What could of been the best moment!

This very early morning after going to sleep past 1:00 A.M. The dream was inside Pac Bell Park in San Francisco(now called AT&T Park). It was the 6th game of the 2002 World Series. I was Kenny Lofton batting for the S.F. Giants. I was the quickest base runner on the 2002 S.F. Giants team and it was up to me now to clear the bases. The bottom of the ninth. Two outs with nobody on base. We were hosting the American League MLB Champs from So Cal-Anahiem Angels. We the San Francisco Giants were the National League MLB Champs from up here in No Cal. We were down by a run to tie this game. The score was Anaheim Angels 6-San Francisco 5. A blast out in the bleachers would definitely give a tied game. Rich Aurilia was due up behind the batting order right behind me. If our short stop would only blast a homer …we were to become the 2002 MLB World Series Champions. We’ve come a long way through out the entire season to get this far. Nothing was going to stop us now. Anaheim Angels rookie relief pitcher was pitching well. He had struck out the first two batters before me with fast sinkers. That stunned us. It was my turn now to overcome his strike zones. The first pitch nearly hit me. The second was a ball, the third another brush from the pitcher from the Anaheim Angels.The fourth was a strike. The fifth, I pulled the ball towards right field for a home run. The ball didn’t quite carry far enough. The right fielder dove for the ball as it almost was caught in his glove. He missed it and dived several feet on the asphalt green. The ball completely went passed by him. I was now on my way to second,when the assisted center fielder now with the ball gunned it with his almighty throwing arm. I’m getting close to third base. Closer. Closer. I slid into third, tagging the bag when nearly simultaneously the cut of man in the infield(possibility either the shortstop or second baseman) threw it to third. This third baseman quickly tagged me just about a fraction of a second when I tagged third. The umpire at third yelled out against my favor, ‘You’re out!’ A massive out pours of ‘boos! And curses at the umpire’ were echoed louder than ever,for almost an eternity. ‘What?! I’m not out’, I stubbornly refused the unrighteous call.
The dugout from our team went out to third, lead by Dusty Baker to argue with the ump. Both the skipper and the ump went face to face with words. Dusty kicked dirt on the umpires cleats. There was no use in ejecting out him. The game was officially over. Anaheim had defeated us San Francisco Giants by one run. It was the most outraged scene ever. It was literally disgusting. I Kenny Lofton was going to smack the ump in the face with a back hand. A suspension for the next game was going to be officiated. I tried to refrain myself but was pouting like a spoiled child,as I cursed and threw my helmet and jumping up and down. We had to wait another day for game 7 to come. World Series title-here we come to get what belongs to us. Not the Angels. But us-The San Francisco Giants.

End of dream.


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