Facade and the 2nd amendment at stake.

Facade is a word to describe the event last week at Falcon Heights nearby  St. Paul, MN where a police officer shot Philando Castile during a routine traffic stop.  The shooting was not captured on a cell phone cam but most of the subsequent happenings after was by his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds.

I’ve seen the entire video which is about 10 minutes in length. The incident did not appear to be racially motivated nor was their any evidence of malice aforethought from what I’ve analyzed. Philando’s girlfriend didn’t seem upset at all when her boyfriend was slumped over in the passenger seat, bleeding, nor was her 4 year-old daughter, Dae-Anna, in the backseat upset and crying like a child would in any case. Apathetic is best to describe the woman videotaping  a livestream video which she posted on facebook. Reynolds didn’t appear emotional; she didn’t yell at the officer to call for an ambulance. She was being narrative.  It was like her words just had no meaning, like reading out of a script without feeling.

I had to  wonder if this was a crisis actor event which is to lean the viewers opinion about the issue on the second amendment, meaning the government will push for a real strict gun ban movement. This facade would implicate Castile as being a Freemason who had to be sacrificed for a anti-gun campaign. The removal of the second amendment. Philosophy of the Freemasons: “ORDO AB CHAO”, in latin. Translated, this means, “Out of chaos, (comes) order.”The ban of all firearms would mean an call out from our government to send in UN troops keeping both citizens and civilians under scrutiny under martial law. Let’s take a while to think about the second amendment and our Constitution at stake in the near future, shall we?


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