Re: Assassination of 5 Dallas Police Officers/ 7/7/2016

Last nights shooting in Dallas, TX  was declared by officials as the work of one man: Mica Johnson, 25, an ex-military service man. He was said before he was killed by a police detonator that he wanted to kill white police officers.  Bullsh*te. This was a paramilitary ambush on the  Dallas Police Department in advanced and not connected to a bunch of gang bangers getting even with the police for the recent police-involved  shootings in LA and MN this past week. The police were caught in a triangular crossfire, an ambush which there were at least 2-3 snipers firing from the Omni in Dallas getting the officers in the line of trajectory crossfire.. 5 officers killed, 2 civilians injured. Why did they chose Dallas? In the south, is a hotbed of paramilitary/umbrella groups performing black ops over there. Remember, JFK was murdered in this style at the grassy knoll in Dallas back in ’63. Also, yesterday was the 11th anniversary of the London bombings; 7/7/2005. I smell the illuminati at it again. This time on American soil. 11 is a sacred number to perform a illuminati ritual. These kind of atrocities can be linked to one of the deadliest secret societies.


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