“The Swarm” fillm.

A 1978 disaster movie, “The Swarm”. I’ve seen this low budget film a long time ago when it was released in theaters. Based on the book by Arthur Herzog, “The Swarm” stars   Katharine Ross and Michael Caine. The film begins with an attack on a airbase, then swarming into a city  and  on wards to Austin,TX. A scientist comes up with an experiment combating a massive swarm of lethal africanized bees-as we know these invasive species as the ‘killer bees’- 22 billion  invading the U.S. border swarming in Texas in for a stinging disaster of nature vs. man. As the swarm askews, this scientist begins to create an super anti-venom.  In fact how  these stinging insects actually escaped was on a ship that contained beekeepers hives from Africa to begin with and found their way into Brazil(should you want facts + theory watch “In Search Of…Killer Bees” hosted by the late Leonard Nimoy – 1976 on youtube.)  Just last year killer bees found their way into the Bay Area after spending most of their migration in the warmer climates down in South America and Central America. Anyways, If you want cinema  watch the movie. Also starring Richard Chamberlain, “The Swarm” is out on DVD formats (not found in stores) via Amazon and E-Bay. On television  look for the listings on TMC-Turner Movie Classics.  A lot of buzz going on these days on bees. Call it mechanical resonance. Bee season is here upon us all –Bee-careful, don’t get stung.  If you find nature going out of line thrilling then check out James Pattersons’ “The Zoo” every Tuesday on CBS.


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