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Halloween: Fact vs. Fiction.

The Real Origins of Halloween by Issac Bonewits.  Read by clicking on this hyperlink.


My first Out-of-Body experience, 1993.

I wasn’t  that anxious that at up to my age of 22, no longer was going to have a few of my original chompers pulled out because my dentist told me that I had some overcrowded teeth,and that it would be difficult of me biting,down as age progressed. She was going to refer me to a specialist in dealing with this type of procedure. Oh great.
Within a week,after consulting a maxillofacial surgeon who explained to me what the procedures and all that talk, a set up appointment was arranged. Another week and a half passed . The day was at hand. Arriving at the office about no more than a few minutes had passed when the door at the front lobby opened. It was the assistant who called me in towards the hallway and I entered this one room. It was the space that the surgery was going to take place in. So within 10 minutes, a group of another pair of assistants and the surgeon came in. One of them explained to me that anesthesia was going to be administered during this process. First,my blood pressure was checked. This anesthesiologist placed this small apparatus over my nose that fitted this and my mouth. It was simply anesthesia. I was told to count sheep backwards,from 10 – 1,something like that. Less than 5 seconds, I was out like a baby.
This feeling of being floated above where my body was, I slowly began to ascend. I didn’t try to refrain myself,or panic ,or anything of that nature. It perceived to me as simply a lallaby dream. My eyes shut. A feeling of ecstasy. My mind was drifting towards the office ceiling above. I was tossed around like a entering a dimensional tunnel, when I first saw my body down below. It was all to real, that maybe it was the anesthesia giving away the sensory deprivation. The surgeon and her assistants could I see downwards . Along with physical self on the dental chair. My mouth was probed and some blood matter was oozing from my mouth. Diverting away the scene, I was now soaring through the rest of the room,and exiting. In the hallway my consciousness was on the hallway ceiling. So much as in a lucid dream, but I wasn’t. I have heard about Out-of-body experiences  before this situation where people described as being disconnected from their own physical bodies and traveling though a tunnel, with a ray of light at the end of it. Some had described as entering a Near Death Experience when they were clinically dead  as declared by the doctors. But, only to re-enter their bodies some time after. Hereupon, under the knife, I was still much alive.
The strange part about this first experience with OBE,is that I can hear the machine that they had used sucking up my blood and all that stuff. To this point, I was now in another office room, next door, unoccupied.
Finally I was being pulled back into my body. My name was called…three times, by either the surgeon, or the assistants. The office ceiling was that came into view. A small noise wheezed out from my numb mouth. My name was called out again ,then one began to shake my arm. It jolted me out of my wits. A final call was shouted. Two faces,with sanitary breathing masks used in hospitals looked at me. One of them, with a small maglite. held its flashing tip at my eyes to see if I was fully awake. I was told afterwards that I appeared to be in a trance…gazing at the ceiling above with a faint shallow sound escaping my mouth. Never,had I told them, I had a OBE. This was my first.

Re: Assassination of 5 Dallas Police Officers/ 7/7/2016

Last nights shooting in Dallas, TX  was declared by officials as the work of one man: Mica Johnson, 25, an ex-military service man. He was said before he was killed by a police detonator that he wanted to kill white police officers.  Bullsh*te. This was a paramilitary ambush on the  Dallas Police Department in advanced and not connected to a bunch of gang bangers getting even with the police for the recent police-involved  shootings in LA and MN this past week. The police were caught in a triangular crossfire, an ambush which there were at least 2-3 snipers firing from the Omni in Dallas getting the officers in the line of trajectory crossfire.. 5 officers killed, 2 civilians injured. Why did they chose Dallas? In the south, is a hotbed of paramilitary/umbrella groups performing black ops over there. Remember, JFK was murdered in this style at the grassy knoll in Dallas back in ’63. Also, yesterday was the 11th anniversary of the London bombings; 7/7/2005. I smell the illuminati at it again. This time on American soil. 11 is a sacred number to perform a illuminati ritual. These kind of atrocities can be linked to one of the deadliest secret societies.

A spirit of a dead girl in a well?

It was nearly 25 years ago when I was walking up this hill that is located outside my former work place. It is about over a hundred yards from the shed to this concealed water well. It was covered with cement because no service of water was needed for irrigation. The canal nearby was completely empty. It was almost 5 P.M. just one day after Christmas that I was curious how it looked up real close when I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I could hear a little girl moaning ,”help me” from inside this location. In response I automatically yelled, ” Hello?!” without any clear conscious of why I would do a such thing. “Somebody help me…Mommy! ” followed by  a sob. ‘What the heck’ I thought. I thought I was going insane by listening to something that at first wasn’t there. So I walked away and tried to shake the shouting from my head. I thought for sure if it didn’t go away, I may of went mad. The further I walked away the more girlish yelling I could hear. Then I walked back towards the well and suddenly the sobbing became gentile. I became scarce that maybe there was a ghost of a girl who could of very well fell in it in past time. Then this voice said, “I’m going to tell my mommy you hurt me.” A aggressive sound of tantrum erupted so I decided this whole thing was inside my head because this had to be a fragment of my imagination. The next day I went to those scan projectors at the local library where somebody could look for a old newspaper article
for a missing girl in my area. There was a handful of missing girls for so many months and years in the entire tri-valley region. It was 1991, and in the 1980’s there was so many girls who was declared missing, abducted and ended up murdered for some. To me at the time that a missing girl from Antioch in 1983 seven years earlier was abducted around Thanksgiving and found dead near a dump site outside the city. She lived in a neighborhood that is almost parallel to a canal. By coincidence the voice I heard was just near a canal but in a different location which isn’t really that far, because Brentwood(where I lived and worked) and Antioch(the city where the murdered girl lived) is about 10 minutes from each other. The eerie feeling that perhaps one of these girls could of been held against her will by a elusive killer who left her for dead in this well. The well I should mention wasn’t concealed until sometime during the 80’s. Could it be possible that what I heard that day was a soul of a dead girl as what I heard, “I’m going to tell mommy you hurt me?” If it was foul play, then the killer was very familiar with the location. There could be a serial child abductor who lived in Brentwood. The well as of the past two decades has been totally torn down due to housing development in that area. Nobody else who worked at the irrigation district had ever reported hearing or seeing anything that was deemed as a ghost shouting or a sighting,except myself. If anybody besides me who heard what I heard probably never told about it out of fear. There is no other explanation why this girl would say of what she said.

The Day of Destruction – 3/11/2011. Five Years Later.

A meltdown at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan occurred exactly five years ago this day on March 11,2011 as we know. This massive meltdown continues to radiate the world with fear of raising cancer rates said to lead to the upcoming extinction of species. Imagine if the world came down to if a nuclear (war) strike  happened, look at what the Fukushima disaster did.

The radiation at the plant is still so powerful that is difficult to find and remove extreme blobs of melted fuel rods.


Can we expand our journey into the deepest space of the mind?

Turn On Tune In Drop Out

All you had to do was turn on….open up to the idea of acid. With the entrance of tuning in, use it as a paradigm to zoom in that kaliedescope and open the vault to those hidden doors of consciousness.

We use about 10% of our brains daily, otherwise we all would get much tired being wired up with endless ideas.

Like a genie in a bottle profound mystical states of viewing the godhead buried within the deep regions of inner space is plausible.

LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide – LSD-25 – has been long theorized by a past scientific study to be similar to the flow of chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine found in the neurotransmitters secreted in the brain.

Does LSD affect your entire genetic system? No. Does it drive people into madness? Yes and No. Does it expand your mind? Yes.

Celebrated author Aldous Huxley explained this potent as well mescaline should only be used by the best and the brightest. Was he completely right about it? Timothy Leary somehow tried to convince U.S. Congress to pass a legislation for LSD, which was that it should be reasoning for anybody who wanted to experiment with acid, was compared to obtaining a drivers license to operated a combustible vehicle, except whereabouts this person would have to prove that he could drive a vehicle of consciousness if they could prove that they know how to operate it with “responsibility”, that is. People from the baby boom generation who are the living child bearers of us “Generation X” have attributed the vehicle that drove them to asylums was that LSD because they were not prepared or how to use it under proper guidance.

There was nothing found in the newspapers about a pleasant LSD experience, just the bad trips. The media circus did not want to cover the positive attributes, only exploiting the negative results especially when there was a story covered on somebody on LSD killed on a railroad track who appeared himself to be invincible by coming head on with a train. To most in the public eye, LSD was then as it is now unpatriotic. Back then using LSD in the 1960’s was very considered unpatriotic. In the government involvement with LSD, CIA covert ops were surreptitiously administered LSD in their drinks without any consent. PSYOPS. President Lyndon B. Johnson banned all drug experiments in the covert CIA MK-ULTRA program in 1967. In spite of this powerful ‘weapon of war’ once was manipulated by the cabal and there is a passage of dark effects of LSD: walls buckling into 3 dimensions and horrific hallucinations. Saint Anthony’s Fire – the feeling of your hands on fire was a result of digesting ergot, a diseased rye that is a component in making LSD.

“There is a inner reality to just more that meets the naked eye” – Timothy Leary. In a devisive debate over how much brain capacity does everyone use at least 10% of our brain and the remaining 90% for other areas. Had we use the complete our brains capacity, we do all of tend to forget about certain places, ideas, The brain has unlimited capacity to learn about everything there is to know. Poets and musicians attributed their creativity thanks to LSD. Religious experiences are deeply opened.

Drop Out.

In a society where the manipulation of prozac, valium, viagra, caffeine, alcohol and chocolate as a drug itself is accepted; is there another space to fill with LSD? I think so. Should LSD be legal? Let it be, If it remains illegal,  think why it should or should not be legal. Hey! LSD is debatable.

For those who are sane should be able to use this psychedelic remedy with responsibilities in preparing for the consequences. Don’t let our leaders decide what should be good for all. With literature out there on LSD and with a click of a button on the super information highway you can find out about it before going on a trip.

This is from my commentary regarding LSD.

The right to bear arms.

The body of law was founded on the right to bear firearms against a governing body that was because of tyranny. Our forefathers had no foresight into the future  of our violent society due to violent felons who purchase guns illegally, distinguish that from citizens, if not civilians, who own and use guns legally.