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Still rockin’ with Y&T!

Wow! It has been a little  more than 30 years since I’ve gotten into Y&T and still dig them out. Only 1 member of the original 4 is still intact with the band, and that man is guitarist/vocalist Dave Meniketti. I used to reside in the far East Bay nearly 90 miles where Y&T came from; listening to local 90.5 KVHS and going to a few of their concerts over the years, since.

While back in the glory days of rock n’ roll, when rock dominated the culture on stage performances, the West Coast is where most of hard rock/hair metal took its course in L.A.(the start of glam metal—-Quiet Riot, Poison, Guns’ N’ Roses, Ratt, Motley Crue…etc; etc), up in the Bay Area in Oakland, Y&T, likely the only hard rock/metal band with a unique style of that genre kicked ass; the band were often overlooked at but remained an underrated band. The boyz should of gotten their due recognition.

Through out all the 40 plus years since their inception, Y&T went through a change of lineups, yet,  the band’s music will never change.





Monsters Of Rock ’88

It was an huge rock festival that began on Memorial Day weekend in the summer of 1988  and ended in late July of that same year. I was in participation of that event right in Candlestick Park, a sold out audience, in mid-summer and enjoyed every moment of it.

The lineup was this:

Kingdom Come




Van Halen
And that was the lineup in order. First up was Germany’s rockers: Kingdom Come. This band sounded alot like Led Zeppelin, and perhaps, were even better than Zep. They were supposed to be going big, at the time, according to the music world. Sounding like Zep, but they told interviewers from the media they never heard of the band. According to Lenny Wolf, vocalist(of Kingdom Come) they were influenced by AC/DC and The Beatles. (BTW, any band that sounds like Led Zeppelin and or even influenced by Zep are better. Check out this band –Kingdom Come– and also the Jason Bonham band.)

Next on stage was Metallica. Of course they were from the Bay Area like myself( I was from the East Bay). They were one of the few reasons why I attended this event. This was months before their ‘Harvester of Sorrow’ tour.

Following Metallica was Dokken. Another reason why I choose to go. Rockin’ with Dokken. Unfortunately, lead singer Don Dokken and guitarist George Lynch, out of creative differences, broke up the band by years end.

Then they were followed up by another band from Germany: Scorpions, and they meant alot to this Monsters Of Rock tour. Nobody scoffs at the Scorpions! They know how to perform despite the leather n’ metal glam they took on in the late 80’s .

And finally a band that started the entire bill of the Monsters of Rock tour which was part of the OU812 tour: Van Halen.  Even though the band sounded better and mature with Sammy Hagar, both ways either he and ex-vocalist David Lee Roth made Van Halen a band a huge success.

In capping off this blog entry, there were fifty-six trucks, three complete stages, and production systems that had to be put up all the same time . And it cost $350,000 per show on budget and it was easy to lose money.

Believe me the shows broke even at forty-four thousand tickets and the tickets were expensive. But hey! With the tour like this what do these artist had to lose?



A video before I knew of its actual existence.

My first recollection ever dream initiated lucid dream, or DILDS, happened on a Spring evening somewhere in 2001. I was focusing on the hypnagogic imagery of flashing red colors bursting before my eyes. I was focusing on it. The subconscious transformed into a evening scene of a freeway overpass and vehicles at the junction of a underpass road. I felt myself being drifted into this landscape. It wasn’t a paralyzed awake moment as in ASP. This happened in a lucid dream. The imagery of it was that I was floating inside the K-Mart store being pulled inside at night. The florescent nights were on. I knew that it was night and nobody was inside except a few young women. Their faces were very familiar. I had no real difficult in breathing like a panic during one of those Awareness Sleep Paralysis episodes. Anyway, when one of them told me to open my mouth I collapsed on the floor and felt this weakness overcoming my both arms like it was being covered with buckets of sand. My legs were also getting motionless. These women were giggling and began to pull my legs on this register counter. One of them gave me a gentle kiss on my forehead. I could feel the tactile of a lip gently applied on my brow. I had told them it’s too dark to pull out my wisdom teeth. The walls inside this dept. store was a beige color and the ceiling in a swirling motion, red/white candy cane wheel. One of these young females told me that I can’t go outside, whatever that meant. They didn’t look malevolent to cause me any fear. It was motionless for me. I however was able to look over my right shoulder and saw the outside parking light empty with the lamp posts lit, as well as the cars down the avenue with their headlights on. I knew what part of town I was in. This pull of my body suspended into a nowhere when this flash of white imagery flashed in my REM. Then I woke up as if nothing had happened. I didn’t record this on a dream journal, but I do recall the lucid dream vividly. Another lucid dream that followed one week later. It was inside a SOFT MACHINE music video. I was there being stared at with the eyes Kevin Ayers wide open . The image was not black n’ white in the video, “We Know What You Mean”. Rather it was a infra-red image. ”

*Update* The Soft Machine video, “We Know What You Mean”  is no longer available for me to “share” on my blog post. The one I found was uploaded on youtube in December 2006 and has  been deleted as of April 2015. If there is one I can find via uploading, I will share and post it right on here. As of now, the type of experience regarding the video before I knew that came into existence at youtube is what is a form of precognition.


In Memoriam of James Douglas Morrison.


“The devotion of the greatest is to encounter risk and danger, and play dice with death.”
               – Friedrich Nietzsche

Mirror Of A Sacred Totem

“The Lizard brings into your awareness your subconscious hopes and fears that through the light of day they can be acknowledged”
-Animal totem meaning on the lizard

Ancient tribal customs involved the choosing of a Dionysian “prince” from the male tribal members often named in honor of a particular totem(animal whose traits are held in high regards, i.e.-lizards ability to shed skin acquiring a new persona as it was) and this chosen in this case, the “Lizard King” was allowed pleasures he fancied for a period of time.

Celebration Of The Lizard King

Observing and making sense to The Doors official website and articles and books a journey I made into the world of James Douglas Morrison a decade ago, fans studied writings of Jim Morrison had said, “Celebration Of The Lizard” to be a commemoration so to speak of a time when our souls were more ancient with the affairs of spirits and souls than a society plagued with plethora of wealth some 8,000 years ago.

A dionysian king, a medicine man – shamanism reborn from the past forged a connection between the tribe, the society, and dionysus on stage. This was performed on going a spiritual journey could heal the tribe. His invocation of this phrase, “I AM THE LIZARD KING” taken allegorically in terms of Morrison’s ultimate sacrifice of the American funeral pyre.

Here is an enigmatic musician, poet, philosopher, who contributed to society and asked nothing more in return; sacrificial of his spirit and soul, the late hero of dionysus on the sacred rock performances with ritualism, archetypal energy of rock n’ roll. Many don’t cling on to a clue it was bringing back the ancient ritual to our modern world.

James Douglas Morrison used LSD, peyote, psilosybin and other psychedelics with the self purposes to expand his mind. He consumed alcohol with excess; Jim viewed alcohol as more an adventure than a weakness. His favorite drink was Bushmills Irish Whiskey. He knew he was an excessive drunk and accepted this as though he had no other choice in the matter. To me he was destined to drink.

“I am not a musician. I’m a poet. And I’m Irish. The drug of Irish Poetry is alcohol.” He said more than once. Parallel with being a somewhat life with more than an iota of depression, Morrison saw himself as a drinking man in the image of Ernest Hemingway or F. Scott Fitzgerald. Yet he tried nearly every drug out there including heroin smack which is most definite a downward spiral for his end.

Jim once said about alcohol that made him feel dirty, “It’s so sociable and accessible, conventional. Besides, booze beats dope for me any day. Soul beats money and booze beats dope.”

I think he became fully disillusioned of everything he witnessed in L’America as a cesspool before he departed to Paris; he lived life to the fullest way too fast and became weary and tired he just wanted to escape from it all no matter the dangerous risks involved.

Morrison’s sacrifice, the mystic, intense dreamer insatiable thirst for life killed him and not really any lust for death.

Know when he means when Jim says, “I AM THE LIZARD KING. I CAN DO ANYTHING.”

The public eye, the perception of Jim is just that of a menacing rebellious drugged out, alcoholic. Only if they would care to listen to the interviews; read his poetry. For the sake of his intelligence is concerned, Jim Morrison’s IQ was around 149. He did foresee electronic machines inventions for audio cassettes would take over in a 1969 PBS Interview.

Pop Music should not be labeled for The Doors. They are a unique band that would be tested throughout time. Feel the opening of your human senses when Ray Manzereck’s dominance of the keyboard effects mirrors a uniquely carnivalesque blend with jazzy atmospheric music. The Doors tribute as seen here on this 2000 VH1 Performance. Take a ride into the rainy storm with Jim any day.

The Doors Tribute: Stoned Immaculate by The Days Of The New. 2000.

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”

“Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as ravens claws.”

-James Douglas Morrison
American Poet 1943-1971.

The final call of the lizard king.

“Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as ravens claws.” – James Douglas Morrison.
Jim Morrison death on New York Post
Jim Morrison(born James Douglas Morrison of Melbourne, Florida born Dec 8,1943). A true prophet and musician.
It was July 4th, 1971 the world had learned of the death of a Irish American poet known as Jim Morrison in Paris, France.  He was said to die of a heart attack in his bathtub on the early morning of July 3,1971. Know one really knows for sure. It was reported to a very few people in the days before Jim Morrison’s alleged death that he had been introduced to smack,or horse aka heroin by soul mate Courson(supposedly both Jim and Pamela were married, but no marriage document has ever been found to back up this claim as that of Jim and a rock n’ roll magazine critic Patricia Keanneley were engaged in a wiccan hand fast wedding ritual).
What makes the heroin story interesting is at times during his last year while living in France, Jim Morrison had checked in a medical clinic in Europe after gurgling clots of blood seeping from his nostrils and mouth while complaining of shallow breathing with chest pressure. The most bizarre is the night before his death, Jim attended The Rock N’ Roll Circus a  known rave to the underworld and musicians.  While spending a real blast, he  had been inducing a suffice quality of smack that he was stoned high and passed out and even in fatal:overdosed. That is when supposedly a few pals of his lifted him back home to his Paris suite.
This is what happened accordingly to conflicting stories:
Jim and Pam watched some of the singers home made videos then went to sleep. Pamela heard often Jim coughing out loud in the bathroom and heard him complaining of snorting out blood clots but then told her he’d be alright. In between July 2 and the early twilight hours of July 3,1971, Jim had spend his last minutes or final hour in the bathroom at the Paris suite in the bathtub filled with water to chill out the effects of heroin.  Pamela entered and found her boyfriend laying there. She told him to wake up when she first thought he was asleep. But then she saw his eyes opened and thought it was one of his usual jokes. Finally she noticed a large amounts of pink colored clots of blood in the pool and blood mucus under Jim’s nostrils.
Had she became frantic? Pamela waited a long period of time before a doctor was dispatched to the scene where he found Jim laying in the tub and lifted him out and into the bedroom where resuscitation was performed. A French policeman arrived at the Paris suite finding  Jim Morrison laying dead on top of his bed. He had began to jot down questions to Pamela, the doctor and three of her and Jim’s friends in France(who had been called at the scene first after Pam became hysterical). No pulse was found in spite of many attempts to revive Jim Morrison. The doctor only gave a certificate of death. One thing was missing: The known cause of death of Jim Morrison.
By this time, rumors of Jim Morrison death had spread out on the airwaves. The Electra label record company in London called The Doors manager Bill Siddons for confirmation. In turn, Siddons phoned the group’s keyboardist, Ray Manzereck,who asked Siddons to make a flight trip to Paris for an official record.
Given to a  state of mind of Pamela Courson, nobody for sure knows for exact certain of what really happened that early morning of July 3,1971. After all she was a well known smack addict and she had a lot to hide to give a accurate statement to the police that evening. Any self-incriminating evidence of herself to being a user of heroin and contributing to the substance to a person who had died as a result would of cost her time in the French prison for homicide.
In this circumstance, no autopsy is required by law in France if a unknown cause of death is listed by a doctor.
Bill Siddons finally made it to Paris three days later on July 6,1971 only to find Pamela in the suite in distraught standing near a sealed up coffin. He did not attempt to open the coffin lid himself because of well tight screws to prevent decay odor of a corpse to seep through, if there was any inside.
The following day July 7th, James Douglas Morrison, co-founder of The Doors, poet and philosopher was buried in Père-Lachaise Cemetery ,the well known cemetery where  Renaissance artists and the infamous are buried. Considering there is no official record of death by a coroner autopsy, Jim Morrison is alive and living somewhere away from the world as he wanted to be: in recluse.
In 2000 some online users at the old The Doors official website message board( offered speculation that inside the coffin of  Jim Morison was stones buried inside equal to his own body weight.  Perception can be deceiving.
If he is dead for sure, his music and talent will never expire; it continues. Here is a man who gave to many and asked a very little in return.