Psychic Warrior.

“Time travel had its limitations, and the science fiction writers were all wrong. It wasn’t like the movie ‘Back To The Future’; you couldn’t change the past to affect future time. The past was locked and the future was an untethered fire house, rocking and swaying, constantly changing, infinite variables affecting it as time crept forward”

— excerpts from the book ‘Psychic Warrior’
David Morehouse on Remote Viewing.

At the shipyards—–cargo freights are heavily guarded on the docks of Port Haifa. A military officer with a stern look, making a brief conversation with me. I am smoking a cigarette, and I tell him there is no sign of disturbance on my watch. The officer nods and tells me he wants a “smoke.” I salute my watch commander before he departs. Soon after I am confronted by other military commandos at the port. Nearby on a crate nearby, I see a marking on it in Hebrew.

Astral Remote Viewing in the few short weeks after September 11,2001. I was in the astral remote viewing mode in the “eyes” of one Israeli Defense commando, looking at a target or location only within the mind.  With so much astral energies, RV dealt with human fate around the globe. The world was on edge nearly on dire strait after it welcomed in the new millennium as much distress, fear and anxiety allowed in during and right after the recent attacks in the East Coast.


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