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Psychic Warrior.

“Time travel had its limitations, and the science fiction writers were all wrong. It wasn’t like the movie ‘Back To The Future’; you couldn’t change the past to affect future time. The past was locked and the future was an untethered fire house, rocking and swaying, constantly changing, infinite variables affecting it as time crept forward”

— excerpts from the book ‘Psychic Warrior’
David Morehouse on Remote Viewing.

At the shipyards—–cargo freights are heavily guarded on the docks of Port Haifa. A military officer with a stern look, making a brief conversation with me. I am smoking a cigarette, and I tell him there is no sign of disturbance on my watch. The officer nods and tells me he wants a “smoke.” I salute my watch commander before he departs. Soon after I am confronted by other military commandos at the port. Nearby on a crate nearby, I see a marking on it in Hebrew.

Astral Remote Viewing in the few short weeks after September 11,2001. I was in the astral remote viewing mode in the “eyes” of one Israeli Defense commando, looking at a target or location only within the mind.  With so much astral energies, RV dealt with human fate around the globe. The world was on edge nearly on dire strait after it welcomed in the new millennium as much distress, fear and anxiety allowed in during and right after the recent attacks in the East Coast.


Facade and the 2nd amendment at stake.

Facade is a word to describe the event last week at Falcon Heights nearby  St. Paul, MN where a police officer shot Philando Castile during a routine traffic stop.  The shooting was not captured on a cell phone cam but most of the subsequent happenings after was by his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds.

I’ve seen the entire video which is about 10 minutes in length. The incident did not appear to be racially motivated nor was their any evidence of malice aforethought from what I’ve analyzed. Philando’s girlfriend didn’t seem upset at all when her boyfriend was slumped over in the passenger seat, bleeding, nor was her 4 year-old daughter, Dae-Anna, in the backseat upset and crying like a child would in any case. Apathetic is best to describe the woman videotaping  a livestream video which she posted on facebook. Reynolds didn’t appear emotional; she didn’t yell at the officer to call for an ambulance. She was being narrative.  It was like her words just had no meaning, like reading out of a script without feeling.

I had to  wonder if this was a crisis actor event which is to lean the viewers opinion about the issue on the second amendment, meaning the government will push for a real strict gun ban movement. This facade would implicate Castile as being a Freemason who had to be sacrificed for a anti-gun campaign. The removal of the second amendment. Philosophy of the Freemasons: “ORDO AB CHAO”, in latin. Translated, this means, “Out of chaos, (comes) order.”The ban of all firearms would mean an call out from our government to send in UN troops keeping both citizens and civilians under scrutiny under martial law. Let’s take a while to think about the second amendment and our Constitution at stake in the near future, shall we?

“The Swarm” fillm.

A 1978 disaster movie, “The Swarm”. I’ve seen this low budget film a long time ago when it was released in theaters. Based on the book by Arthur Herzog, “The Swarm” stars   Katharine Ross and Michael Caine. The film begins with an attack on a airbase, then swarming into a city  and  on wards to Austin,TX. A scientist comes up with an experiment combating a massive swarm of lethal africanized bees-as we know these invasive species as the ‘killer bees’- 22 billion  invading the U.S. border swarming in Texas in for a stinging disaster of nature vs. man. As the swarm askews, this scientist begins to create an super anti-venom.  In fact how  these stinging insects actually escaped was on a ship that contained beekeepers hives from Africa to begin with and found their way into Brazil(should you want facts + theory watch “In Search Of…Killer Bees” hosted by the late Leonard Nimoy – 1976 on youtube.)  Just last year killer bees found their way into the Bay Area after spending most of their migration in the warmer climates down in South America and Central America. Anyways, If you want cinema  watch the movie. Also starring Richard Chamberlain, “The Swarm” is out on DVD formats (not found in stores) via Amazon and E-Bay. On television  look for the listings on TMC-Turner Movie Classics.  A lot of buzz going on these days on bees. Call it mechanical resonance. Bee season is here upon us all –Bee-careful, don’t get stung.  If you find nature going out of line thrilling then check out James Pattersons’ “The Zoo” every Tuesday on CBS.

Rapture – “Left Behind” film.

After seeing the 2014 version of “Left Behind”, I preferred the original that starred Kirk Cameron than the former with Nicolas Cage. The core is mainly derived from Christian eschatology. 1 Thessolonians 4:13-18. Though not in the Church’s doctrine, the bible does teach those who follow Christ through his/her heart will be caught up in the air during His second coming. The Second Coming was thought as once to be dated around 1843 by a  prophet (his followers formed what became the Quakers) and this was a mindset then as it is nearly widely accepted in this day of age. If this is to be true what about those who are Christ like(other than Christians) who are like moderate Muslims and Buddhists; will they be left behind with the rest of a secular society? And what about perseverance to the very end. Meaning to withstand the final 3/12 years of the Great Tribulation instead of being spared.
Left Behind raises questions about biblical prophecies in the End Time thought this film is really a great piece of Christian both mind provoking and entertainment.

Re: Assassination of 5 Dallas Police Officers/ 7/7/2016

Last nights shooting in Dallas, TX  was declared by officials as the work of one man: Mica Johnson, 25, an ex-military service man. He was said before he was killed by a police detonator that he wanted to kill white police officers.  Bullsh*te. This was a paramilitary ambush on the  Dallas Police Department in advanced and not connected to a bunch of gang bangers getting even with the police for the recent police-involved  shootings in LA and MN this past week. The police were caught in a triangular crossfire, an ambush which there were at least 2-3 snipers firing from the Omni in Dallas getting the officers in the line of trajectory crossfire.. 5 officers killed, 2 civilians injured. Why did they chose Dallas? In the south, is a hotbed of paramilitary/umbrella groups performing black ops over there. Remember, JFK was murdered in this style at the grassy knoll in Dallas back in ’63. Also, yesterday was the 11th anniversary of the London bombings; 7/7/2005. I smell the illuminati at it again. This time on American soil. 11 is a sacred number to perform a illuminati ritual. These kind of atrocities can be linked to one of the deadliest secret societies.

The final call of the lizard king.

“Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as ravens claws.” – James Douglas Morrison.
Jim Morrison death on New York Post
Jim Morrison(born James Douglas Morrison of Melbourne, Florida born Dec 8,1943). A true prophet and musician.
It was July 4th, 1971 the world had learned of the death of a Irish American poet known as Jim Morrison in Paris, France.  He was said to die of a heart attack in his bathtub on the early morning of July 3,1971. Know one really knows for sure. It was reported to a very few people in the days before Jim Morrison’s alleged death that he had been introduced to smack,or horse aka heroin by soul mate Courson(supposedly both Jim and Pamela were married, but no marriage document has ever been found to back up this claim as that of Jim and a rock n’ roll magazine critic Patricia Keanneley were engaged in a wiccan hand fast wedding ritual).
What makes the heroin story interesting is at times during his last year while living in France, Jim Morrison had checked in a medical clinic in Europe after gurgling clots of blood seeping from his nostrils and mouth while complaining of shallow breathing with chest pressure. The most bizarre is the night before his death, Jim attended The Rock N’ Roll Circus a  known rave to the underworld and musicians.  While spending a real blast, he  had been inducing a suffice quality of smack that he was stoned high and passed out and even in fatal:overdosed. That is when supposedly a few pals of his lifted him back home to his Paris suite.
This is what happened accordingly to conflicting stories:
Jim and Pam watched some of the singers home made videos then went to sleep. Pamela heard often Jim coughing out loud in the bathroom and heard him complaining of snorting out blood clots but then told her he’d be alright. In between July 2 and the early twilight hours of July 3,1971, Jim had spend his last minutes or final hour in the bathroom at the Paris suite in the bathtub filled with water to chill out the effects of heroin.  Pamela entered and found her boyfriend laying there. She told him to wake up when she first thought he was asleep. But then she saw his eyes opened and thought it was one of his usual jokes. Finally she noticed a large amounts of pink colored clots of blood in the pool and blood mucus under Jim’s nostrils.
Had she became frantic? Pamela waited a long period of time before a doctor was dispatched to the scene where he found Jim laying in the tub and lifted him out and into the bedroom where resuscitation was performed. A French policeman arrived at the Paris suite finding  Jim Morrison laying dead on top of his bed. He had began to jot down questions to Pamela, the doctor and three of her and Jim’s friends in France(who had been called at the scene first after Pam became hysterical). No pulse was found in spite of many attempts to revive Jim Morrison. The doctor only gave a certificate of death. One thing was missing: The known cause of death of Jim Morrison.
By this time, rumors of Jim Morrison death had spread out on the airwaves. The Electra label record company in London called The Doors manager Bill Siddons for confirmation. In turn, Siddons phoned the group’s keyboardist, Ray Manzereck,who asked Siddons to make a flight trip to Paris for an official record.
Given to a  state of mind of Pamela Courson, nobody for sure knows for exact certain of what really happened that early morning of July 3,1971. After all she was a well known smack addict and she had a lot to hide to give a accurate statement to the police that evening. Any self-incriminating evidence of herself to being a user of heroin and contributing to the substance to a person who had died as a result would of cost her time in the French prison for homicide.
In this circumstance, no autopsy is required by law in France if a unknown cause of death is listed by a doctor.
Bill Siddons finally made it to Paris three days later on July 6,1971 only to find Pamela in the suite in distraught standing near a sealed up coffin. He did not attempt to open the coffin lid himself because of well tight screws to prevent decay odor of a corpse to seep through, if there was any inside.
The following day July 7th, James Douglas Morrison, co-founder of The Doors, poet and philosopher was buried in Père-Lachaise Cemetery ,the well known cemetery where  Renaissance artists and the infamous are buried. Considering there is no official record of death by a coroner autopsy, Jim Morrison is alive and living somewhere away from the world as he wanted to be: in recluse.
In 2000 some online users at the old The Doors official website message board( offered speculation that inside the coffin of  Jim Morison was stones buried inside equal to his own body weight.  Perception can be deceiving.
If he is dead for sure, his music and talent will never expire; it continues. Here is a man who gave to many and asked a very little in return.