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Projective Catalepsy

Projective Catalepsy.
Many of us who is still inflicted or was a victim of awareness sleep
paralysis may no longer accept the phenomena/paranormal sensation of
the inability to move during a SP attack as narcolepsy. There may be
other explanations to awareness sleep paralysis. The most common
scientific explanation is that ASP is triggered off by a glitch in
the brains mechanism. In other words,a switch that goes on and off
in this area. Since the birth of cognitive/dream behavior in
1954,researchers theorized a gland in the brain produces regulated
sleep hormones which is secreted to the neurotransmitters which
switches off a mechanism as part of the biological clock that
detects both night and day in turns gives all of us the period of
rest and when to wake up. Normal paralysis from the switching off of
the brains motor functioning prevents all of us from acting out the
Rapid Eye Movement behavior,or we would actually unintentionally harm
ourselves such as knocking into objects while we sleepwalk for
It turned out from research, that there may be too much or too little
excretement that would allow the sleeper to suddenly awake during
Rapid Eye Movement or REM,finding ourselves unable to move,and those
hallucinations that are often associated with sleep paralysis. The
REM during sleep does find a sequence of dreams;/symbols that
signify a defintion of interpretations on the contrary of hypnogogic
or hypnopompic(postdormital or upon awakening)hallucination
experiences. There is also a fear of dying such as a presence
sitting upon the chest,that may indicate a entity or a spirit as a
belief by people with spiritual beliefs or a rational explanation of
sleeping related problems accordingly to the neuropyhsiological

In general, people who suffer from narcolepsy usually have sudden
sleep attacks and excessive daytime sleepiness even if performing
pyshical activities. Narcolepsy is a life long neurological disorder
that impacts highly of it’s sufferer as there are treatment
medication as a temporary solution. Studies have found that people
in higher percentage with symptoms of sleep paralysis only,are not
inflicted with excessive daytime sleepiness or EDS as in narcolepsy.
The inability sensation to move in sleep paralysis related to Out-Of-
Body Experiences or OBE and astral plane is technically called
projective catalepsy. This is not the actual inability to mobilize
during an sleep paralysis attack. I figure why it is important for
us who are among the 250,000 people with this sleeping disorder to
know the difference between the “inability sensation” and
the “actual inability” during SP. Projective catalepsy is the
phenomenon that has potential to catalyze each of our own
extrasensory perceptions. In other words both the astral and the
physical body are not aligned.
I once had a rather strange out of body experience when I found my
astral in Israel dressed in commando uniform and I am sure it was in
Port Haifa because I could see crates on these enormous freights
written in Hebrew. Accordingly to my own body’s location,the
Mediterrenean Sea was on my left side which indicates west. It is
possible that with all that strife going on in this part of the
world,I was able to perceive a glimpse of a trouble country; and
that I was to obvserve with this ESP,a multidimensional nature of
the physical world. In the last two months I was able to astral
plane during a sleep paralysis sensation. Early last month for
example,I had awoke with the inability sensation to move. I did not
panic. The feeling was that I had successfully to drive myself out
of bed and taking these floating walks on the bedroom floor towards
the bathroom. Upon arriving across the hallway where the bathroom
is,I could feel the linoneum under my bare feet and looking myself in
the mirror. I could see myself making faces at it. Then suddenly I
felt this draft pushing me back to the bedroom,then I had awoke with
a blissful feeling. The other ocassion was the feelings of pressure
when both my hands were locked and clasped behind my head as I was
in the supine position. All I had to do was focus by mentally
focusing out of this paralyzed feeling as well as breathing deeply
through my belly button,also known as the naval region, and moving
both my digitus in my fingers and toes. The next thing I saw was a
appiration of both my hands moving up and down in a vertical motion
feeling free,and was still trying to break out of this paralyzed
sensation in the physical world. Moments later the freedom from
paralysis allowed me to mobilize myself.
Awareness sleep paralysis often accepted as a sleeping disorder when
you find yourself unable to move after falling asleep or upon
awakening. ASP is also a gateway to lucid dreaming,astral plane/obe
as a way to detour the side effects of the paralysis sensation.
Lucid dreams happens only when you are aware that you are in a
dream. It gives us a hint of what we are dreaming at that moment. We
are not bound to physical restraints during lucid dreaming–anything
is possible by our own imagination. Lucid dreams also is a gateway
in overcoming nightmares,sleep paralysis and solving problems.
Several known people have attributed their wealth and
accomplishments to lucid dreaming. It sounds too good to be true. I
had a episode of a lucid dreamscape early last month,when I dreamed
of scaling the walls of a ancient pyramid in the Aztec ruins. The
vines on top of the stone arches were intense lemon lime green as I
was running across. However,there was a passage long as miles on
this particular pyramid I was on that I also leaped and leaped
farther each step I took. It was endless because I was conscious in
my dream. I can go as far as pass the end of this exotic dreamscape.
I now offer a disclaimer off how to induce a OBE/astral plane and
lucid dreams. These are from personal experiences.
Before going to bed,tell yourself “I am not going to have sleep
paralysis”; and also repeat “I am going to have a lucid dream.” One
of the best ways of reducing a SP attack is to master your
bioenergy. To do this you must also learn to concentrate on your
breathing techniques and block out negative energy. You should be
able to relax your entire body by doing this. Yoga inspired exercises
if done properly will help you stay focused. So practice this
technique by joining a yoga class at your local gym. If there isn’t
any available ,then shop around for a meditation class in your
area. If you prefer to do this at home,there are both VHS and DVD
manuals of meditation/yoga from the popular workout video
format “The Firm.” I have this format on DVD,and I am getting the
benefits from practicing yoga at my own home.
Do wear loose clothing when performing meditation/yoga exercise. It
always help the feeling of not being in tight clothing,but rather in
loose fits that allows you to feel the comfort. Also,wear no shoes.
Barefoot is best.
When breathing, focus on by inhaling through your nose and exhaling
through your naval region. This area is your astral body and is
sensitive. Tip: Don’t exert through your breathing patterns. Count 1-
2-3 at a moderate pace. This helps relax the muscles. Remember
distractions dissuades you from concentration,so turn off all loud
noises around you including any loud music; start listening to soft
sounds of beach waves or nature scenes. If these are not
available ,then project in your visual image: you are on a nice
peaceful beach or on a isolated forest enjoying the scene. Remember
to inhale and exhale. Numerous studies shows that relaxing the
muscles when doing yoga have proven to reduce the chances of high
blood pressure/hypertension along with choosing a healthy eating
Keep in mind that there are also books and online classes available
in techniques of sleep paralysis,projective catalepsy,out-of-body
experiences and other related topics,researched and taught by
experts in altered state of consciousness.


My first Out-of-Body experience, 1993.

I wasn’t  that anxious that at up to my age of 22, no longer was going to have a few of my original chompers pulled out because my dentist told me that I had some overcrowded teeth,and that it would be difficult of me biting,down as age progressed. She was going to refer me to a specialist in dealing with this type of procedure. Oh great.
Within a week,after consulting a maxillofacial surgeon who explained to me what the procedures and all that talk, a set up appointment was arranged. Another week and a half passed . The day was at hand. Arriving at the office about no more than a few minutes had passed when the door at the front lobby opened. It was the assistant who called me in towards the hallway and I entered this one room. It was the space that the surgery was going to take place in. So within 10 minutes, a group of another pair of assistants and the surgeon came in. One of them explained to me that anesthesia was going to be administered during this process. First,my blood pressure was checked. This anesthesiologist placed this small apparatus over my nose that fitted this and my mouth. It was simply anesthesia. I was told to count sheep backwards,from 10 – 1,something like that. Less than 5 seconds, I was out like a baby.
This feeling of being floated above where my body was, I slowly began to ascend. I didn’t try to refrain myself,or panic ,or anything of that nature. It perceived to me as simply a lallaby dream. My eyes shut. A feeling of ecstasy. My mind was drifting towards the office ceiling above. I was tossed around like a entering a dimensional tunnel, when I first saw my body down below. It was all to real, that maybe it was the anesthesia giving away the sensory deprivation. The surgeon and her assistants could I see downwards . Along with physical self on the dental chair. My mouth was probed and some blood matter was oozing from my mouth. Diverting away the scene, I was now soaring through the rest of the room,and exiting. In the hallway my consciousness was on the hallway ceiling. So much as in a lucid dream, but I wasn’t. I have heard about Out-of-body experiences  before this situation where people described as being disconnected from their own physical bodies and traveling though a tunnel, with a ray of light at the end of it. Some had described as entering a Near Death Experience when they were clinically dead  as declared by the doctors. But, only to re-enter their bodies some time after. Hereupon, under the knife, I was still much alive.
The strange part about this first experience with OBE,is that I can hear the machine that they had used sucking up my blood and all that stuff. To this point, I was now in another office room, next door, unoccupied.
Finally I was being pulled back into my body. My name was called…three times, by either the surgeon, or the assistants. The office ceiling was that came into view. A small noise wheezed out from my numb mouth. My name was called out again ,then one began to shake my arm. It jolted me out of my wits. A final call was shouted. Two faces,with sanitary breathing masks used in hospitals looked at me. One of them, with a small maglite. held its flashing tip at my eyes to see if I was fully awake. I was told afterwards that I appeared to be in a trance…gazing at the ceiling above with a faint shallow sound escaping my mouth. Never,had I told them, I had a OBE. This was my first.