Rapture – “Left Behind” film.

After seeing the 2014 version of “Left Behind”, I preferred the original that starred Kirk Cameron than the former with Nicolas Cage. The core is mainly derived from Christian eschatology. 1 Thessolonians 4:13-18. Though not in the Church’s doctrine, the bible does teach those who follow Christ through his/her heart will be caught up in the air during His second coming. The Second Coming was thought as once to be dated around 1843 by a  prophet (his followers formed what became the Quakers) and this was a mindset then as it is nearly widely accepted in this day of age. If this is to be true what about those who are Christ like(other than Christians) who are like moderate Muslims and Buddhists; will they be left behind with the rest of a secular society? And what about perseverance to the very end. Meaning to withstand the final 3/12 years of the Great Tribulation instead of being spared.
Left Behind raises questions about biblical prophecies in the End Time thought this film is really a great piece of Christian both mind provoking and entertainment.


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