the previous day. My body was exhausted, but anyways, experimental in sleep, half-wake I played a movie on DVD. I timed myself. I feel into sleep around 4:45 A.M. when knowingly I would drift into sleep paralysis and by stating “sleep paralysis” I am not saying the “sleep paralysis awakeness”but the normal sleep paralysis which everybody goes into REM paralysis that keeps us from acting out our dreams or else we all would unintentionally harm ourselves if we did act out our dreams called sleep walking, a very rare phenomenon for some.

Before I go on further about my experiment, here is a brief explanation of what muscle atonia is.

Muscle atonia that is not muscle tone, a feeling of being “numb” resulting from something in the brains secretion that produces a drug of anesthesia to relax the muscles and keeps on emitting in the body’s nervous central system. To that affect, the muscles are first becoming relaxed; and finally paralyzed. With the exception of the diaphragm, the muscles located under the lower ribs, right in the sternum region; this large muscle contracts inhaling and exhaling with the lungs. Other muscles in our body that is not paralyzed is our eyes, as they flutter hence is why it is called rapid eye movement serves as a purpose to locate a sequence of dreams. The throat muscles are too, not paralyzed. However, the vocal chords are limited to normal paralysis.

When we find ourselves in awareness, to know that freeze, paralyzed sensation of not being able to use the muscles, muscle atonia, that is called awareness sleep paralysis, and this is momentarily and causes no harm because of two things that either occur; 1) the secretions of those released hormones are not emitted completely to wear off, this is timing that occurs within a matter of seconds to several moments. I don’t know of anyone who had a prolong state of paralysis, though it must be very eerie that more it takes to wear off that paralysis. 2) The astral body(depends on a belief system) is floating to another dimension, space, into a positive gate or negative gate an your “soul” or ‘astral body’ has not completely return from a journey. It’s like a half away in between space and back into your own self. Astral Voyage, I did read some books on astral projection and used to come to me  naturally. Experts of the paranormal say it is usually genetic; I am not certain, nobody in my bloodline had or has awareness sleep paralysis or as Sylvan Muldoon coined being out of the body, “astral catalepsy.” Sensitive people are highly susceptible to sleep paralysis.

Back to  the experiment. That morning when I had the DVD in the play mode. I could vividly see both the actors and actresses in verbal speech and what they were doing. I also could see numbers. I can concur with this what Carl Jung’s time, synchronicity. He said about numbers are significant meaning to each individuals life and that are more than just a coincidence.

This episode I am referring to on here I would say it is taken as being a lucid dream. I know that I am moving a hand around my head, though it(hand) in essence is right aside of me. I can describe it like an apparition hand waving back in forth between my sight and the television. A ghost hand if you will. You might not think it is physically possible to move around a ghost hand, it is a subliminal level of consciousness picking up pieces of information just like patients at hospitals who have said to have a near death experiment(NDE) or were in a claimed “death experience”(flat lined) recorded by medical staff where the patients described in detail seeing everybody including floating above the ceiling and entering a tunnel seeing different people including God as they could only hear His voice talking to them.

I had one myself during anesthesia at a dental surgery back then to pull out overcrowded teeth. I was not dead, but my subliminal body felt as though I must of “died” on the operating table. It was blissful as though I did not want to return. Darn. I only came back to have a pair of dental assistants and of course the dental surgeon look at me in the face; they said I was “wheezing” which is why to be reassured one of them yelled out my name; they told me I looked “stone cold” dead. Staring at the light fixture above. Most of the time when I was “floating” I could see clouds and that gore and blood they vacuumed out with a tube.

Waving back in a swinging motion with this hand technique, I knew it was a lucid dream. I could see fluttering gas clouds standing on my right peripheral view was a robed figure had been in the room acting out as an observer.  I could not move my head around to face the right side but my senses picked up whoever it was had been here. I had on this mystical dream catcher over my bedside; so it was not an nightmare or else in legendary folklore that bad dream would be caught in the web. Still, the robed figure was still there. I could of snapped, “BOO! GO AWAY!” My vocals were paralyzed even though I tried to synchronize time to break off the paralysis. I could hear a faint, “Cccome ooover hheeere” slightly escaping my lips. My eyes were wide open. The tiny whispers of this robed figure assured my I’d be fine What? A subliminal message. Say what? I think it said , “They will come to get them.Be steady fast.” Nobody is coming to get who. And if so, whom? What the heck? I could only try to record whatever it said in a faint monologue. “Get them out. You must not sleep. Keep alert.” Something to best of my recollection about “downward spiral”? Next thing I knew was a source of red light outside the bedroom window “flashing” I know this because I had slept two nights before  with the shutters half open. When I awoke there was the lights flashing, a gigantic “eye” was hovering above the skyline. The sound of a diesel idling was parked outside. This was accompanied by a loud “Humming.” I became deaf momentarily afterwards; my cranium was crammed to the point of nearly exploding. Finally, I was able to regain my hearing. Was it a UFO? Cool, a UFO. I hopped out and dashed towards the window; the lights stopped. Nobody was out there. No UFO. No gigantic big eye in the sky. No diesel. Finally, I awoke. My goodness, a false awakening.

Where the figure stood, there was a “moist” to the floor on that very spot. With a flashlight I examined for any leaks. There was not a drop of water. No evaporation. Just almost directly across the room the previous year at that time an apparition of a sort of a young one watching me as I slept.

Anybody who has awareness sleep paralysis and wants to do this “hand technique” give it a try; you might find other ways of knowing sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming is more than meets the eye. You just might stimulate a subliminal “spirit” to come to you. Just an study; analysis of what I can make out of this. Maybe those numbers at the Starbucks painting was telling me a message. If anything paranormal: An encrypted warning.

No terrorist attack, I do not want find in this subliminal message. I don’t need another 9 1 1 telepathy.



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